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  1. Ya, I had one with the little Pippy Longstockings tails sticking up. What made it more fun was when you made a kill, being destroyed by a little girl made people even more emotional about it. Looks like you are already well on your way to playing a female. Nice avatar!
  2. Female Dwarve Rogues were pretty funny in Wow. They were tiny and would make little yelps when someone hit them. When you equipped a pair of swords with them, they looked even more ridiculous. I suspect the Duelist will have a similar effect.
  3. I'm totally into 1-3, however 4 could get us Assassins into the fast nerf gun sites.
  4. The wings does offer a new take on "Death from above." I'm looking forward to what they are going to do with this. It's different. I wonder what the range will be and whether we will even need horse mounts.
  5. Hello all, Even though its very early and its sketchy what the combat system will look like, I wanted to get some feedback on what you all think an assassins role will be in combat. To me the obvious answer is you sneak up to someone and do a high amount of damage to kill them quickly. But what is their role in larger scale battles? Is it possible to maintain an element of surprise during the heightened awareness after a conflict has occured? In my opinion, WOW did a terrible job of translating a rogue to PVE and with PVP it could also be improved. I recall the extremely gimmicky lock picking in a few instances. In Wow PVE, you simply snuck up, got behind your target and waiting for your entire raiding party to assemble and pull the mobs or boss while you waited in the shadows to attack. What if they added moral as a game mechanic to mobs? In Wow, most mobs will fight to the death regardless of the odds. There were a few instances where a mob might run away and alert others when the going got rough, but this was rare. If they added moral to more intelligent mobs, low moral might cause the group to fight less effectively or even flee, then perhaps the value of an assassin would be to sneak into a group, kill off their leader. If the mobs flees, in a sense this would be like AOE. Another use would be for an assassin to scout for a party, identify the main targets, assess weaknesses of defenses, then report back to the party. The data may be used to add modifiers or identify unknown targets for a more focussed attack. Going against their namesake, assassins might also be used to rescue hostages, surgically kill a few of their captors, and get out. Another use might be sabotage, where the assassin sneaks behind enemy lines and destroys ammunition, equipment, or food stores, even horses. They might even try to poison food stores as well.
  6. whisperblade

    AOE skills

    Assassins should be very good at burst mode 1 on 1 combat. Although I would love a strong AOE, I think this would make the class OP. I can see some CC. Always wanted to see a nice blinding flash bang that would temporarily incapacitate and allow the assassin to meld back into the shadows. I would love to have a system for assassins that rogues once had back in the vanilla days of WOW, when you could specc a rogue to be a swashbuckler with less burst but fun things like riposte/evasion/counter strike and wield two swords, or a burst DPS dagger wielding rogue.
  7. Congrats to us all, from the people making this game and the community supporting it.
  8. I think it was there for a dramatic effect. After seeing the season finally of Game of Thrones, I don't blame them.
  9. I assume as main characters, we will be immune to the Hunger. From the videos I have seen, all animals, including us, can come under its influence. There is reference in the Templar store of her mother falling ill, perhaps it was due to the Hunger? From the description of the Confessor, the church believes that it is a sign of those who have sinned. So why are some immune to it while others are prone to it? I am guessing we won't know till much later.
  10. I have played healer, tank, dps and out of all of these in challenging fights, I find healing is the most stressful. I like how they are trying to be different. I agree with some of the observations people have suggested, that healing is going to be minimized and you won't see the massive heals in games like WOW.
  11. Got my small condo sized keep. I figure I might do some castle flipping and play the stock market before the Hunger does a number on my beach front properties.
  12. That would be my preference too, but only if there weren't going to be one-shot killing blows from 100% health down to 0%.
  13. There has been some discussion on how long a fight should be and also the topic of "one shotting" someone. In older versions of Call of Duty, you could put points into a skill that when someone delivered a killing blow to you, you had a fraction of a second to attack back. I think in Call of Duty this worked out well because you could draw a pistol out and one shot a person with something like a 44 magnum. I'm not sure how it would work in this game, but if the game is going to allow for "one shot" kills, this could be a remedy for it. Its awful getting killed when you either have no time to react to the attack, or are CC and watch your self die. Adding a fraction of a second to attempt one final desperate stab/swing or let lose an arrow or spell before you go down might help if the above is the case. What do you guys think? A lot of this is speculation of course, so I think there will be a lot of right answers here.
  14. One challenge if the devs go finite arrows or other throwing munitions like axes or daggers, will be number of hits for a kill. In real life one well placed arrow could kill you. But in most MMO it takes many arrows to get you down in health to kill you. So if they follow what other MMOs have done, archers will need many more arrows to carry and also make after they run out to conduct a battle. I'm fine with finite resources as long as its consistent across all classes. Will spells require resources? Will melee attacks burn more energy requiring more food? Ya UO was harsh, but when you know you can lose stuff, it does make things more exhilarating. The more you could lose, the greater the feeling of winning.
  15. I rank the Mad Max series from best to worst this way... #1 Road Warrior #2 Mad Max #3 Fury Road #3 Thunder Dome Last place tie for both Fury Road and Thunder Dome. Fury Road ... + amazing action, best action and stunts/cgi (none of the other mad max had it), great cinematography. + most creative use of cars and killing instruments - bad script, no memorable lines ... sure the other movies had limited dialog but what was there was creative. - bad character development - I found myself not caring about any of the characters. We don't know anything about any of the characters other than Max but that was from the prior movies. - poor "love/crush" story that was completely unconvincing and derailed more violence which the movie was good at. spoiler alert... -incoherent time line ... this was supposed to be after Mad Max. His V8 Interceptor is destroyed but it appears and is destroyed again in The Road Warrior. He also apparently got his dog "dog" between Mad Max and Road Warrior. -sound track in Road Warrior was better I was so looking forward to this movie. Glad the series came back. Hopefully next one will get back some of what we saw in the earlier ones and continue with the great action this one had.
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