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  1. You can blame us for the Cheese memes in the livestream today It was a good time but we realized we still need Harvesters. Come join us in the glorious action of hitting a motherload!
  2. My problem with it is that in one place it sas it affects the basic crafting, in another it says it affects all crafting
  3. I've seen the stat crafting basics both on a few items and in the skill tree. Within the skill tree it says that it affects something when crafting a basic crafting item. However, if you look at the stat itself it says that "Crafting Basics" is an increase to all types of crafting. I'd suggest changing either that stat or the skills in order to clear up any confusion.
  4. The dummies in the beachhead now all have half HP. I'd suggest changing that to full/half/Almost dead. That way people can try out the damage differecne they get with high/low health modifiers they may have.
  5. Right now in 5.4 it feels as if, atleast for people like me who are crafting/harvesting, you have nothing to do for the first couple of days when you're waiting for your skills to get high enough so you can do the content you want. And this is with a higher training speed. My suggestion is a global time back feature. It would work similar to the regular time bank for each category with 2 big diferences. The first being that the time stored in this time bank can be used for any skills, not limited to the category it is in. The other is that it can't actually be trained like a normal tree, instead new players would be granted time here so they could get to whatever content they wish to play faster. Maybe not right away, but maybe after a day or something like that. Increasing the time you get when you start can also work as a catch-up mechanic for new players just getting into the game. Other uses for the Global Time Bank could be as a compensation to players should something go wrong. For example, imagine that all servers went down for a whole day and every player lost a days worth of skill training. Sure, ideally you don't want this to happen but it could still happen. By using the Global Time Bank, you could give all the players a days worth of skill training. Sure this would not be as much as the 3 days worth they lost (1 per category, 6 total if they're VIP) but I'm sure most players wouldn't be as angry with you for the servers going down.
  7. The only way I can see which god you fight for influence your archetype would be visual alterations. (Frostweaver / Flameweaver. Their skills do the exact same thing, but look different) Otherwise everyone would just pick the god that's strongest with their preferred archetype. Then it's less of a "Which team should I fight for?" and more "How do I become as strong as possible?". This could work for FFA or Guild v Guild. But not for Gods v Gods or Order v Balance v Chaos. And besides, how would that fit into the "PACK ANIMAL REVAMP!" reveal that's bound to be what this is about?
  9. You craft disciplines. You need materials to craft them. How do you transport materials? PACK ANIMAL REVAMP CONFIRMED!
  10. Yeah, the most plausible one too me, seems to be all archetypes release + campain tests. I'll still stick to my Pack Animal Revamp theory though!
  11. Atleast I was correct about predicting Forgemaster today. And while I was wrong about them showing Animals, They are showing off material nodes and weapons (Which is made from materials.) And how do we transport these..? PACK ANIMAL REVAMP CONFIRMED
  12. Calling it now: Todays reveal will be an Image of the Forgemaster, with lore to go along with it, referencing no gods, but rather referencing one or more animals. Like pack animals for example.
  13. @Pann Has anyone gotten remotely close in either of the threads? And why is it Pack Animal Revamp?
  14. Yo, Maybe they'll introduce the first start to campains, with seasons and all that.
  15. Both Stalkers and Frostweavers use pack animals. The post before the first one about the big reveal had a pack animal on it. PACK ANIMAL REVAMP CONFIRMED
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