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  1. In my experience skill tree doesnt do that much - clear it does for the example if you compare a blood young one with a 1 year old player , but thats nearly the same in all other games - through the tome possibility. If (balance) changes are going to come online(yes they will) than its also the same as a lvl 60 rougue in wow got nerfed after months of imbaness. The only way to get rid of such problem could be a moba style attitude which i dont like to see in this l game (all the same all the time) PS: i dont really follow the whole thread, but i am drunken and want to spit out my two cents xD cheers. Ftw!
  2. https://imgur.com/a/ykL6G https://imgur.com/a/278j3 https://imgur.com/a/g9acW
  3. The only indicator ive seen so far is the rank of the creature when its already dead and ready to harvest
  4. Just the typical "high" elf i ve expected. - colorless and cold. I am looking forward to melt them :-P
  5. I dont really like the dummy load up further i dont be a big fan of the iframe abilities (way too imbalanced atm and providing the full dmg meta ) I am for a overall rework.
  6. yeah! centaur knight looks damn good also like your build, nearly the same of mine thihi i would love more knight videos <3
  7. its good to know to get another "high tier" player in our playerbase.
  8. but Yumx is playing a Myrmidon in this video ?! or can you see the dmg of your groupies as well?, wow i should really start playing in groups more often xD
  9. Yesterday i got the chance to see it. xD (its true , 1vs3(+1 cause one of them respawned and came back into the fight)) Gear makes a big chunk but skill and gameknowledge makes the difference even bigger.
  10. I would like to see a modifierer which lowering down the regeneration ticks (in combat and out of combat)
  11. Wow - so i finally know what i have to do this day - i missed DFO and got dissapointed by DFUW but if its going to be e new round of hardcore i defentivly should take the chance !
  12. Atm its not worth to skill in constitution via the sacrefice system, maybe in summary in the skilltree plus all other hp gaining skills. I would double the amount of max hp which you get from each point of constitution at least.
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