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  1. It shows the caliber of the man, and frankly he'd be lucky to be a .17.
  2. Firmly in the "I like" demographic. I'm not interested in realistic graphics for a game like this. "Cartoony" is fine by me.
  3. Glossing over the obvious dislike that bahamutkaiser and helix have for one another, I'd like to discuss your reply to my question, bahamut. If "healing is lower skill" due to it being reactive (although you could argue the toss in games that permit overhealing) then that must mean that all reactive skills and abilities are similarly lower skill. For example, where do you rate interrupts? They are, by definition, a reactive event. I'm not picking a fight here, by the way, merely trying to understand your mind set. I'll put out my own stall here. I do not like "fire hose" healing. As an example, a healer should not be able to out-last a damage dealer by simply healing through their damage. To me, that is a sign that the system is broken. However, I strongly disagree that it is lower skill/strategy. Indeed, I believe that, if handled correctly, it adds to the overall strategy involved in the game. It means that, as a squad leader, I need to plan and deal with said healer.
  4. That's my point though; the eventual winner is largely going to be dictated through God's Reach and/or Infected. This means that after the first couple of play throughs, people will largely be done with the rule set.
  5. "So Derek, how exactly do you manage your stakeholders?" *blank look, sound of crickets outside*
  6. No problem. It's going to be really interesting to write, especially as I don't know how open developers will be to interviewing if I'm going to be questioning their methods. Man, I'd love to interview Derek Smart. It would make for an interesting talk anyway!
  7. And yet, some of the best RPers I have ever met love PvP. I have a problem with RP in MMOs in that it's largely done by PvErs who want to add something to their gameplay. Nothing wrong with that, except you then wind up with some truly ludicrous characters, and thinks like 'roll combat' for fights. For those not in the know, that's when you emote actions and then roll randomly to see who wins. Instead of, y'know, using the /duel system most MMOs come with these days. The problem with RPers in MMOs is they have 'special snowflake' syndrome and believe that they must be the centre of the known universe. Anyway, I digress. Faction (Order, Balance, Chaos) only matters in God's Reach. Don't get me wrong, I like the lore behind a lot of these guys, but there are certainly some mismatches in which faction they are in.
  8. From a strategic point of view, having the Legio have a heal is a good idea. It needs to be toned down, but if you need spot healing during a critical part of your battle then what better vehicle to have it on than the fastest archetype in the game? Along with their various other buffs/debuffs. I think a lot of people have got this firm idea of how Crowfall should be for them and have real problems with taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture. Also, I would like someone to explain to me precisely how having a "healer" (using quotation marks because even at the moment, we don't know how much or what kind of healing the Druid is going to be doing) is "lower strategy"? If you get rid of the "healer" all that will happen is that you'll replace them with the next highest target of opportunity which at the moment is liable to be the Confessor.
  9. < That badge is how much I'm invested in this monetarily. But as many have said; Crowfall is it for MMOs at the moment. I've given up trying to find an MMO rich in background that works the way I want it. At the moment, I'm back to TTRPGs.
  10. An interesting model, and something I'd but my name behind for an alternate rule set but frankly, I think I prefer the way it is now. The way your proposal works, you're essentially placing a lot of faith in other people for your continued performance farther down the line. In the transition from God's Reach to Infected; what if most of the players who played for your God left the world? You'll be hamstrung against the other Gods in Infected through no fault of your own. Also, it would mean relaxing the import/export rules between bands as it simply wouldn't make sense that you couldn't take your stuff from the previous band. The benefit with the bands is that you can limit the amount of resources a world has (and frankly I love the thought of starting in a hostile environment with limited resources) but if you are playing on one world for a campaign of considerable length, then whoever has the power at the start of the campaign is likely to keep it.
  11. Well, with the Crow and vessel system, I would suggest your "Crow" name be your "last name" and your "first name" be your vessel name.
  12. Further to this question, what kind of stealth are we going to see? An invisibility toggle, or situational stealth?
  13. - Forum/Profile Name: Nostrus - Preferred "Crow" Name: Undecided - Guild Affiliation: Serrated - PvP?: Hell yes, I don't believe RP is meaningful without the ability for combat, and I don't mean roll "combat" prevalent in other MMOs. - General Alignment: Order
  14. Just reading through the thread at the moment, but I'd like to address this point. Apologies if it already has been. The "best crafter in the game" is going to be both the crafter with the highest crafting skill set, and the ability to craft. Almost certainly, this person will reside in the Eternal Kingdoms simply for the purpose of continuity of service. They will purchase the rare resources from players and guilds who frequent The Dregs, certainly, but if they themselves situate themselves in The Dregs, they will lose out on custom from the other rulesets, not to mention have considerable downtime at the start of each campaign. Also, when I personally refer to "the best crafter in the game", I refer to the top tier of dedicated crafters. Jimmy who does a bit of crafting for the guild on the side doesn't cut the mustard here.
  15. I was musing on this the other day, and what I'd like to see is: Success percentage based on skills vs tier. Higher tier materials equates to greater chance of failure. Highest tier should always have a (moderate) chance to fail. Selection of stat bonuses. Diablo and The Division (to name some recent examples) have a system that allows you to re-roll a single stat on equipment from drops and crafted equipment. This is simply a cash sink. As an experienced crafter, I want to be able to choose exactly what stat I want, and the value will be determined by the materials chosen and my skills. Limited repair. If you are a crafter as your main game play angle, then repair will reduced your cash flow (sure, you can charge for repairs and that's fine but I think a good bench mark would be that an item should only last about the length of one campaign world if it's well taken care of.) For anything rarer, make it so that the recipe is rare, the materials are set and rare and it degrades quicker than normal. Those are all of the points I really came up with myself.
  16. I'm going to kick in on this one, but first a couple of disclaimers. One, I'm not a game designer. Two, I'm a student but one who has project management experience. Now that's out of the way, the answer to your question has a couple of answers. One, do not blindly listen to the people giving you communication advice on your course unless they have run/participated in a significant project before in their lives. And I don't mean just games development because something that seems to be missing out there is that project management and games development at the management level are one and the same. I mentioned earlier how I'm a student. I'm a Project Management student (Masters, as it happens) and my dissertation is going to be titled (quite simply) Games Developers and Project Management: They're Doing It Wrong. Controversial statement, yes. Untrue? Not by a long shot, at least not from the outside. However, I digress (it's a bit of a sore subject for me). Effective communication is easy. Openness, honesty and the right information to the right people at the right time. Don't lie. Ever. First time you get caught out, then all credibility you might have had will disappear. Don't be afraid to make decisions, but don't be afraid to change them if that's what the project needs. Read. Not just on games development or project management. Read on psychology (we are human, after all), read on the successful project managers in the 20th and 21st centuries. Sign up to an organisation like the PMI and attend conferences/talks on effective communication. The ridiculous thing about effective communication is that it is stupidly simple, but we as humans are so bloody terrible at it. I'll stop there, as I'm kinda weighing in on something you didn't even ask me about but it's one of my pet hates. I've been in projects where senior management were terrible communicators and the project suffered for it. Also, to remain completely on-topic, I don't blame you, Tyrant. In fact, from your testimony my stock in you has only risen. Takes guts to stand up to your management and tell them they're wrong. You were vindicated by the fact they fired you instead of listening. In fact, Khoth, that's a great lesson to take away from Tyrant. Actions always speak louder than words.
  17. As long as this is for ironing out kinks in various systems (kudos for implementing mount AND siege equipment in the same pass) then I'm cool with it. As others have stated, I want more meat in the siege side of gameplay. With a dedicated skill tree, I think I speak for at least a few of us when I say that we want investment in that tree to mean something. Let's use this WoW-typical system to iron out the kinks that need ironed out, and quickly move to something with more substance.
  18. Okay, I think that realistically there are two issues here. One; you and your buddies are out doing what you do when you're caught by a zerg. In this case, you should die. There, someone had to say it. If you are out-numbered, then realistically you should die because that's simply what's going to happen. Sure, you can maybe take down a few of them but there should not be artificial mechanics imposed just because you don't like zergs (and no offence, but that's what this thread sounds like). Two: you are in your keep/town/naked Roman-inspired spa and hear that there is a zerg on the move towards you a-pace (and frankly if you don't have a warning system in place, you deserve to lose your poorly made socks). Armed with this information, you are able to prepare relevant defenses (ballistae, catapults, etc) that help you turn the tide. Now, both of these points are making a key distinction. That "zerg" and "organised group with large numbers" are two different things, and the primary difference being a lack of cohesion and organisation. No one wants to lose to a "zerg" because that battle was, most likely, meaningless. Throwaway. Without substance. A battle with an organised group with large numbers, on the other hand, is likely to be good as there will be tactics and strategy. Even on the losing end, you can then step back and simply say "yep, they beat us fair and square". From my point of view, the key to beating zergs is not in artificial mechanics but simply in the being prepared and informed.
  19. Okay, I don't see this as backpedalling yet because we don't know what abilities the Druid will have. ACE have stipulated there will not be "firehose" healing which is fine. However, healing still has a strategic part to play in the game. I think we need to wait and see exactly what powers are given to the Druid and also, give the Druid some time in testing before we start threads like this. As long as the Druid doesn't end up as a "firehose" healer, I see little problem in it's inclusion. Especially as we are still far from complete on the archetypes front. Frankly, we're going to have a lot of back and forth on composition, simply because we don't have all the options available to us. However, with this announcement, I'd be inclined to move the healing ability that Lego has off of the tray and replace it with something else. Healing just never really fit in the Lego vibe for me and I think they'd be far better suited to having something else.
  20. I like the idea of the tray-swapping mechanic, but "ignition" doesn't sit well with me from a fluff point of view and I'm also not enormously happy with both sides of this archetype being ranged. Why? It doesn't seem to me like there's an enormous downside. If you have two Druids in your party then they can coordinate to make sure one is healing while the other is damage dealing. Too much upside for one archetype for me. Something I'd be interested in seeing is this; Standard Druid power tray is ranged/healing. A mix of damage and healing. They stay in this power tray as they both heal and do damage. However, each ability on this tray gives various amounts of a debuff: ferocity. As they heal and deal ranged damage, their bond to nature becomes fiercer and fiercer and they find it more difficult to keep focus. Maths time! With an arbitrary value of 100 for being the flip point of ferocity, the Druid gets a debuff of the same name. At 100, the debuff kicks in. At 125, the debuff reduces ranged damage/healing output by 25%. At 150, the debuff increases to 50%. At 175, the debuff increases to 75%. At 200, the Druid automatically flips to their other power tray; melee damage. They also transform into an animal and must close to melee range to dump ferocity. Give them a rapid movement ability to close the range they are at. Medium/High damage abilities that cost a moderate amount of ferocity per use. The Druid can manually manage their ferocity by: stopping attacking (ferocity ticks down by a small amount per second), using a 'feint' effect (long cooldown, drops a moderate amount of ferocity) or manually activating their other power tray (only available above 125 ferocity). This then gives us a support archetype that can heal and deal ranged damage, and then a quick burst of melee damage. Downsides? Well, if they want to avoid flipping over to their ferocious side, they need to manage their damage/healing output or use their long CD. The 'ferocious' side could then be a glass cannon but it's in melee range so easier to deal with especially as it wouldn't have ferocity-generating abilities. Essentially, you have to get in and get out - if you're caught then you will quite possibly die and your team is down their support archetype. Personally, I'd be quite excited to see an archetype like that, and it would take skill to play.
  21. Yeah, I was looking for a support forum and figured this was the closest thing there was. Cheers for the address.
  22. Hello! I was wondering whether it would be possible to change my account name? With my position at Serrated, I changed over from this account name as it seemed a little... out of place. However, with this account name being the one associated with the game, I was wondering if I could get it changed? Regards, Nostrus
  23. Just a quick reminder that Serrated is looking to open diplomatic relationships with our fellow Crowfall organisations. Please feel free to contact me in the first instance.
  24. I'm looking forward to getting my 40K fix!
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