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  1. Is there some post requirement to change our member title? I wouldn't be mad if it was something like after 100 posts or 10-100 likes, but it'd be nice to know.
  2. From what Tim has said, the timer is a countdown to the presentation of the full game. Beta will supposedly come before the timer reaches 0. In the mean time, they will hint to what the game is, and we will stab at it with wild ideas.
  3. So when can we expect the flying rhinocerosthat you totally promised
  4. From what features they have revealed, which is none, I can confidently tell you I don't know. What I do know is I can guess. My guess is this won't be the most beautiful game you've ever seen, but it will be more gameplay oriented. But again, we have literally no idea.
  5. You must be prowd of that new rig you built. Why not post the specs here? It's in my signature obviously, but just in case: AMD FX-8320 @ 4.5Ghz -- Radeon HD 7870 2GB -- 8GB 1600Mhz RAM
  6. I think I deleted mine ;-; I guess I have to wait.
  7. Maybe a specific server or setting toggled would enable this, but forcing this would probably scare away a good amount of people.
  8. http://imgur.com/D4WmCYd I don't know how I did it, but I managed to sneak in the game and get some super cool screenshots of high-tier armor! Notice the professional colors of a quality MMO! The look of the character really says it all.
  9. I think along with plenty of options, we don't just get them offered to us directly. We should either work to buy them from people who make equipment or learn to make it ourselves. Make this game a game about self-sufficiency and relying on the community to support each other.
  10. The only reason to introduce a cash shop at this point would be to not have to pay monthly fees. If this ends up being a p2p game, then definitely no cash shop.
  11. Maybe a classless system with options to be proficient in non-combat skills, like smithing or gathering, and being less proficient in combat-related things. Have a dynamic skill tree that evolves with every choice, bringing in new possible skills that cater directly to your specific skill set.
  12. Excited for the Future.

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