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  1. Very impressive looking so far, as always, loving the art styel. A couple ideas for attackers or defenders........any chance Assassins could have some form of grappling hook ability allowing them to scale the walls, as well as an ability that allows for sabotaging siege weapons under construction? Conversely, Confessors could potentially have an ability that does decent damage to siege equipment as well as the walls? I really like the idea of boiling oil, would like to see this expanded upon, what about something similar to the fire used in the Battle for Blackwater?
  2. I like how certain types are vulnerable to certain damages, hopefully the damage types stay diverse.
  3. Holding out for the Frostweaver Templer or Duelist
  4. Really like the winner and the Octopus, both of them look really good.
  5. Really like how you can centralize your information in the bottom center of your screen, I'm one of those players that wants all my UI elements in that location. UI changes and art looks really good, keep it up.
  6. Awesome video lol. Tattoos, lots of cursing, and at least one person vapes? My kind of people
  7. Lofty goals, very pleased to see retention and interdependence is important.........whether it can be pulled off remains to be seen but this is a good sign.
  8. I think in there current state, yes they are dead, but I strongly feel Crowfall will be one of the new leaders when it launches, I may be wrong but this is the horse I have chosen to back and follow and am putting my MMO hopes on.
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