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  1. Well, notwithstanding that we don't yet know how storage will work, first of all go and read about how the heists in Eve Online have happened. You should only have trusted members holding withdraw rights on your storage. That will help to alleviate some of the issues. Next, only permit people to have access to one storage, that then means they can't remove everything. If it still happens, what is a bounty system going to do? Eve Online has the same, and some people have astronomical bounties but they are rarely, if ever, collected. Yes, it makes for an interesting facet of gameplay but it doesn't really happen. Prevention, in this case, is far better than cure.
  2. It shows the caliber of the man, and frankly he'd be lucky to be a .17.
  3. Firmly in the "I like" demographic. I'm not interested in realistic graphics for a game like this. "Cartoony" is fine by me.
  4. Glossing over the obvious dislike that bahamutkaiser and helix have for one another, I'd like to discuss your reply to my question, bahamut. If "healing is lower skill" due to it being reactive (although you could argue the toss in games that permit overhealing) then that must mean that all reactive skills and abilities are similarly lower skill. For example, where do you rate interrupts? They are, by definition, a reactive event. I'm not picking a fight here, by the way, merely trying to understand your mind set. I'll put out my own stall here. I do not like "fire hose" healing. As an example, a healer should not be able to out-last a damage dealer by simply healing through their damage. To me, that is a sign that the system is broken. However, I strongly disagree that it is lower skill/strategy. Indeed, I believe that, if handled correctly, it adds to the overall strategy involved in the game. It means that, as a squad leader, I need to plan and deal with said healer.
  5. That's my point though; the eventual winner is largely going to be dictated through God's Reach and/or Infected. This means that after the first couple of play throughs, people will largely be done with the rule set.
  6. "So Derek, how exactly do you manage your stakeholders?" *blank look, sound of crickets outside*
  7. No problem. It's going to be really interesting to write, especially as I don't know how open developers will be to interviewing if I'm going to be questioning their methods. Man, I'd love to interview Derek Smart. It would make for an interesting talk anyway!
  8. And yet, some of the best RPers I have ever met love PvP. I have a problem with RP in MMOs in that it's largely done by PvErs who want to add something to their gameplay. Nothing wrong with that, except you then wind up with some truly ludicrous characters, and thinks like 'roll combat' for fights. For those not in the know, that's when you emote actions and then roll randomly to see who wins. Instead of, y'know, using the /duel system most MMOs come with these days. The problem with RPers in MMOs is they have 'special snowflake' syndrome and believe that they must be the centre of the known universe. Anyway, I digress. Faction (Order, Balance, Chaos) only matters in God's Reach. Don't get me wrong, I like the lore behind a lot of these guys, but there are certainly some mismatches in which faction they are in.
  9. From a strategic point of view, having the Legio have a heal is a good idea. It needs to be toned down, but if you need spot healing during a critical part of your battle then what better vehicle to have it on than the fastest archetype in the game? Along with their various other buffs/debuffs. I think a lot of people have got this firm idea of how Crowfall should be for them and have real problems with taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture. Also, I would like someone to explain to me precisely how having a "healer" (using quotation marks because even at the moment, we don't know how much or what kind of healing the Druid is going to be doing) is "lower strategy"? If you get rid of the "healer" all that will happen is that you'll replace them with the next highest target of opportunity which at the moment is liable to be the Confessor.
  10. < That badge is how much I'm invested in this monetarily. But as many have said; Crowfall is it for MMOs at the moment. I've given up trying to find an MMO rich in background that works the way I want it. At the moment, I'm back to TTRPGs.
  11. An interesting model, and something I'd but my name behind for an alternate rule set but frankly, I think I prefer the way it is now. The way your proposal works, you're essentially placing a lot of faith in other people for your continued performance farther down the line. In the transition from God's Reach to Infected; what if most of the players who played for your God left the world? You'll be hamstrung against the other Gods in Infected through no fault of your own. Also, it would mean relaxing the import/export rules between bands as it simply wouldn't make sense that you couldn't take your stuff from the previous band. The benefit with the bands is that you can limit the amount of resources a world has (and frankly I love the thought of starting in a hostile environment with limited resources) but if you are playing on one world for a campaign of considerable length, then whoever has the power at the start of the campaign is likely to keep it.
  12. Well, with the Crow and vessel system, I would suggest your "Crow" name be your "last name" and your "first name" be your vessel name.
  13. Further to this question, what kind of stealth are we going to see? An invisibility toggle, or situational stealth?
  14. - Forum/Profile Name: Nostrus - Preferred "Crow" Name: Undecided - Guild Affiliation: Serrated - PvP?: Hell yes, I don't believe RP is meaningful without the ability for combat, and I don't mean roll "combat" prevalent in other MMOs. - General Alignment: Order
  15. Just reading through the thread at the moment, but I'd like to address this point. Apologies if it already has been. The "best crafter in the game" is going to be both the crafter with the highest crafting skill set, and the ability to craft. Almost certainly, this person will reside in the Eternal Kingdoms simply for the purpose of continuity of service. They will purchase the rare resources from players and guilds who frequent The Dregs, certainly, but if they themselves situate themselves in The Dregs, they will lose out on custom from the other rulesets, not to mention have considerable downtime at the start of each campaign. Also, when I personally refer to "the best crafter in the game", I refer to the top tier of dedicated crafters. Jimmy who does a bit of crafting for the guild on the side doesn't cut the mustard here.
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