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    Nevron reacted to Jah in Some Shadowbane reminiscing...   
    WMD was in the desert on Entropy. I remember fighting against them as they were clearing it out. I showed up to help 13th Legion with a defensive bane against WMD in the desert and was warned there would be repercussions. WMD kept that promise!
    EDIT: Searched around and found a screenshot of the Entropy map.

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    Nevron got a reaction from Armegeddon in [-W-] Winterblades   
    As a former of AoF/LoS, I revisit your history page from time to time for the feels.
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    Nevron reacted to Jah in Eternal Kingdoms as Campaign Marketplaces   
    The point of the siege window is to give people a chance to fight to defend their assets. Without a siege window people tend to destroy assets while the owners are asleep. or otherwise unable to play. It is enough for the structures to be protected, it is not necessary to also make bases into safezones where people don't have to worry about PvP.
    This mechanic is familiar to anyone who played Shadowbane and it works.
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    Nevron reacted to Stormcrow in Funniest Rage Ever   
    Heh.  Kill Cult won Deception server before anyone even knew it.  It took gold hackers and an inside betrayal to take us down, not the 10 guilds 10x our size to do it.
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