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  1. Welcome to CF and enjoy the stay phoenixcpj!
  2. Hello Zim and Welcome to CF!
  3. Welcome to CF! How long did you play Aion for?
  4. Welcome to CF! Enjoy the stay and have fun!
  5. Welcome to CF Alford (Connor) and hope you enjoy the stay!
  6. How can you say this and then say your not funny?! Cuz right there is hilarious! But welcome to CF!
  7. Welcome to CF Raizex and enjoy the stay! What region/server did you play on when playing Aion?
  8. Thanks for the update Pann! Little sad I can't jump off a roof and shot fireballs at something
  9. Bad! No lurking! Come out of that corner and post and with us! It makes the forums more alive!
  10. I hope the next one is a lot of cookies for us.... I mean combat cookies... I mean... idk...
  11. There are 13 classes right now and they can do one later, once all the other classes are done first.
  12. Welcome to CF and nice to meet you too.
  13. Welcome to the forums Duraeon! I never played ESO, but a few friends and they love the game too. Enjoy the stay!
  14. Awww... I'm late to the party, but they got some past broadcasts you can still watch.
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