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  1. Thanks. By the way I had a peek at your fan site. It's fantastic. Always appreciate original art.
  2. That is terrible news, considering he probably had high hopes to have fun with the guild and the game. Not to say everything that was precious to him in his house. Even though I'm an outsider, i can probably help you out with art as a volunteer work. You guys don't have to accept it but I will just volunteer a few choices for banners.
  3. Also avoiding aggressive terminalogy like "k***" is a smart move
  4. To me one of the best things about PC gameplay is how easy and smooth it is to aim with your mouse. Definitely don't want to ruin that.
  5. I didn't quite understand the difference between the blue and the green faction but it looks cool to have that kind of setting.
  6. Haha already had a few looks at your guild, seems really decent with the structure and all Will definitely consider it.
  7. Literally the first thing that came to my mind. This is a reference from the We Created a Monster video. Be at everywhere at once - Nights Watch
  8. Haha the Adele's thing has been running pretty wild on the internet. Thanks for the warm welcome! And thanks Pann for taking your time to welcome me!
  9. I'm slightly confused as I was scrolling through the guild recruitment thread. Why is every member of Wayward Sons using Serrated Banner? Sorry if this is a silly question.
  10. Shambulus


    Been checking up on Crowfall for a while. It seems like a very decent games with all the footages from Pre-Alpha. I haven't made an appearance at all in the forum section. This will be my first forum post and I'd like to say that I'm happy to have chosen Crowfall as my destination. Once I learn more about the game, I'd like to join a guild and put a lot of time into Crowfall. Can't wait to see more in the upcoming test even though I won't get a chance to play yet haha.
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