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  1. What is the difference between a rank 1 parcel and a rank 2 or 3 parcel? Are the rank 1 parcels bigger? For example in the store they have a Town Parcel Rank 1, however in my backer rewards i have a Town Parcel Rank 3.
  2. Got a Guild Thank you. Region: Central America Casual/Hardcore?: i like winning as much as the next guy, but if i lose i don't get heart broken after all you can't win them all. i play mostly wizard101 and i am a 1st age Warlord, a 2nd age Warlord, and a 3rd age Captain currently, i could get 3rd age Warlord i just haven't payed for a sub or crowns so i can do ranked pvp. however i strive very hard to be the best i can, my character statistics are very highly praised and allot of people say i am to OP and they want stats like mine. i take great pride in that and i strive to help others who are willing to take the advise about gear choices and deck builds/strategies. i also only do max level pvp for those who are wondering if i am a lower level player i dont do that i know max lvl pvp is broken and allot harder and to me that makes it allot more fun knowing i win about 70% of the time when i am second and 90% when i am first. Size: Not to Worried about Guild size just people willing to group up cause solo play is impossible in Crowfall. Play-Style: Myrmidon Stone Miner and Crafter ( Going to need someone to get stone for the Walls around your kingdom ) i would love to do combat as well however i can't train in combat and in crafting at the same time, so i will stick to crafting for now maybe 10 years from now i will begin training in combat who knows how long it will take to train all crafting areas lol. Commitment: I plan on playing allot, i do have a job and a kid but in my free time i am gaming about 20-30 hours a week. Miscellaneous: I'm in Alpha 2 test Group, currently in Big World Testing, however not able to do much with out a team. Experience: Haven't really played a large amount of mmo's mainly Wizard101, a little of WoW, and some Dragon Ball Xenoverse... Voice-Chat services: i have a skype but am willing to download anything i need just tell me what and how prefer it to be a free platform or at least with in reason, if i need a mic i can get one of those as well.
  3. Jason NightSlinger Lvl 110 ice Wizard, 1st age warlord, 2nd age warlord, 3rd age captain, where do i sign up?
  4. Lets say you create a Knight just for example... You begin training up your skills in the Knight Tree time goes by you have made it through a bit of the tree. You decide for whatever reason to make a second Knight, maybe you don't like the name you chose, maybe so you can be in more than 1 campaign at a time who knows. Do the skills from the first Knight transfer to the Second one since they are on the same account or would you have to start over?
  5. This is so cool, can't wait to get my hands on him. Those cool downs very long? What about Berserk CD? Very interesting, also can other players see how much time is left before your crash or are you the only one who can see it? At any rate i am sure it will all work out so excited.
  6. When can we expect to see parcels for sale and will we be able to purchase things like cottages, market places, inns , ect...?
  7. How much character customization can we expect to see in CF in regards to appearance i want my avatar to stand out i don't want to look like all the other Myrmidons... Hair Styles/color, Face/skin color/eyes/mouth/nose, Horns, Piercings, and so on?
  8. Also on a side note for all those waiting for that Myrmidon with me thoughts, comments... 2 power trays 1 strictly for DPS the other strictly for Tanking. The DPS tray needs rage which is only generated while in the Tanking tray and vise versa the Tanking tray is fueled by using the DPS tray? Anyone agree? Disagree? other thoughts?
  9. I agree this Archetype will be highly wanted on any team alone they wont be much of a problem, however take 3,4, or even 5 Druids on a team and at least 1 or 2 should always be able to heal. Also the cool down can always be beaten simply by increasing the number of Druids on your team (50+ scary) and if they make the cool down too high no one will want to use them very tricky to balance, this will probably be the most needed Archetype since healers will always be needed and every team will want enough for rotation to get around that nasty cool down and while cooling down they could simply hide behind the Tanks.
  10. Trying to get into today's test but it says invalid client every time i try, why wont it let me on?
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