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  1. The running-on-all-fours animation made me cringe, especially since he's holding weapons. Running forward on two legs with head lowered would look much better. Other than that I approve!
  2. This will notably require crafters to have at least a decent understanding of how combat works for each archetype. A stalker needs very different gear from a champion. Even within an archetype, different disciplines and abilities can drastically alter how a vessel handles. The best crafters will tailor their creations to the individual.
  3. This. Say I have a ping of 15 ms. I'm on a server connected to another player who has a ping of 200 ms. In order to synchronize everything, wouldn't that mean the server would have to artificially stall its response to me for 185 ms?
  4. Ah, you're right. Mixed up copper and bronze. Don't mind me.
  5. 2016 Bronze gives access to Alpha 3 whereas KS Bronze gives access to Beta 1? Weird.
  6. Approve! Never saw the point of trying to cram such complicated art into tiny buttons.
  7. This just makes me remember Battlefield 2142 and now I'm sad.
  8. Warframe will likely never be "finished" in the traditional sense. It's more like a complete game with free and substantial DLC forever, which I believe contributes heavily to its success. It's not even that great of a game, but the fact that there's always something new means I keep picking it up. I hope that ACE stays engaged with Crowfall in a similar manner. Iterative additions over time add up and keep players engaged. It's the best option for a small team working on a big game. The alternative is for ACE to "finish" Crowfall in a couple years and then sit back, fix bugs here and there, and talk to people on the forums some. I don't think that's sufficient these days. If you want sustained growth then your game also needs to keep growing.
  9. I played during the stress test this past weekend and my experience can be summed up as "lag." I legitimately spent half my time with a frozen screen. It was pretty much 10 seconds of play, then 10 seconds of screenshot, then 10 seconds of play, etc. Graphics were nice but very clinical and lacked any sort of warmth or charm. Controls were mushy and the abilities seemed generally uninspired. Click to hit something or press a button to hit something in a larger area. Meh/10
  10. This. Entering a campaign with the intent to win is always going to cost something. I can see guilds forming where everyone enters the campaign naked and figures things out as they go, but bringing in equipment should provide a good enough tactical advantage that most choose to do so. The cost of campaign hopping will be losing that equipment. Also, if a campaign reaches the point where it looks like one side is definitely going to lose, maybe they should quit. A big part of Crowfall is avoiding the situation where one group is clearly dominating, will continue dominating, and everyone is bored. Hence the whole dying worlds thing and the take-a-knee system and so forth.
  11. Have they talked about what happens to your vessel when you log out of a campaign at all? Like, does your body just stand there staring blankly or what?
  12. My prediction is that Kylo Ren will go to the light side and Rey will go to the dark side in VIII. Otherwise this whole thing will be over way too quickly. Rey is super broken and Kylo Ren is a joke of a baddie.
  13. I still think all attacks should have progressive restriction. That way you can turn and move some at the start of the animation, but as it progresses you get more and more "stuck" in the direction you're facing. It would work for both WASD and cursor-aligned movement systems.
  14. I'm really enjoying the visuals. There's a nice level of consistency between characters and the environment. I can easily tell where players are, which is important in combat, without them looking like they don't belong. It's also nice that skills aren't just neon explosions all over the place.
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