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  1. custard ! Still at a local bar drinking wine and keep reading a book for my professional development -.- Dont make detainees... All in the name of.. All in the name of Rock n Roll!
  2. im looking forward to play human knight =P.
  3. Player Population

    I am still there to challenge you! get your [nasty word] up and FIGHT!
  4. Jap bin ganz bei dir - nur eben ist der Aspekt des Spiels der mich vorallem reizt schon da - kämpfen und töten - das mit dem Looten versteh ich ned , da der hartgesottene Spieler sowieso alles haben müsste :), für meinen Teil : ich töte dich als eine Art Begrüßung: grundsätzlich mach ich sowas einmal pro Spieler (wahrscheinlich so ein dicke Eier Ding xD) danach nurmehr sollt ich angegriffen werden . Wir befinden uns nicht nur in der pre-alpha sondern auch in der Ruhe vor dem Sturm - da der nächste sehnsüchtig erwartete Patch ordentlich krachen wird. Soweit so gut : schön, dass du (noch) da bist!
  5. Choices No Longer Have Consequences

    i am not sure about that xD
  6. Heyho, You have to do the first step attacking me , then ill make the're dead! Cheers! The drunken One^^
  7. CC Problem

    The only reason i dont use shieldbash at the moment is not having enough slots for it. Right now i am using 4 ccs(persuit,shieldstun,hook and the onslaugt-combo) - my bread n butter. After the race/class thing i am going to use my extraslot for being human for the shieldbash - it is neither not that hard to get closer to a ranged class nor to stun them. but with a shieldbash they will never get away from you again till your or their death(during a stun im preparing my next stun, shieldbash or 3LMB) I dont see any problems with ranged ccs as a knight. Often just react to the sound of a fessor wave or the animation of the ranger( using supress in meleefights) . and thats just me: with a structured group the coordination and reaction should become even better. I also see some polish coming(durations on cc and anti cc - skilltree and skillwise, dr) and also hope for a bunch of hybrid skills: boost your runningspeed + antiroot etc. To use it in more different ways rather then just one specific.
  8. I just need about 1 hour to get my gear (from nothing to leather armor without patterns + advanced weapon without hungershards = done!), afterwards i´m just ingame to fight/kill others. Maybe i ll take some apples from them but mainly i will do it for fun =P.
  9. it is also very interesting how you pronounce your name. Rather thought in some way like "Clark Kent ph^^" Im still glad to met all of you. In that way i have to say sry for my drunkeness - i was very nervous to meet the devs, members of travian and all other mostly english speaking community members. I really hope that wasnt too awful for you and you enjoyed it at least like me to be there. THX FOR ALL =D
  10. The truth behind the Crowfall Team

  11. got goose bumps while i was watching this - i really like it, especially the voice over. if you would have exchanged the ranger with the knight i would have bought another copy of the game for sure =P
  12. Just Crowfall Things....

    GILF could be : granny i like to (insert things here)
  13. [EU] TheExodusCompany [eXc]

    Currently you arent a active guild in CF. even there are lots of guilds out there without any promotions like you on the forum you have to go one step futher in the game to make the difference - to make the impact. start playing, start dying and start learning and extending the playerbase with your attitudes. Take your chance NOW! I am waiting for you!
  14. ey Drako, jetzt REISS DICH ZUSAMMEN!^^(schon das zweite Mal xD) Ich habe irgendwann mal etwas auf YT vernommen..und weil es keine high end grafik hatte , dachte ich mir, es könnte gut werden =P
  15. "They are stamina guys..." - T. Blair

    Stamina management is ok for me. If someone tries to kite me i run away and still do my duty as a tank keeping him away from other targets. I am more afraid of the upcoming future with the cleric and his block- just the best version of all blocks in theory Lets wait and see^^