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  1. can i join ur meeting and steal all ur info ?
  2. A strong guild that will be one of the top guilds in crowfall. - Good Leaders - Serious dedication - and a fun bunch If i didnt have my own Guild i would join them without any hesitate.
  3. Du börjar bli gammal och långsam... /hugs

  4. Well with a kds signature i could infiltrate u, but that would not be good if u found out, so i need to fix a pateeno one
  5. Haha xD i think that someone did a good job then ^^ psst where is my signature ?
  6. everyone plays there role differently my friend. You should learn a thing or two from this guy. He is playing the way he want to play the game and you are playing the way you are.
  7. DONE ! heuhuheuhe , ( the cow has aids and the virgin is a undercover and will stab Varius in his sleep ) Victory will be ours !!!!
  8. a half chicken , a cow , and 80 year old virgin good ?
  9. Hi from paterno gaming community! I remember you guys from tera i belive, i was leading a clan called aesir back then any chance u guys will play on eu?
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