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  1. Im not quite as old as you guys, nor did i play shadowbane. I have played many MMO's though, and gotten very irritated with them. I understand what your saying Check, and in a few ways i agree with you. Though personally i don't really care what the final form the game takes as longs as its different. As long as they don't fall into the trap of making it too micro transaction based ill be happy. I think on a certain level though they cant possibly meet your expectations though, you've been waiting so long and its such a different game. I like you check, i'm entertained by a lot of your posts. but i think that you might have a bad time in the final form of this game because you remember shadowbane so fondly. I hope you can have a good time in a game that's not a lot like shadowbane. all this has been said before but i felt like posting it anyway. just my feelings on the direction the dev's are going. It'll be a good time but probably not what the old shadowbane players want.
  2. there is no reason to build a castle if you dont want too. Everyone is acting like your being forced to build things in EK so far i have seen nothing that has said EK has to be important for anyone who is purely into the PvP aspect. If you hate the idea of EK, ignore it. you dont have to deal with it at all.
  3. then...... Dont its like complaining that the amount of effort they put into crafting is worthless because you personally dont craft.
  4. In my point of view you are looking at this the wrong way. the point of EK is not badges, its a place to be creative. It allows those who enjoy a game where you can build something beautiful where people wont destroy it. I love killing people as much as the next guy, Ive done PVP in every game that has allowed it. However i also like the idea that i can use my resources to build something i can show to people that wont get destroyed 5 minutes later. I love the destroy able environments idea for the PvP however building something permanent that is completely mine is fun for me too. If i can do both in one game that's just a plus.
  5. well possibly its because compared to the other three in that screen shot, i would definitely choose crowfall even knowing nothing about it. Becasue paper that sticks to walls is just not that exciting, I'm sorry, I have sticky notes. Joking aside that is pretty awesome . hopefully they will get a lot of funding because of that.
  6. I have the feeling there are many broke college kids on the forum . Here's to hoping one of the lower tiers has something fun for us .
  7. Definitely the one i have..... its so undeniably manly.
  8. i am seeing traps becoming much more complex.... no more ranger with a 5 second bear trap skill cooldown. I dig a pit, fill it with spikes. Then i cover it up, you walk over it a bit later and have a really bad time.
  9. Doors should have traps, i ran into a fun one that was polymorph. Also i had one campaign where there was a poison spell on a pile of equipment which we used up with a corpse. Any kind of trap that is non deadly but complicates people lives is entertaining and difficult without being annoying. edit: i have no idea how that last sentence works. that was just how it came out
  10. I'm loving it, I feel like the goblet itself should look weathered though, if possible.
  11. it changes..... we don't do daylight savings. so its 7pm here right now. so yeah currently mountain time.
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