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  1. Crafting If you add more risk. the final diffuculty does not update until the combine is complete.
  2. While crafting, when you change risk preferences the final difficulty does not update until after the combine is initated.
  3. Frostweaver still not fixed. At least we are back to where we were a couple of days ago. First two ice are visible when cast but disappear soon after even they are still there. You can run over them and pick them up and you cna change the form but again, they disappear in about 2 seconds.
  4. Frostweaver is even more broken now. Ice is invisible when cast.
  5. BRIGAND stealth animation is broken. You stand upright and kind of glide along.
  6. Dirge stealth animation is bugged. No movement animation, you just kind of glide along looking like you are standing upright.
  7. @yianni Just out of curiosity, why are you not running Frost Armor?
  8. He is on discord. [LotD]Pale One 7461
  9. I just slotted Attention to Detail and the craft details page showed no increase in Exp pips. Am I missing something?
  10. Asim

    Ranger stealth

    I would love to play a stealth archer, but what is being offered appears to be a re-trade of the assassin. No Runic Bows is a deal breaker for me.
  11. Thanks for the responses. Just to clarify, both my druid and crafters are fully trained. I will be using white resources and using the 50% rule on preliminary combines and accepting nothing less than a good success. Any more opinions on armor penetration? I would like to try this but if no one thinks/knows that it is better than crit bonus I will probably go AP/crit bonus.
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