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  1. Crafting If you add more risk. the final diffuculty does not update until the combine is complete.
  2. While crafting, when you change risk preferences the final difficulty does not update until after the combine is initated.
  3. Frostweaver still not fixed. At least we are back to where we were a couple of days ago. First two ice are visible when cast but disappear soon after even they are still there. You can run over them and pick them up and you cna change the form but again, they disappear in about 2 seconds.
  4. Frostweaver is even more broken now. Ice is invisible when cast.
  5. BRIGAND stealth animation is broken. You stand upright and kind of glide along.
  6. Dirge stealth animation is bugged. No movement animation, you just kind of glide along looking like you are standing upright.
  7. @yianni Just out of curiosity, why are you not running Frost Armor?
  8. He is on discord. [LotD]Pale One 7461
  9. I just slotted Attention to Detail and the craft details page showed no increase in Exp pips. Am I missing something?
  10. Where do you get those passives?
  11. Asim

    Ranger stealth

    I would love to play a stealth archer, but what is being offered appears to be a re-trade of the assassin. No Runic Bows is a deal breaker for me.
  12. Thanks for the responses. Just to clarify, both my druid and crafters are fully trained. I will be using white resources and using the 50% rule on preliminary combines and accepting nothing less than a good success. Any more opinions on armor penetration? I would like to try this but if no one thinks/knows that it is better than crit bonus I will probably go AP/crit bonus.
  13. I have been making my staffs using 3 Oak3 and 3 Spruce3 planks. This is half SP/crit chance and half AP/crit chance. I am thinking this is like a jack of all trades but master of none approach. I am going to try an all damage approach. It looks like I have 4 choices: AP/crit chance, AP/crit dmg, AP/pen or crit dmg/crit chance. Or a I could make a some combination of all 4. Thoughts? Would I be better off concentrating on one combo or mixing and matching. Which is stronger? Crit chance, crit damage or armor pen? I am leaning towards 3 planks of crit chance/crit dmg and 3 plank
  14. After reading this topic it occurs to me that in most situations it makes sense to go all in. If you have 14 pips and you do seven twice, you have 2 chances for a bad roll. If you get one bad roll you are probably going to junk the item anyway. Why not just do them all at once?
  15. So, is Live really going to re-set on the 15th? I ask because history has shown that you will push it back day by day. Please tell us for sure when to expect a re-set because it is a pain in the a$$ to take everything off every character only to have to take it back out of the sb when re-set does not happen. Thanks
  16. Yes, and there were third party add ons out there which let you know when a group was approaching so you were ready. Against the rules to use of course, lol. My guild never used them, but many did. You knew when someone was cheating because the group was spread out and ready when they entered clipping range. Normally you travelled under /follow, in a line.
  17. If I remember correctly, there were few if any cc counters early on. All this stuff Tinnis mentions were added as time passed. Also, you couldn't purge/cleanse if you were stunned/mezzed.
  18. Actually, no. Stuns did not break, period. Mezzes broke on damage, nothing else. There were also roots that broke on damage. And yes, it really disgruntled people off and cc was toned down many times over the life of the game. Originally a dwarf healer could keep you incapacitated almost indefinitely. Stun, mez, stun again...you get the picture.
  19. I remember fondly my dwarf healer. Aoe mezzes that froze a full party of eight while they were attacked and eliminated one by one. Roaming, open world pvp. Eight man group versus eight man group. Best MMO fun ever.
  20. It is my understanding that basic stats affect crafting efficiency and vary per trade. I also understand that new stat sheets are available in 5.4 and allow players to determine which stats affect which craft. Has anyone done the research on this and more importantly are willing to share the data? Thanks.
  21. I am trying to figure out this crafting thing and I have some questions. 1. Under the crafting basics tab there are various nodes, exceptional experimentation, exceptional experimentation points, etc. These all say they help when crafting BASIC items. Is this just an unfortunate choice of words or do they really only help when making basic armor/weapons etc? This does not seem correct because you cant experiment when making basic weapons. 2. When full completion of a node only awards a value of 1, do you only get a benefit when all 5 pips are complete? Or do you get a benefit a
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