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  1. In my experience skill tree doesnt do that much - clear it does for the example if you compare a blood young one with a 1 year old player , but thats nearly the same in all other games - through the tome possibility. If (balance) changes are going to come online(yes they will) than its also the same as a lvl 60 rougue in wow got nerfed after months of imbaness. The only way to get rid of such problem could be a moba style attitude which i dont like to see in this l game (all the same all the time) PS: i dont really follow the whole thread, but i am drunken and want to spit out m
  2. https://imgur.com/a/ykL6G https://imgur.com/a/278j3 https://imgur.com/a/g9acW
  3. The only indicator ive seen so far is the rank of the creature when its already dead and ready to harvest
  4. Just the typical "high" elf i ve expected. - colorless and cold. I am looking forward to melt them :-P
  5. I dont really like the dummy load up further i dont be a big fan of the iframe abilities (way too imbalanced atm and providing the full dmg meta ) I am for a overall rework.
  6. yeah! centaur knight looks damn good also like your build, nearly the same of mine thihi i would love more knight videos <3
  7. its good to know to get another "high tier" player in our playerbase.
  8. but Yumx is playing a Myrmidon in this video ?! or can you see the dmg of your groupies as well?, wow i should really start playing in groups more often xD
  9. Yesterday i got the chance to see it. xD (its true , 1vs3(+1 cause one of them respawned and came back into the fight)) Gear makes a big chunk but skill and gameknowledge makes the difference even bigger.
  10. I would like to see a modifierer which lowering down the regeneration ticks (in combat and out of combat)
  11. Wow - so i finally know what i have to do this day - i missed DFO and got dissapointed by DFUW but if its going to be e new round of hardcore i defentivly should take the chance !
  12. Atm its not worth to skill in constitution via the sacrefice system, maybe in summary in the skilltree plus all other hp gaining skills. I would double the amount of max hp which you get from each point of constitution at least.
  13. Try out a knight using the standart bearer major discipline : than you can constantly convert your dmg into lightning dmg. Same works with a confessor, but you still will attacking with a melee weapon or shooting fireballs and fireanimated attacks.
  14. I would love a hot female highelf to "dance" with...??
  15. Staying at back line mostly near your high dps and healerclasses gives you and your team the chance to keep up damaging on focustarget instead getting interupted by the stealth classes like duelists and assasines. Tanks/fighters like me doing great in destroying or at least punishing those who even think about attacking targets i've mentioned before. I like chicken!
  16. Schreib mal DravoIX an : der bringt dich auf ein EU Discord wo manchmal english manchmal deutsch gesprochen wird, aber alle aktiv auch das spiel antesten.
  17. Assasines are cool to fight against xD , especially against namend ones like @Yumx and @Soulreaver . Getting a little desperate of the EU server - so i have to grow up there as well as on the US server but nevermind the game is getting greater again - glad to see you @gorwald again (havent see you since hungerdome) Thx to all of you guys! You are doing a great job all the time! See you on the battlefield! NchDu The raven
  18. Woodelf rangers are beatable like every other combination. Maybe a cleric halfgiant is too boring to even fight against, just log out and wait few minutes than your enemy falls asleep and you can go on killing the rest ;P
  19. Pls dont do it this way : If someone of your own faction steals your materials than make it public: if hes in a guild it would cause bad reputation for it , otherswise hes maybe getting problems to get in a guild - Other solution: hire a friend on the other faction to destroy the rat! Ps: i dont read the OP xD
  20. Yes i do! In state of a crow(back in times 2015 as forum was the only thing i had acess to : northlanders, CFC and finally the official one and of course the time in hungerdome, when i tried out the former archetypes: legionair and ranger - which finally let me choose the knight) In 3.0 i got my first steps as a knight(archetype) and my dedication to him.(even on my old laptop and a performance of 16 fps frequently) Patch over patch i improved my skills. in 5.x i got the chance to choose in race and class, still stayed on human/knight(just cause!) with the addition of blond hai
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