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  1. hi I have played AO still do but my opinion on original post 1. Arena is fine. perhaps to gain disciplines or an armor that looks a way you want. so agree 2. and are two different things I can see already that each CW has its own look,and goes through multiple seasons. I think this in the summer of the game will make exploring very valuable. EK are not CW they do not end ,and you like most players should be willing to compromise. The compromise is that people will have some resources outside of CW. Would you rather have safe zones?? Or perha
  2. Achiever 33% Since I usually explore to get the unlocks I was surprised was not higher. Explorer 80% Griefer/Killer 33% Will let people I find, that I could ambush, go on their merry way. Often pay for it later when they stab me in the back Socializer 53% Was still in the 75% compared to other crows. Apparently I enjoy exploring with friends. Perhaps that is usually why I play a class with a pet.
  3. to GW and RK In the past year we were subject to Data Gathering. I'm curious why you asked us which MMOS we compared to other MMOS,, and which MMO we compared closest to Crowfall. Will that data ever be released? and how does that change or not change your design philosophy for this game? to TC In games past did you frequently change or modify character abilities after release? How do you think those changes were handled by the players as a whole? Using one positive and one negative example.
  4. What I am asking is if we have a thread where we talk about in game sounds. For example in world of Tanks when you block a shot there is the sound effect of blocking a shot. In combat sound adds realism and can also be used to let you know if an ability triggered. Then there is also background music. Gw2 has music from Jeremy soule/sp. Sound often uses a considerable amount of memory use when playing. I just wanted to see if there was a thread where these topics were discussed.
  5. I looked in the search function for a music and background sound thread, If someone could point me in the right direction would be grateful. Thanks in advance
  6. Just want to make sure I shouldn't be looking for an email. I was a backer who upgraded to gold in the Halloween event. Still says Alpha 3 on my account page.
  7. For others who might have been having trouble with this. I was able to take the survey by opening the survey in an incognito window.
  8. I tried opening up the new link on page 5 of this thread. Still having problems answering How excited are you for Crowfall? This is preventing me from continuing. I have tried tabbing to where I could answer the question and that does not work either and just skips the question. How did you first hear about CrowfallTM? (select 1) I seek out new games (Google Search) Gaming Websites (IGN, GiantBomb) Crowdfunding Sites (Kickstarter, Indiegogo) Audio Media (Podcasts, Radio) Print Magazines (PcGamer, Game Inform
  9. This part of my survey did not work. How excited are you about CrowfallTM? Not Excited At All Extremely Excited 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Also the question before I put an answer in for Other: MMO
  10. In Crowfall your archetypes can get three disciplines. There are a lot of choices. Do you have any you would like to see in game that are not listed yet? My choice would be Weretigers. I have seen Werewolves and Werebears. How about Weretigers? Ability Pounce would give a first hit damage bonus and Cat Reflexes for a bonus to Dodge and making Dodge cost less resources. Interested to see if anyone has other ideas for Disciplines they would like to see in game.
  11. Reading this thread makes me wonder what some of you define as fun. I have played it multiple pvp mmos and in all have been at some time outnumbered. Those have been IMO some of my favorites. I recall an instance where in warhammer my group of twenty faced fifty plus. Using terrain(cemetary)and collision detection we were able to survive for a long time. Was very fun and great seeing the forum threads calling the tanks OP. If the thread was started because they worried guilds would Uncle Bob then isn't the game design directly challenge that?
  12. Architecture wise if buffs are made to have a guild >group>distance prioritization determiner on who gains buff then it is easier for the program to always be searching for the same avatars/accounts. As for convenience guild chat is less meaningful then group chat and voice chat.
  13. Will archtypes have planned counters? For example If one archtypes had lots of control attacks it's counter would have same number of control breaks or removal.
  14. I like the idea of "Downed State" The time in this state can help discourage people from killing themselves to fast travel. People opposed may say why don't we just put the same length timer on death ,but now it gives purpose opposed to just a long timer.
  15. To flesh it out perhaps the "necromancer" debuffs the enemies and makes them weaker to the Hunger. Sensing the weakness the Hunger sends Hunger controlled beast at the debuffed target using the "necromancer" as a focal point. More Lore intuitive but a similar feel to the OP?
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