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  1. Its obvious the Devs fear The Presidents and their uber centaur skills. Its undeniable...
  2. If only development could speed up a tad...
  3. This kind of stuff never happened when Protonix, Solar, and I were Mods......
  4. Still looking for old guild mates we've lost touch with.
  5. www.thepresidents.co
  6. Hah ya! I knew when I started getting arthritis I was in for it. I'll hang up the mouse though when they pull it from my cold dead hands!
  7. I've had 3 since I played last
  8. Hey there bud longtime no see. Where's FatFarmerKeith at?
  9. Glad to have the community getting back together in all honesty. It feels like a reunion of sorts. Hopefully I can train my oldest how to PL my toons and farm so I can just PvP when I get online. I mean isn't that why we have chinchillas?
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