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  1. Welcome to CF and enjoy the stay phoenixcpj!
  2. Nex

    I Am Zim

    Hello Zim and Welcome to CF!
  3. Welcome to CF! How long did you play Aion for?
  4. Welcome to CF! Enjoy the stay and have fun!
  5. Welcome to CF Alford (Connor) and hope you enjoy the stay!
  6. How can you say this and then say your not funny?! Cuz right there is hilarious! But welcome to CF!
  7. Welcome to CF Raizex and enjoy the stay! What region/server did you play on when playing Aion?
  8. Thanks for the update Pann! Little sad I can't jump off a roof and shot fireballs at something
  9. Bad! No lurking! Come out of that corner and post and with us! It makes the forums more alive!
  10. I hope the next one is a lot of cookies for us.... I mean combat cookies... I mean... idk...
  11. There are 13 classes right now and they can do one later, once all the other classes are done first.
  12. Welcome to CF and nice to meet you too.
  13. Welcome to the forums Duraeon! I never played ESO, but a few friends and they love the game too. Enjoy the stay!
  14. Awww... I'm late to the party, but they got some past broadcasts you can still watch.
  15. Welcome back for the forums! Can't wait to see the updated wiki, if you ever need help feel free to ask.
  16. Congratulations on being constructive on the forums! Not some random pointless post like the one you posted before hand, now let's get somethings straight for you. I never said you should be able to loot during combat, you for some reason just assumed that I mean this. A player should never be able to loot during combat and should be out of combat for X amount of time for them to loot something. If a player wants to loot everything and filter through it later they are/should be allowed to do so and there should be a loot all button for ease of use for them if not it's going to take a few seco
  17. Welcome to CF and the forums!
  18. I think he is asking for something like Eve Online where you have to have a first name and a last name to complete character creation.
  19. Once you get back to a safe spot you still are confronted with that same meaningful choice by having to pick what to keep and what to destroy/drop, so there is still the downside of picking what to save/destroy. Plus if you loot it all now and take it back you can save the extra for later or for someone else in your guild/friends.
  20. How so? I'll loot it all now and figure out what to keep or to destroy once I get back to a fort or a safe spot.
  21. Why waste the players time with dragging and dropping items in and out of a players inventory? There isn't a need for wasting the players time moving items from one to the other. Double click to put into inventory or right click move toe inventory and if a player wants to loot everything have a loot all button.
  22. Love it and can't wait to try it for myself and seeing more in the future!
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