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  1. I originally intended to make a large post of my suggestions but I realized besides serious character customization and other races that I would love for the developers to consider adding a in game auction house for player created goods. You see services like player created markets in IM games like IMVU and There but I cant think of an instance of such services in MMORPGs. People like myself are super invested in not only their play style and stats but the way their character looks and as a role player I think the ability to create your own clothing to transmog or stitch over your gear would be a fantastic addition to a game like Crowfall. Maybe down the line when the games assets are established we could have a Dev pack out for those who want to try their hand at modeling and such? Just a suggestion uwu
  2. sick, the art style is my jam. I hope the slider and customization game is high. This may just be me but im hoping we get to make characters that arnt just humanoid but anthropomorphic :3 keep up the good work guys!
  3. I've been playing Wiz since 2008 on and off. I'm happy to see a branching community of W101 members. Haven't played P101 extensively myself. For those ragging I have a few words for you. Dont judge a book by its cover.
  4. I need a reason to get away from wiz101, why the hell not. I wanna join in ouo
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