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  1. Maybe I need to move to Austin...
  2. vektyr

    Albion Online

    I do not mean to bash on Albion Online, but I purchased two copies of it hoping to play with a friend. Unfortunately that friend could not play, and I attempted to return it. They said I exceeded their 14 day return policy, which I hadn't as I emailed them a few days before it had it just had taken them 3 days to get back to me. I replied with that information, and they still denied it. Not to mention, its a multi-platform title, and with all multi-platform titles .. its a money grab and nothing more honestly I should have gone with my instinct. Oh well, only lost $20 but... it still irritates me with how they handled customer service.
  3. I would appreciate a system similar to that of the Paragon System in Diablo 3, I like the idea that its cap is virtually unobtainable, and its a great way to show off really... More or less, a level that never can reach the cap and that you can carry throughout each and every campaign.
  4. This is also a primary concern of mine, though if they can unleash a few more details regarding it... it would definitely help build a better picture. I really would not like the EK system to be, or become, what World of Warcraft's garrisons are right now...
  5. And I guess you should be playing League of Legends? It contains everything you want including quick leveling! =) I played a game a long time ago, back in 2000, called Endless Ages. The game revolved around skill based progression, meaning you had three main stats that affected your job skill. For example, a melee user would have high strength. Well first to be good with melee weapons, you would use them to gain more skill, and the more skill you gained the better you were and more damage you could do. Strength acted as a modifier, but you had to level that up as well by using melee weapons. There was a cap for the main stats, but reaching it required an exponential amount of time, meaning several months on end to get it maxed out. That system was awesome for its time, and its sad it went under due to a team of two people with no business experience. I believe I read it in one of the posts, but what I want is this... A system that has a median level that everyone can reach within a few weeks, and then for those who are dedicated can push beyond the median for a gradual bonus for more time invested, more like logarithmic growth...
  6. The community for unix/linux based gaming is still extremely small, it is very unlikely. They are a company, and money is always priority.
  7. I agree on some points, and I would like more updates or even progress reports. I need to know that my donation is worthy of this project... Also that 1hr twitch stream with omnom! provided nothing to us really. I would like more community interaction, and QA on Twitch or similar please!
  8. I don't know why people fuss about things that take time, such as skill progression. If you make things easy to obtain, and rather quickly, you have made a casuals game. The idea that it takes time to earn something adds to the meaning, and the length of the game. If you cap out, you've beaten the game. Why not make it take several months or years to cap out? Players who dedicate their time definitely deserve an advantage towards those who do not...
  9. Games will always use the metric system, and the first sentence includes the units where the second line is just math minus units.
  10. Ummm... just saying this because I didn't see it mentioned...but... 1 acre is 4,046.86m2 so .. 1 square acre is 16,377,047m4 The sqrt(4046.86) = ~63.6149 thus (63.6149^2) = 1 acre and (63.6149^2)^2 = 1 square acre. Did they write that wrong? Because thats awfully big...
  11. Please keep the toxicity levels in this community down...
  12. Okay, well its not really a full blown proposal... but... anyway. Crowdfunding has its perks such as being independent, or not being required to fulfill publisher/investor demands, but Kickstarter also takes a portion for themselves. Though I am not complaining about it, I personally would rather all my money go directly to ArtCraft themselves. With that said... I would love to subscribe to the game now, and reap the benefits from doing so. Primarily due to the fact I cannot immediately fork over a years worth of game funds to become a Sapphire Patron; however, I would LOVE to pay over a duration of time to achieve that status along with the perks of it. What am I suggesting? The ability to pay a monthly payments directly to ArtCraft, that will accumulate over the months allowing me to progress upwards in Patron levels and rewards. In addition to monthly subscriber payments, you could make donations that also apply to the overall accumulation, thus allowing you to achieve that Patron status at an earlier time. I am still awaiting my tax return so things like this would be grand! Like it or hate it, I don't mind... I just wish crowdfunding was more like this versus lump sum requests.
  13. Physics and character collision... I am down for this. I am hoping the Voxel Farm deal turns out to be better than I feel it will be... We shall see!
  14. I am hoping they have a few good tricks up their sleeves to solve the caster dilemma... hopefully they describe the details of this in the big release.
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