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  1. The current testing windows are tough for me. I work full time on a FX trading desk. I have a nine month old daughter and a wife. I try my best to participate in scheduled tests in the evening when possible but testing a pre-alpha video game is not a priority in my life. When I get home from work between 6:00PM to 7:00PM EST I want to spend some time with my family, eat dinner, put my daughter to bed...you know do life. If testing can fit in and around these other things then I jump on and test. I backed the game because I love the idea and I want to see the game succeed. Being able to test the game early was just a bonus. Besides all of the above reasons, the game is still very much un-testable to me in its current state with my current hardware. Since ACE removed the option of LOW gfx settings (and whatever other changes they made around this time), doing anything in game other than staying on the complete periphery of all the action is impossible. The game will improve over time, the servers will become persistent or semi-persistent, my hardware will also improve at some point and it will then make sense for me to put more effort into testing. Lopar The Cult
  2. It was never stated that you could play in three CW with three different characters on one account. There has always been the possibility that CW would be locked to the account level regardless of the number of characters you have. At least that is how I understood it to be. Lopar The Cult
  3. I wan to see combat like this... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2t1WAJaOwZ8 and https://youtu.be/90a6RbSF5xk?t=605 The second video is long but I started it a point where one team was down to 20 spawn tokens and the other team had 0 but the two players were able to outplay the other three players and eventually get the win. This shows moves, counter moves, positioning, friendly fire, and coordinating both offensive and defensive combos. It's not 100% applicable to Crowfall because it is a MOBA and there are no classes but the combat is fantastic and I would love to see some of these concepts adopted in Crowfall's combat. TTK can be from 10 seconds to 10 minutes depending on the skill of the players involved in the conflict. Lopar The Cult
  4. Yomi is about reading your opponent and also "knowing" what they will do before they do it. The concept fits really well into games where there are clearly defined outcomes based on the choice of the two players. For example: Layer 1 Player A believes Player B will use ability X. Ability Y beats Ability X. So Player A uses ability Y. Layer 2 Player B knows Player A is going to use Ability Y because he believes he is going to use Ability X. So player B instead uses Ability Z which beats Ability Y. This can go deeper and deeper depending on the available information and the skill level of the two players. Yomi in rock, paper, scissors is limited because every option is functionally the same and you are basically guessing based on perceived patterns of your opponent. In competitive games like Street Fighter, StarCraft, M:WW, Counterstrike, etc you have much more information to work with. There are tells you can look for and many reasons your opponent may choose one option over another in a particular situation. You need a combat system where each basic type of move has a counter move and a way to clearly communicate to the players all this information in such a way that they can choose what they feel are the most optimal actions for any given “combat round.” Once you have this system of moves and counter moves in place the layers of Yomi can develop around this core system. All Archetypes do not need the same options but they need functionally equivalent options for each of the basic types of abilities or powers. I imagine it is much more difficult to develop this type of balanced system in an MMO than it would be in a fighting game, MOBA or RTS due to the complexity and diversity of the core move types, but I trust ACE's ability to create a deep and evolving combat system. Lopar The Cult
  5. If my high school football team plays the New England Patriots they are going to lose 100% of the time. This is because every single player and coach on the New England Patriots team is more skilled and better equipped to play/coach the game of football than anyone on my high school team. The gap between these two teams is too much for any amount of real life randomness to overcome. if you made scoring a touchdown randomly worth between 1 and 100,000,000 points then there is a chance that my high school team could somehow score and get 100,000,000 points while New England scores multiple times but still loses to the less skillful team due to RNG. Bobby Fischer would never lose to me in a chess match. He is more skilled than I am and will beat me 10,000 times out of 10,000. The pieces on a chess board always move in the same way. His skill will allow him to always come up with a combination of moves to over come my combinations of moves. If there was a small percent chance of moving in an unintended way then maybe I could beat Bobby Fischer but that can not happen in chess. If you want to move a Knight up two over one it will always happen...you do not have to worry about it randomly moving left three because of a RNG. This is what we are talking about in Crowfall. You should win or lose based on how well you utilize the powers and abilities at your disposal. The greater chance a win or loss is the result of an unexpected or unaccountable event; the less likely personal skill can be used to predict the outcome of any given player encounter. A game with RNG can still take skill, it just may not always require skill to win. Lopar The Cult
  6. What would be random is if Sampras missed 8 serves in a row through no fault of his own to lose the final game of the match. He serves the same way he always has and the ball just does not land in the court. That is what RNG is like in an MMO. I hit my "sword attack" button and it misses because of the RNG and not because I aimed in the wrong spot or my opponent dodged. Another example is I use my fire ability 1 and it has a reasonable base damage with a low probability to crit for 5x. I get in a fight and win because I crit three times in a row. This is RNG and is not really skillful. It is just lucky for me and unlucky for my opponent. I think the argument against RNG is that everyone should know what to expect when using or getting hit by an ability. Ability A should do X damage that is modified +/- based on the targets resistances. That is predictable and can be accounted for on both sides. RNG just adds an artificial randomness to combat that many people feel detracts from skillful play. Lopar The Cult
  7. I really like your breakdown of the measurements of skill. While all seven are important I feel that the actions-per-minute, accuracy, and special awareness are the most important and that a game which rewards those who excel in these areas creates the most opportunity for skillful play. Allowing friendly fire is a great way to penalize poor play and as a result reward skillful players. Giving players the ability to react to and counter enemy offense is a great way to punish poor play and reward skillful play. Also giving players the tools to be more effective if they use complementary abilities with team mates increases depth and rewards skill. I believe punishing poor play should be just as much a priority as creating systems that reward skillful play. I play a game called Magicka: Wizard Wars. I guess you would consider it a MOBA, although it is pretty different from LOL or DOTA2. You have to cast spells using combinations of elements. The faster you can accurately combine these elements to create the most efficient attacks and defenses (depending on what your enemy is doing) the more success you will have in combat. There is friendly fire so you have to be aware of what is going on and be accurate with your attacks and healing. You will be severely punished for using the wrong spells at the wrong time. An exceptional player can kill a lesser player in just a few seconds but two great players (or two really bad ones) might survive each other for minutes. While the learning curve is pretty steep the game is pure fun and one of the most "skillful" games I have played. It is amazing to watch the best players in this game and what they are capable of pulling off. Although two totally different types of games I would love to see Crowfall, or any MMO really, implement some of the combat and spell mechanics from Magicka: Wizard Wars. Lopar The Cult
  8. Crowfall could definitely use animation frames to divide moves into phases, just like fighting games, and allow various inputs during each of the phases. Maybe, most moves could be canceled during the start up frames by walking or using another higher priority move. The cost would be time and the resource needed to "cast" the ability. You can "aim" the hurtbox of your character during a moves active frames but are not able to cancel the ability by walking or jumping etc.The recovery phase would allow full movement but obviously you are unable activate another move until fully recovered. This is just very basic examples but it could add alot of depth to combat by allowing meaningful offensive and defensive options without totally locking up your character everytime you press a button. Lopar The Cult
  9. I am pretty sure I will main a Confessor but I definitely looking forward to playing a Duelist and probably a Champion or Stalker. Hard not to love bloodthirsty murdering deers.... Lopar The Cult
  10. I forward to in-depth character building and team PvP that will be integral to success in Crowfall. I loved the unique character classes and playstyle of Shadowbane and have been waiting for another game to recapture some of that old magic. It is an exciting time. Also an MMO with definitive winners and losers will be really intriguing to watch playout. Lopar The Cult
  11. Anyone else playing Magicka: Wizard Wars? It's alot of fun, but there is a pretty steep learning curve in both spell combinations and the execution required to pull off the combinations. It is free to play on Steam and all about PvP...dueling, team deathmatches, and team battlegrounds (Wizard Warfare). You should check it out if you are looking for something different. Lopar The Cult
  12. After reading the Lore for Frostweaver, especially the line "You are so alive, so full of warmth. Surely you can spare some for me?", that this may be Crowfall's version of a Necromancer. It is not much to go own but maybe this archetype can leech Warmth (aka life) and they definitely have an affinity to Cold (aka death) as well as the Hunger maybe? The Hunger looks like it is slowly turns things into Undead. It all sounds very necro'ish to me...but who knows. Lopar The Cult
  13. Hum...I don't know...maybe the 33 million people who regularly watch other people stream games on Twitch. Link to stats: https://www.quantcast.com/twitch.tv Because you do not care to watch does not mean it is irrelevant. I watched the Crowfall stream (aka multi-team arena matches) last night and it was great. Putting arenas in Crowfall does not make it a MOBA. It does not destroy the rest of the game or make conquests and open world PvP mediocre by default. It is a slim possibility I guess, but a well done arena system is not mutually exclusive to a great experience within a Crowfall campaign world. It's all PVP you're just changing the box. It's like arguing ACE must NOT develop training dummies for EK guild garrisons because it will make newbie MOBs in the campaign world pointless. Will it? We all can speculate but none of us know for sure. Just like most of our arguments here this is all pure conjecture with no basis in fact. I told myself I was done posting in this thread as I feel the discussion is devolving into something no longer constructive, but I guess I'm just a glutton for punishment. =) Lopar The Cult
  14. I understand where you are coming from in regards to the opportunity cost of investing in one aspect of the game taking away resources from another area of importance, but it seems many of the basic functions for arena matches currently exist with the Hunger Dome. The few exceptions would be a ranking system, the ability to match up teams based on rank, and a spectator mode. Obviously I have no idea how much effort it would take to develop those systems but I guess we can just agree to disagree on this one. Lopar The Cult
  15. Adding an arena match system to Crowfall is not ACE trying to compete with LOL or any other MOBA. it is simply another game format for players to experience and compete within. Players have been looking for dueling and arena experiences in MMO's from about the very beginning. I remember in Ultima Online we used to create our own arena area with chests or tables and let people or teams fight it out inside the ring. The same thing can be said for every other MMO I have played. In Shadowbane. R30s or Burning Legion (can't remember what we were at the time) created an arena out of city walls so we could have single and group pvp and players could watch from above on the walls. I am sure there will be structures within the EKs that can be built and used for fighting but I do not see why ACE would not support the player base interested in this type of play with match making, small scale arena maps, and spectator modes. Lopar The Cult
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