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  1. Many of us are here because other MMOs just haven't hit the spot. So my question is why? What do you hate about MMOs that you keep seeing over and over. Here is my list of top ten things I have hated in MMO gaming ( in no order). Pay-to-win: while I don't have an issue with micro transactions, i refer they be skins, not stats. Gear based: When somebody is able to obtain gear that is stupid powerful, I think it really deters new players Time required to compete: some games require that you play 6-10 hours a day if you want to compete with the best, this often goes back to the gear bas
  2. CheckYoTrack Skullet and sierrad and SirAres if he still wants one, now that somebody else seems to have done it.
  3. Sorry I had been busy trying to make some money, since nobody else seemed to step up while i was gone, it looks like i have a day of sigs ahead of me... more to come.
  4. Could somebody mention who the 10v10 winner was? I am quite sure somebody knows.
  5. It seems as though CN is dominating the current one where WM plays... Does WM still play?
  6. jomini

    For Proto...

    WHOA! He is a handsome boy... that was back when I adopted him, he is much more musclar now.
  7. jomini

    For Proto...

    I hope you guys like my cat too
  8. The only "pretty"ish word I used would be conclusion, over all it was on a very basic writing level. I don't have a desire to play with WM, think they are just another eh guild, with a good core. But I like calling something what it is, and I am sorry, but this is not biased... Its people nameing their guild and army, and thinking that the funniest way to do it is to name it with the angriest language out there.
  9. Please take note of the following: This means that is wasn't due to them being gummy bear, that they got the name, nor were all Wehrmacht gummy bear... In fact, if you continue to read the article: So, in conclusion, some of Wehrmacht was from the gummy bear era... therefore some Wehrmacht were indeed Nazis. I would also argue that ALL Nazis were white, so lets go ahead and get rid of all of the people here who are white on these forums, because by the logic that the name Wehrmacht is gummy bear, then all white people must be Nazis too.
  10. OF course, as I said, if you are interested in getting connected in SB, let me know, and I will hook you up with how to get the files, how to get you started, and I will likely even help you up into the mid 40-50s in levels.
  11. I have to take the week off from free graphics for some freelance work, so If anybody wants to fill in for me, the remaining names are: SirAres - he likes sword warriors and dragons and fire... trust me CheckYoTrack - this guy, hes down for anything that the people who went to highschool after you (or right now, if you are in highschool) would call "dope" sierrad - My guess, she wants something kinda dark and provacative... she wants to be a total BA and kill you, but she wants you to get all hot and bothered while she does
  12. Oh you know, living the dream, making booze for a living now days.
  13. OK got a few done, but thats it for today, others, tomorrow... maybe
  14. Did I forget something or are you enjoying the winter grass?
  15. I am so sorry, I have been getting emails on here, magic bane, and this thread, lost track, will add you to the list!
  16. I am a bit behind, but class was just cancelled, so I am on it. On my list for today: BoNg Grapes SirAres CheckYoTrack Skullet Did I miss anybody?
  17. I have a few in the works, but I am waiting on some permission to use some images ( remember kids, stealing from starving artists is bad... unless that artist makes art for a gigantic medical company, like proto's sig... because then its a victimless crime, amirite?)
  18. I HAVE read them, numberous times. This doesn't answer the question I asked... is there a lead moderator. I didn't say I had an issue, just that I wanted to know if there was a lead. That having been said, if somebody like CT was the team lead, and I had an issue with you, I think that both you and I would perfer I talked to him, he talked to you, and the issue was over, as opposed to me emailing big papa crowfall support. As a military guy, I would hope you understand keeping things as low as possible on the Chain of Command. No emails being sent, I haven't called anybody out, just c
  19. As a totally unbaised person who has seen CT work in the past... I think he would be perfect for team lead. And he has experience keeping a lot of these folks in line, that have given us issues.
  20. I was just curious if there was a public (or any) chain of command for the mods? If there is an issue with a mod, where does one go from there? Is there a Lead mod? These may be important questions in the future.
  21. Some jellyfish people are alright. I guess.
  22. I was just about to post some old OPP sigs to answer your question about my panties... But I remembered where I was. So I will answer in this way: Pink.
  23. Doc, you need to fix your sig, there are about 1billion spaces after the picture...
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