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  1. Yes, that did help, thanks! I don't quite understand why I can buy a 2015 item without having to do an upgrade, but hey, it worked!
  2. I have a Large Fort 2015 and a Large Keep 2015 and am thinking about upgrading to the Medium Castle 2015. I'd like to upgrade using the Keep and hang onto the Fort, but on the page for the Medium Castle 2015 there isn't an 'Upgrade' button/option for the Keep -- only the Fort. I can upgrade to either the Small or Large Castle (2015), but not the medium one. I can upgrade to the Medium Castle 2016, which I may do, but would kind of like the 2015 version if possible. Think if I did that using the 2015 Keep I'd automatically get the 2015 Castle?
  3. Aging: Young assassin, older ranger. The knights are in various states of decay. Pledging to keep playing, even in some evil, half-alive state.
  4. Sounds fantastic, and totally agree with those whose expectations have been blow away! Much more than I'd expected for the pre-alpha, it's very exciting! Now I just need to hide my credit card for a month or six until Alpha 2...
  5. Just out of curiosity, what if several members of the same guild get a guild hall? Can each place them in their own EK? Can guild members place EKs together or something?
  6. Oh, sorry, I feel victim to the no-results-on-3-letter search feature too. Thanks for the link!
  7. I'm sure it's very early to think about this, but I'm wondering if there's any thought yet on what an API might provide for 3rd party devs? For example, would it maybe provide: List of active campaigns List of results (win/loss per campaign) Per-campaign map/objective updates (near real-time?) Trade/economy info Or if this is on the backlog, any idea about what phase (alpha/beta) it might be planned for?
  8. Hi, brand new here, but very excited to learn! I currently play GW2 and almost exclusively the WvW part, so this kind of seems like that on steroids... though hopefully fixing some of the problems with it, and obviously offering way, way more as well. Anyway, for now I'm kind of looking at Crowfall with that lens and trying to get my head around it. Looks like an amazing undertaking!
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