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  1. Just now, Frykka said:

    I am still on my N52te Belkin...  the black keys are worn to pearly white from my mashing.   V2 sounds great. 4 rows?


    Yep, four rows and the keys are all "mecha-membrane", as Razer likes to call it. They're not full on mechanical but they feel a hell of a lot better than the G13 keys do. What made me pull the trigger on it is that it has the old Nostromo thumb control instead of that round volume dial looking knob on all the others.

  2. 17 hours ago, Frykka said:


    Fixt by this...  we haven't used ground clicking since Shadowbane



    Exactly. I used a Logitech G13 for a few years, but just replaced it with a Razer Tartarus V2 that recently came out. Main differences between the Nostromo you posted and the new Tartarus V2 is an extra row of (5) keys and built in wrist pad.


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