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  1. Is this just for special backers or anyone who backed the game since early days cause I cant claim them
  2. Training is crucial when it comes down to crafting, maybe not power level as in PvP power, but it makes you matter in the game, so if you do get in 6 monhts post launch you are not only at a disadvantage, you are not worth anything. You could join a guild and get handed free loot of course but you would surely not contribute anything at all other than a meat sack. The passive training gates those things behind a time wall, and while you say " well someone who starts early should always have an advantage", why is this not the case in any other competetive online games ? I mean there is always some, but that shallows out over time when you gain ingame experience from combat and learn all the classes, theres only so much to learn. Then again you cant invest more time than the guy at 6 months, you are locked 6 months behind, he only have to log in once a day and update his current progression on his tree... and he would still be in front. In WoW or other games, but since you mentioned that you could atleast farm urself up to max lvl, and then grind out the gear needed, so if you did invest a lot of time in the game you would be able to compete on the same level, atleast if you were good. In CF you will always be behind if you are not here from the start no matter what you do... in other words you cant do anything to compete with others in front of you.
  3. I dont get why you are starting to bashing his career choice as a way to justify the action of a passive system Its kinda wierd. Anyway I see his point, I mean you do play games to have fun and also do something meaningfull ? The passive system lets you keep up to date in a sense that you dont work for the goal, except for checking a box now and again. What Ape is saying is that you would still be behind on resources, online companions, guild raids of forts, because you have far less time than someone else. The passive system doesnt change that fact. Even when you come back online you would still have to farm materials, if thats what you choose to do, then find someone who can make the required gear or if you craft it yourself, but then you would need supplies and you would have to get that from a gatherer, and if you are combat only you would have to go and find both of those before you could go into combat. Even if you are on par with the skill system due to its passive nature you would still be behind by quite a lot, unless you are in a guild that just hands out everything to everyone, then your in luck
  4. it is quite unfortunate, hopefully they will revert it!
  5. Well villain disc is fine, but its more of a come launch perspective, I understnad that not everything is in place atm, and hopefully it will get better when all systems are. The OP is clearly talking about what he first experienced when he logged on for the first time. The first player introduction. I think a lot of people misses his point here. Its not about what you can do after x,y,z,d,c. Its the moment you login for the first time and find out that without any help at all you will be terribly frustrated. You can use villain disc, you could have trained for what 2 months since 5.3 on live, and you could use potions to ease the farming. From your perspective as a dedicated farmer and a hardcore player of CF, atleast I would describe you as that, there is nothing holding you back. You have been in the community from the start, you understand that everything is evolving all the time. I think a new player does not share the same view of the game as you do when they first log in, they have no experience, they probably dont have a guild ... yet, and if they are going to get into one they kinda need to stick around and play the game before that happens. I think you look at it from a very experience perpsective when you maybe should walk in their shoes for a few minutes instead.
  6. Yeah I dont think people really understands how significant this is. I mean the combat power being 10% power up isnt really saying much, well despite the fact that you have 10% more likelihood of winning, but its not gamebreakingly much and overpowering. The fact that the crafting is gated behind some passive tree makes it pretty rough if you would come into this game a year after release. That is kinda the really harsh aspect of the passive skill training, the gating of crafting/gathering through mere time. Person B buys game late, the most beneficial for person B would be to wait until he had skilled a profession to a high enough power level that he would actually contribute, basicly playing the game AFK for the first 6 months, with the occasional login for some combat training and what not. Also I want to PvP in this game, but even I am going to go and level up gathering or crafting before im going to go combat, just because of how the system is time gated and it bears way more value for mye guild to have one gathering / crafting leveled up instead of going into combat and have 10% more power in a fight that probably will not come down to that power difference in the passive tree, but rather the gear we wear. Personally I hate time gated things in a game, its like an FB game, and my farm is built in 10 hours etc. I get the argument that people cant play all the time and they want to be viable, the thing I dont get is when you actually have some time off a day or two and you just wanna play CF, wouldnt it be neat to be able to level up your proffession by chopping trees. Instead you have to wait X days before you get to the next good part.
  7. Not new I have been in conversations before where I do disagree with VN and it seems like he is trolling. But I guess he is just really stubborn, he also knows what he wants, and I dont really blame someone for trying to push their points. Eventually people will get sick and tired it seems, and they even ignore some of the good points that was made. A bit sad.. because there are some really good points here that some people fail to see. Take the : Crowfall is not all about combat, no its not but it is nothing without combat in my eyes. What would you do.. craft leather and sell it on the market i.e harvest simulator and crafting. It would be farmsville. There is no throne war without a war, PvP.
  8. Right I get it, I just dont see the reason why people hack on the idea, it seems VN really really wants FF to happen. And the game was also advertised as one; "if there is a ruleset out there you(meaning us players) would like to try, we can do it". Thats what I got from one of their first videos when they mentioned all the worlds they would have and different rulesets. I didnt mean to get sucked into VNs vortex But he did argument good both here and in the passive training thread
  9. It doesnt need anything true, but the game was advertised as one. What I dont get is the immediate need to suddenly shut down VNs words here. I mean come on its an option he asks for that was advertised when he first backed the game. Ofcourse he wants to express his opinion about disliking that. If you buy into something that shows of as this and that and then you get half... well i know I wouldnt like it. Even if it doesnt work with the current powers there could be some alterations made I guess to make sure that the Dregs were to happen. Exactly nobody needs to join the Dregs.. but they can, if they want to .. seems like that is the main issue that people arent quite on par with you on.
  10. I completely agree with VN here! And I see most of those who are even for the passive training even say they dislike leveling. And since the obvious argument here is, well there is only a 10% increase then it hardly matters at all. A more fun system would be as VN proposed, where everything starts fresh every campaign, they can even take more daring choices with the passive system and add in things that might feel a bit more rewarding than the current stat increase as well. It would still work the same you would just reset every campaign. In my eyes it will add more fun and more mixing and fiddling around with potential "skill trees", will also prevent anyone from being everything after how many years in.
  11. Fair enough, but I see no reason to comment when their comes nothing constructive out of it. But each to their own.
  12. Im sorry VN but why do you care what they did ? Where you fightiing them as well ? Let them meddle its part of the game, if they wanna fight over who won the fight then let them, no need to go in and try to meddle along side with them.. seems a bit petty.
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