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  1. We will be trying out CBT2 in revelation online on the 20th of December. Anyone are welcome to join us and try it out with us.
  2. U did !!! Legio vs Legio today ? XD Thanks !
  3. Just 2 fights 1 vs Zola from CAL 1 vs Tinnis from CAL 2 Great fights, the last fight against Tinnis is quite long. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OhOf7ELgwmc&feature=youtu.be Will be putting out more pvp videos of random encounters in the upcoming week.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6fU4IRWKrM&t=1s Just a fast basic tutorial video for newcommer. I made this for my community members but as it got good feedback from them i thought i share it here. There is some stuff that arent 100% correct in the video so take everything with a grain of salt # you dont starve to death but loose hp until u hit 20% health mark. ( one of the things that was wrong ) Gaming Community : Paterno-gaming.com
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6fU4IRWKrM&t=1s Basic Tutorial Video
  6. we will hopefully be able to bring around 10 people for the weekend to get some nice fights ! Join now and be with one of the future active guilds in the testing and beyond.
  7. Now we have a safe heaven for harvesters , and a duelist dream. sneaky sneaky up to that alt steal everything and sneaky sneaky away. The harvester comes there and gets a shock and get even more mad and teared and logs out.
  8. Failed my gold Great polerarm 5 times in a row after harvesting crafting only for hours... Yes made me mad but then i realize how important dedicated crafters will be in this game for launch. The crafting system is complex and really indepth with what you can do and even me as a pvper still tried it and had some fun doing it , figuring out everything. But the crafting is nothing for me , i dont have the patience i just want blood but now i know how it works atleast. Is the crafting system good ? Its perfect because now you really need to work hard as crafter to get those guud items.
  9. I was the only one that isnt really part of Aesir in that fight 1 of the legio
  10. Hhaha , Game jumper Gormrik ( nothing has gotten me to stay for a longer time since darkfall ) darkfall truly ruined every other game for me
  11. Paterno will gladly join you in the slaughtering of the world. none will stand in the way.
  12. Looking forward to see u all on Wednesday ! Time to slaugther !
  13. can i join ur meeting and steal all ur info ?
  14. Even though we arent very active in the crowfall community we are still looking close in the game. We also had a few backers play the tests and giving the rest the info they need. For anyone that want to join and play other games in the meantime, we are looking forward to meet you
  15. Still strong in Black Desert ! We will shortly start recruiting more and more for crowfall ! Everyone is always welcome but with some of joining the upcomming alphas we will be able to show our strength earlier
  16. we still have around 70 active players in black desert, it is slowly going down but we are keeping it up I just started playing overwatch hopefully we can play together in crowfall again !
  17. A strong guild that will be one of the top guilds in crowfall. - Good Leaders - Serious dedication - and a fun bunch If i didnt have my own Guild i would join them without any hesitate.
  18. they are our allies in Crowfall mate XD ( if he doesnt accept i will hunt prom day and night in crowfall ) There is no challenge in that.. What ya doing now prom ?
  19. We started up a divsion in Black Desert online in Closed beta and have now 100 active members for that game. A few of you have joined us in other games and have really liked it ! We have a few spots left so join now and be part of something bigger while we wait for Crowfall !
  20. had a fun weekend with the division, when will this long wait end !
  21. Guild in Black desert and blade and soul is up
  22. same goes for you and your guild ! looks like a intresting guild
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