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  1. I'm not sure how many of those are old news, but here are some bugs I've found this weekend: 1. Taking an equipment with 0 durability from the bank restores it's durability to max. 2. Field Surgeon and Templar: equipping or re-equipping Noble Purpose passive restores 2 pips. 3. Mining also restores pips. 4. Blood Pact allows me to use templar skills without burning pips, but won't allow me to use them without pips. Not sure if working as intented. 5. Many times, after logging in, my skill bar will show my current icons but, once used, activates the standard skill for that key. 6. Chat bug after dying. alternating between tabs solve this one.
  2. Unofficial Looking for Guild Thread

    Looking for a guild to join during tests and beyond! Beta 2 backer here. Guild criteria: Region: Brazil (GMT-3), so I must play US East due to ping. Atmosphere: Looking for a mature guild that understands when real life gets in the way. Casual/Hardcore?: Mid. I won't have much time in hands, but I aways play to win, and would rather be paired with similar minded folks. Size: If well organized, any size works. I have been in large guilds that became a mess and I'm not keen on repeating the experience, however. Play-Style: I aways play melee types, currently interested on templar and leggionaire. I intend to focus on PvP, but crafting and exploring are appealing too. Commitment: Weekends and sporadic weekdays. I aways warn on advance if I'm unable to play on an important day due to family or job appointments. Miscellaneous: 27 years old, usually keeps to myself. I love history and strategy games, and have been playing various MMOs since early 2000's. I really enjoy healthy competition; respect is something I believe my opponent deserves, and I aways expect the same. I tend not to quit guilds until they dissolve. Currently struggling a bit with the combat system. Experience: Many MMOs, specially ragnarok online during my teens and WoW during college years. Both focused on PvP. Countless hours on civilization, age of empires, total war and paradox grand strategy, both single and multiplayer. Voice-Chat services: Currently using Discord, but open to whatever the guild uses. Have full working headset. EDIT: Has been invited