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  1. I figured it out. It was both on my end and the game, I guess. The chroma app integration with my Razer Huntsman. Every time I used an ability, the feedback sent from the game to the app for the fancy RGB nonsense caused a hitch. I disabled it and I don't have the hitch anymore. How that should even be an issue given the partnership is mind-blowing, but I'm glad it had a remedy. I still find performance sub-par, but at least I'm not experiencing a game-breaking performance issue anymore (at this time).
  2. I'm trying to troubleshoot it, Mr. Game Is Perfect And I Don't Know Who Mandalore Is. But just the fact that this issue can exist with the specs of my PC and having to do a deep dive into troubleshooting with the game being a month out is troubling.
  3. On the surface I agree. My concern, however, is that a game like this touting large-scale PvP and siege warfare requires a consistent pool of players for those aspects of the game to be sustainable and thrive. If the game stumbles out of the gate, can those facets of the game be engaging and recover, or will that cause it to bleed-out quicker than it can be bandaged? Edit: The issue causing the hitch was the chroma app integration with my Razer Huntsman keyboard. Any time an ability was used, the game would send RGB lighting info to the keyboard, causing a game-breaking obnoxious hitch. I disabled the chroma app integration and the problem is resolved for me.
  4. I can't even use an ability without a screen hitch with no one else around. As a "fairweather" tester for years who jumps in and out for little snippets at a time, I feel like performance just isn't gonna cut it for what we're looking at this game for. I survived sb.exe, but I'm older with a lot less patience for performance issues that plague my free time when I'm not having to adult. At this day and age, I prefer consistent and stable PvP over having to have the hardcore moniker attached to it. Feels like it's gonna be crush to play over play to crush. Unfortunately I just can't be optimistic here. Hopefully I can be proven wrong.
  5. Yep, four rows and the keys are all "mecha-membrane", as Razer likes to call it. They're not full on mechanical but they feel a hell of a lot better than the G13 keys do. What made me pull the trigger on it is that it has the old Nostromo thumb control instead of that round volume dial looking knob on all the others.
  6. Exactly. I used a Logitech G13 for a few years, but just replaced it with a Razer Tartarus V2 that recently came out. Main differences between the Nostromo you posted and the new Tartarus V2 is an extra row of (5) keys and built in wrist pad.
  7. As a former of AoF/LoS, I revisit your history page from time to time for the feels.
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