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  1. Agree with some others, if they were more typical dwarvish I'd consider playing as cleric (one class I'll likely focus) but not this current iteration.
  2. With how many websites choose bright white and how many games seem to consistently choose the worst option for so many design decisions. No, they do not learn.
  3. Much? No. A little bit easier? Yes. Tapping a key every x number of seconds can feel better over a longer period of time then holding a key down for quite a few seconds out of every slightly more seconds. I could live with holding F down but I'd prefer the less pain option.
  4. I also agree with a toggled F for gathering. I've already had two injections of cortisone into each wrist, let's not make it worse. Thanks.
  5. Guild criteria: Region: NA (East) Atmosphere: Relaxed, maybe more serious for launch. Casual/Hardcore?: Anything sounds good for alpha. Size: Also doesn't matter but preferably some guild that has at least a few people running around during the tests. Play-Style: Healer/Support/Caster/etc.; Druid and Confessor are already locks for my VIP account, not sure about third but Ranger/Stalker/Frosty would be likely. PvP Commitment: (Game) I was on the fence for a while but I'm confident I'll be playing now that I've seen how the game's coming along. (Guild) You never know how a guild is before you join but hopefully it works out as I don't like hopping around. Experience: Relevant exp. would probably be generally active in various MMOs since 2005. Including WoW, AoC, Tera, BDO, DAoC. Also lots of minecraft, CSGO, CSS, planetside 2, APB:R. Voice-Chat services: Any. TS3 is probably my favorite though. Alternatively, I'm open to just some group that wants to play the tests.
  6. A lot of MMOs get into the over-complicating, useless BS. keep it simple stupid
  7. The issue is the weapon/armor skills trained in the general section will not be optimal for certain archetypes.
  8. Want to remain competitive on multiple archetypes? Better buy multiple accounts.
  9. I foresee a large factor for myself being what kind of guild I end up in. If Man Up were to play then I definitely need alt accounts. A small or medium sized guild and it will be rather helpful as well. Maybe 1 vip and 1 normie account. A large guild? Maybe you can get away with a single account. I'd pay $15 a month for a VIP exclusive tbag animation.
  10. Three characters. 1A/1G, each
  11. 3A/3G vs. 3A/1G is a big difference.
  12. Making VIP almost useless. Why are you spamming this thread?
  13. Sounds like the unnecessary vessel system is having unintended consequences... Not too late to drop it. Also reorganize the skill trees, thanks.
  14. Don't worry about it. I strictly play casters/healers, ever since I switched to a SPriest in WoW in 2006. So Druid and Fessor are ideal for me. Frosty might be? I could play Ranger/Stalker on the side.
  15. I like the zoning/aoe cc ideas. I was probably going to drop this AT if it went too melee but if it holds onto to some nice mid range focused aoe cc I might have to play it after all.
  16. It's a real shame that even if you only care about combat and want to play multiple ATs, it's miles better to go separate accounts then VIP. Reassuring they are looking for input and plan to address it though.
  17. MMOs definitely provide too much information. Health bars, guild tags, name tags, chat boxes, grouping systems, guilds, etc. are all useless.
  18. I imagine real campaigns will have yuuuger maps which might alleviate your concerns some. I would like more variety as well too though, especially vertically.
  19. Combat Principles. Druid Proficiency. Two of Stalker/Frosty/Fessor/Ranger Proficiency.
  20. I think fine tuning the skills, the server, performance, etc. will help nicely. I'm a little bummed they dropped animation locks but Blair said in threads before he wasn't interested in increasing animations speed. That attitude alone was destined to kill animation locks. I was playing the last test, two weekends ago. Druid felt pretty good honestly and Ranger was awful. I can't see myself really testing on any other classes than Druid/Fessor/Frosty/Ranger/Stalker unless a friend asks me to. I'd say the Druid's skills felt at about the speed of Tera with 0% attack speed or slightly slower. With increased performance I would considerate it playable (but inferior) as I considered WS, BDO, etc.
  21. No I'm not, Tera isn't even close to Twitch. I'm asking for a small increase in animation speeds. That's one of the biggest drawbacks many MMOs have. DBZ was 99.999% talking, a game comparison would be a VN.
  22. I don't give one poorly made socks about 1v1 but I want the combat to have faster animations. I don't see the appeal in having combat with such a low skill ceiling. And I'm not asking for esport/twitch/fighting game level speed. It feels slower than low level Tera and I'd like to see it closer to max level Tera. custard, I'd be cool with them implementing animation (attack) speed increases into the skill tree. Or by increasing it by 5/10% at a time to see how it plays. The combat speed is going to turn people away.
  23. I still want the animations sped up. Actually, I noticed on a r/mmorpg thread that JG posted about Templar videos several people commenting how the combat looks like it is in slowmo. Yep, not good to have people falling asleep during one attack. Wouldn't mind them spreading the combos out a bit either.
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