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    intiorized got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Darf man seinen Alpha Account mit anderen teilen?   
    8. Obligations of the user
    Accounts may not be sold, traded, gifted or otherwise transferred at any time under any circumstances unless explicitly authorized by TRAVIAN GAMES. A user may not share its account(s). A user may not disclose its password to anyone else.
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    intiorized got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Pre-Alpha 3   
    Man kann Aki nur beipflichten. Schau´ in der Community vorbei und probier mal das Gruppenspiel. Ist um einiges interessanter und motivierender, wenn man gemeinsam Rohstoffe farmt.
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    intiorized got a reaction from Chrissy The Blesser in Holiday e-cards from the Crows - Official discussion thread   
    Happy Holidays and all the best for 2017 from Vienna.
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    intiorized got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Holiday e-cards from the Crows - Official discussion thread   
    Happy Holidays and all the best for 2017 from Vienna.
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    intiorized got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Fri, Dec 16 – Sun, Dec 18 - Bugs, anomalies and tech issues FEEDBACK   
    1. Ranger: Forest Step (1) was not working. I tried to (un)equip my daggers, log in and log out with daggers (un)equipped. By pressing "1" my ranger switched from dagger to bow, back to dagger without executing the skill. By holding "1" the interface just showed the combo, but the ranger was not blinking in any way. 
    Ranger: Disengage is not working properly. Although the ranger is rolling back he does not switch to the bow
    Ranger: With a bit of training, shooting arrows becomes more and more fun. Although the hitboxes are pretty small in comparison to the melee classes (as Tinnis mentioned above) i get more and more used to aim in front of the target, hitting it more often. Besides that, the standard bow skill lacks feedback when releasing
    2. Inventory: As my inventory was nearly full, i right clicked on my leather chest to switch it with my equipped basic chest. The basic chest then disappeared. 
     Inventory: The "take bug" seems to happen not that often while having crafting potions activated. I crafted a full leather set with all the "optionals" and all crafting potions activated and never experienced this bug. As the potions expired I had it three times in a row. May have been a coincidence. 
    3. Client crashed twice, once i just saw a black screen. I was not able to open my task manager or to kill the process in any other way. Although TeamSpeak was working properly in the background I had to restart my Computer. 
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    intiorized got a reaction from EjoFink in deutsche community?   
    Willkommen in Crowfall!
    schau´ vorbei. TeamSpeak ist vorhanden und va. abends ist immer was los. 
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    intiorized reacted to Fantastikon in New Player Guide   
    (This is also posted in the Pre-Alpha 3.0 – General Discussion forum. I wouldn't normally double-post, but Gordon/Tyrant suggested it, so here we go!)

    New players are streaming into Crowfall, and since the first experience can be quite daunting, I wanted to put something down that might make those first hours in the game a bit easier. Because I want players to like the experience and stay in the game! (So that we can fight later on! And I can loot your apples! No, just kidding, I meant to make up for killing some of you the other night!)

    I will assume here that you are on one of the PvP servers, where the main danger is other players. You can do some exploring and basic crafting on the PvE server, but the good stuff, and the action, is on PvP. I will comment on how you can use them in tandem further down in the guide.

    Do this first

    When you first spawn in a PvP world, you'll be in a graveyard. That's a dangerous place to be, and you'll be naked and unarmed, so for a while, you'll have to play the survival game. Run away from there, and avoid any player you see, until you are in a lonely spot. The center of the map is around 1500, 1500, and the edges of the map are sometimes quieter, so go for that. When you run, you can sprint by holding down Shift, but this drains stamina, so you might want to save that until you need to get away from someone.

    Now you need basic weapons, and for that you need tools. Chop down some trees and pick up everything that drops. Look and listen to make sure that you are still alone.

    When you have a bunch of wood, twenty or so, go into the crafting menu, hotkey J. Open Basic Crafting and select Basic Harvesting tools. Put in wood, wood, wood and click through until you have a rune in your inventory.

    Close the crafting and open inventory, hotkey I. Equip the Runestone Hammer you made by right-clicking it. Now you can harvest stone!

    Harvest the nearest boulders until you have some stone, say around 15 or a little more (to account for failures). Keep checking your surroundings, using eyes and ears, to make sure you are still alone. Run if people are approaching!

    Go into crafting again. Under Basic Crafting, go to Basic Weapons and make the weapons you need (and shield and arrows if you need them). Make and equip them.

    Check your food meter, the chicken legs in the upper left corner. It's probably run down a bit, so eat any apples you got from the trees. It's not good to be much under 7 (of 10). You can chop more trees for more apples.

    Now you're armed and (maybe not that) dangerous!

    Decide what you want to do now! Probably either trying out combat, crafting better gear, or just checking out the world.

    For trying out combat, be ready to die a lot, at least if you are running solo. Best is to get into the mindset of dying, and to make that hurt less, try not to have much in your bags that you don't want to lose, because your killers will loot your bags! In my opinion, getting into fights and mostly dying was a lot of fun in the first hours of playtesting, at least when I didn't loose something too valuable. And sometimes you will win, and that's exhilarating!

    For checking out the world, try to still be ready to die! People will manage to jump you now and then, and they'll probably loot your bags, so again, don't have anything in them that you aren't ready to lose! But do it anyway, because the world is really pretty (even if the edges of the map just look out over a white nothing)!

    If you want to craft, I really, really urge you to start playing with other people, because in a group of only three or so, you are sooo much more likely to survive and thus keep all the materials you harvest!

    I won't tell you everything, because it's fun to explore the crafting menu and figure things out, but I'll tell you a few things straight away!

    First, make a Runestone Pick, to gather metal ore! It's the same Basic Harvesting tools, but this time, you put in wood, wood, stone. Make and equip the Pick!

    Then, get potions! For this stage of playtesting, there are craftable potions (under Alchemy) that simulate higher skill levels. Make a bunch of harvesting potions, to gather the materials you need faster!

    Find an ore node, preferably copper or iron, because those are the lowest level ores, and easiest to harvest with basic tools. Harvest until you have two or more, and then make a Plentiful Harvest potion. Drink it (right-click in inventory) and then keep harvesting ore and making a few other harvesting potions (I won't tell you exactly which one, you'll have to figure that out, because that's fun!).

    Then, figure out what materials you need for what you want to make (probably some weapons and armor that are not the Basic ones), and go find them! Check the timers on the potions and go about it in a way that seems smart to you.

    And survive! Check your surroundings, as before! A trick is that while the crafting timer runs, while you are finishing the thing you are making, you can close the window and look around, the countdown will run in the background. Then you can open the interface again and move your new item to your inventory.

    Make new harvesting tools, because the basic ones you made before are just to get you up and running. Find them in the crafting menu and make them. Check the Penetration stat of the tools you make. Higher quality materials require higher penetration tools. Explore and figure out what you need!

    Also, check out Crafting Potions!

    Make your stuff! As I said, I'll let you explore the menu and figure out what you need, but here is a hint: most advanced stuff requires components and components of components, so it takes quite a few steps. But it's so worth it when you're done!

    Also, at one point in the process, you can name the item you're making! My first advanced weapon was called... Fantastikon's First Poleaxe. Yeah, I'm creative that way!

    About food

    Hunger is a real thing in this game (both as in The Hunger, the metaphysical force that destroys the worlds of the campaigns and gives us the zombies, and as in... hunger, as in, I need more apples!).

    The best way to stay on top of it is to chop trees for wood and kill boars for meat. With those you can craft a Survivalist Campfire, and standing close to one while not in combat mode gives you both food and healing. The devs are nice that way!

    But of course, there are always apples!

    A few other things to mention

    Do find a guild as soon as possible (check the Guild Recruitment forum)! Or at least a random group. It's so much better to have people around you. Getting the materials for advanced gear, and getting the peace to make them without being killed and looted can be nearly impossible on your own (unless you log in at odd times, when the servers are empty), but is quick and fun when you are in a group. Even standing guard while someone else (with potions) is harvesting is fun, because you have a purpose! (There are chests in houses and permanent camps where you can transfer stuff between players.)

    Do be aware of the stage the game is in! A lot of you belong to the 'Beta' playtester group, so it makes sense if some of you enter the game believing it to be in a beta stage. It most certainly is not! It's not even alpha, it's pre-alpha. This is basically tech testing that we are doing. It's fun testing, but it's still very early testing. Be prepared for new things breaking with every patch. Have patience.

    Do check the forums (but if you read this, you already are). Leave feedback.

    If you want, try out the basic stuff on the Sanctuary server! There are only basic materials there, so you can't make any advanced gear, but there is also no PvP, so you can explore some of the crafting menu in safety there.

    You can also, at the moment, move things between the servers via the Spirit Bank. You access this by opening your Character Screen (P) and clicking the Spirit Bank tab. This is an account level inventory, and whatever you put in here is safe from looting, so while harvesting, you can move your stuff here until you have enough. At that point, you can log out of the PvP server and log in to Sanctuary to do your crafting in peace (don't forget your crafting potions!). Or you just take it back out when it's time for crafting, even if you remain on a PvP server.

    Do note that whenever you put something in the Spirit Bank, it is locked for a few minutes before you can access it. Also, be aware that (as with many other things right now) it is not intended to remain in the game, and probably not for long in testing either. It's a placeholder until they have implemented additional game systems.

    Also, my dear guildmate Tinnis has a Tester Resource Site that is worth its weight in gold. (Well actually, since the information is data on a server, it's worth more than its weight. Let's say the servers' weight!)

    Be aware that there is a really nasty bug that means that sometimes when you have finished crafting an item and either press Take or you drag it to your inventory, it just disappears. It sucks, and it seems to happen especially often with the stuff that you spent a long time making, but... No, no buts. It sucks and the devs are working on it, and we all just hope they will figure it out and fix it sooner rather than later. It doesn't break the game, you can just do everything over again, but yeah, it sucks when it happens. (Did I hear someone telling me to have patience? Must have imagined it.)

    That's it for now, thanks for reading, hope you enjoy playtesting! Here are some videos (made by not me) that might be helpful as well:
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UphPQbrSTqY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hvsxs8vOQUc  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z4glvv-ZxXI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VzxpubV_4MI  If you want to add something, please do!

    Good luck! And good hunting!
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    intiorized got a reaction from Tristifer in deutsche community?   
    Willkommen in Crowfall!
    schau´ vorbei. TeamSpeak ist vorhanden und va. abends ist immer was los. 
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    intiorized reacted to Tinnis in Fri, Dec 16 – Sun, Dec 18 - Bugs, anomalies and tech issues FEEDBACK   
    anyone else ever noticed how wide the melee 'cone' 5 meter hitboxes are for all melee classes? [compare that to arrows!]

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    intiorized reacted to ZYBAK in A Holiday Message to ACE   
    I disagree.

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    intiorized reacted to Bramble in A Holiday Message to ACE   
    The holidays are upon us as the pressure increases on you guys.  Project Management, scheduling, budgets, delivery dates, delivery CRITERIA, etc.
    Enjoy the Holidays and the blessings we have, breathe, kiss your kids and cuddle with your spouses.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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    intiorized reacted to blazzen in Arrows inventory   
    I've suggested doing away with crafting arrows as ammo and instead crafting a quiver that would have durability like any other item but the arrows would be unlimited until the quiver broke. The quality and type of quiver would determine the arrows you're using. 
    No other classes have reagents so why should rangers? 
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    intiorized got a reaction from JamesGoblin in deutsche community?   
    Willkommen in Crowfall!
    schau´ vorbei. TeamSpeak ist vorhanden und va. abends ist immer was los. 
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    intiorized got a reaction from Kraahk in deutsche community?   
    Willkommen in Crowfall!
    schau´ vorbei. TeamSpeak ist vorhanden und va. abends ist immer was los. 
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    intiorized got a reaction from CFC_Shiro in deutsche community?   
    Willkommen in Crowfall!
    schau´ vorbei. TeamSpeak ist vorhanden und va. abends ist immer was los. 
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    intiorized reacted to Durenthal in Fri, Dec 16 – Sun, Dec 18 - Bugs, anomalies and tech issues FEEDBACK   
    Risen body parts take the image in inventory / chests of whatever item was in the slot before them.
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    intiorized reacted to Jubenei in deutsche community?   
    Gibt es sowas wie nen offiziellen/inoffiziellen deutschen TS Server? Denke mir in einer Gruppe zu spielen macht sicher mehr Spass, zumal ich jetzt auch schon auf Spieler getroffen bin die nen komlettes advanced Set an haben und da hat man mit dem Basic Gear alleine keine Chance.
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    intiorized reacted to Kraahk in Gründer-Update: Investment Stretch Goals   
    Und das zusätzliche Pledge Paket, das man als Investor ja auch noch bekommt (macht ungefähr immer den halben Wert der Investition aus. Zum Beispiel für 100$ ein Contributor Paket (45$) und für 500$ ein Amber Paket (250$)).
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    intiorized reacted to Eaden in Can we sink any deeper? The 6 stages to the hell of Crowfall!   
    I vote this to be the best post of December 2016.
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    intiorized reacted to Kraahk in Can we sink any deeper? The 6 stages to the hell of Crowfall!   
    Come all ye crows and murder-lads and listen to my true story.
    It might save your souls...
    ...for i have seen the deepest dregs.
    Stage 1-3
    Stage 1: 330,000 m below sea level
    First you think its cool.
    You slobber and you drool.
    You grow additional limbs
    to show off in the gyms.
    Yeah, bath yourself in glee.
    The truth is: You're not free!
    Stage 2: 660,000 m below sea level
    You feel a little pinch.
    One eye begins to flinch.
    The fingers getting longer
    (what you equate with stronger).
    You still think you'll get through.
    If you only knew...
    Stage 3: 1,000,000 m below sea level
    But your are lost. You just don't know.
    You take your part within the show
    that leads you to the deepest hole.
    And on this path, just like your soul,
    your face is getting darker.
    Ignition of the sparker.
    (click to enlarge)

    Stage 4-6
    Stage 4: 2,000,000 m below sea level
    Oh, now you start to feel the pain?
    You think it will drive you insane?
    Suggestion: Better be prepared!
    For this is nothing if compared
    to what awaits you on your way.
    This stage is just like holiday.
    Stage 5: 2,150,000 m below sea level
    Your shoulders down, your fingers stretched.
    Your body, like your soul, is wretched.
    But that your eyes can't see no more,
    they sailed away and left the shore.
    Do you believe now what i tell?
    That it's not good to go to hell?
    Stage 6: 2,250,000 m below sea level
    Your body crushed, you feel your sin.
    You're down. Remember where you've been.
    And what decisions brought you here.
    Don't shift the blame onto your gear.
    Confess to her - and with some luck
    she'll kill you and get you unstuck.

    Thanks to the confessor who stopped my endless fall. I felt like reborn. And strictly speaking: i was. xD
    edit: couldn't count up to three. fixed.
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    intiorized got a reaction from Kraahk in Gründer-Update: Investment Stretch Goals   
    du bekommst als Backer, also ab Contributor, egal wo du´s gekauft hast das Trinkhorn sicher. Werden 350k erreicht, bekommst du auch eine Parzelle. 
    Investierst du zusätzlich auf Microventure (Deadline in 35 Tagen), bekommst du den Altar sicher und wenn 350k erreicht werden, eine 2. Parzelle und die Villa. Einen Firmenanteil nicht zu vergessen.
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    intiorized got a reaction from Kurotenshikami in EU (DE) - [N] Northlanders recruting // English and German version inside   

    Gründung 07.03.2015
    Krieger aus dem Norden scheuen keinem Kampf, sie waren immer standhaft in Schlachten..
    Und so werden sie es auch in Crowfall sein! 
    Wir haben uns zum Ziel gesetzt, ein mächtiges Königreich in Crowfall zu besitzen, mit einer lockeren Gesellschaft unter Gleichgesinnten.
    Entdecke mit uns neue Welten und zusammen werden wir die Spitze erklimmen!
    Was wir bieten:
     - vernünftige Homepage
    - Discord (TS)
    - nette Gemeinschaft
    - garantierter Gildenname
    - einzigartiges Gildenwappen ingame
    - Unterstützung bei allem was so anfällt
    Was wir erwarten:
     - 18+
    - aktives Gildenleben
    - vernünftige Erscheinung (kein geflame, keine Aggressivitäten)
    - Teamspeak- und Forenbereitschaft
    Wenn das auf dich zutrifft, warte nicht und bewirb dich noch heute um ein NORTHLANDER zu werden !
    1.Bewerbung bei uns im Forum (Beachtet den Kodex)
    2.Bei positiver Rückmeldung erfolgt die Aufnahme als Anwärter.
    3. Als Anwärter hast du eine Probezeit von 2 Wochen.
    4.Während der Probezeit können die anderen Northlander sich ein Bild von dir machen und entscheiden ob du zu uns passt (es wird abgestimmt)
    5.Mit erfolgreicher Abstimmung wirst du auch zum Northlander.
     Viel Erfolg!
     § 1 Höflichkeit & Respekt
     Ehrlichkeit und Höflichkeit innerhalb sowie außerhalb der Gilde und das in jeder Hinsicht,sollte selbstverständlich sein. Ein nettes miteinander bringt mehr Spaß ins Spiel.
    Natürlich gehört ein gesunder Humor und Sarkasmus auch des öfteren dazu.
     § 2 Reales Leben
     Das reale Leben jedes Mitglieds unserer Gilde geht grundsätzlich vor.
    Diverse Ruhezeiten auch über mehrere Wochen sind für uns kein Problem, solange der Spieler
    via Nachricht im Forum oder ingame kurz Bescheid gibt.
    § 3 Gilden-Homepage
    Das Forum ist unsere primäre Kommunikationsplattform! Darum sollte jedes Mitglied im Forum
    registriert sein und zumindest regelmäßig Mitlesen und schreiben.
    (bis zum Release kann sich was ändern)
    § 4 Aktivität
     Mitglieder die sich unabgemeldet aus den Gildenleben zurück ziehen, werden nach einer gewissen Zeit
    ausgeschlossen. Hören wir 1 Monat von einer Person weder im (Spiel) noch im Forum etwas, wird die
    Person ausgeschlossen und ist kein Northlander mehr, hat aber die Möglichkeit sich zurück zu melden und wieder aufgenommen zu werden.
    § 5 Northlanders
     Jedes Mitglied repräsentiert Northlanders. Flaming, Exploiting, Bugusing werden nicht geduldet und können zu Verlust der Mitgliedschaft führen und insbesondere Cheating wird mit sofortigem Ausschluss sanktioniert. Wir erwarten darüber hinaus von jedem Member ein höfliches Verhalten gegenüber allen Spielern, Gilden, GameMastern. Auch mit verfeindeten Gilden wollen wir keine FlameWars sehen.
            Founded on 3rd May 2015     Warriors of the North do not fear the fight, they always fought brave in battles. And so they will in Crowfall! Our goal is to achieve greatness in the Eternal Kingdom with like minded warriors. Let us discover new worlds and, together, we will prevail!      We offer:     - Homepage - TeamSpeak - friendly and helpful community - guaranteed Guild Name - unique Guild Emblem - Help, where help is needed       What we expect:     - aged 18+ - adequate activity in the Forums, Teamspeak and ingame - manners (no flaming, no aggression)       Does this apply to you? So don´t wait and join us today to become a NORTHLANDER!          ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
        Entrance Procedure     1. Please write your application in our Forum 2. When we confirmed your application you are getting the rank of a contender 3. As contender you are on a trial period of 2 Weeks 4. During the trial period, the NORTHLANDERS will decide whether or not you (as a player) meet our requirements 5. When a majority of our Members voted in your favor you´ll be promoted to a NORTHLANDER and as such a member of our guild     Good Luck!         ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
      NORTHLANDERS Code Civil     § 1 Courtesy and Respect   Honesty and Courtesy in and outside of the Guild is of course required. A good coexistence brings more fun to the game.  We are open for good humor and some clever sarcasm.      § 2 Real Life   In general, real life always comes first.  We do not have a problem if you are away for a few days or weeks, if you need a break or write a master thesis about how much life time was wasted because of the inventory bug in crowfall since the alpha started. Just give us a short notice and come back asap or get a job ACE´s research facilites.     § 3 Guild page   Our primary platform for communication are our Forums. Every member has to be registered there. Also, every member has to be active there (reading and, if you have some smart ideas, writing)     § 4 Activity    Members who are inactive without notice will be kicked after a month of inactivity. The member will be given the possibility to explain him/herself and rejoin the guild.     § 5 being a NORTHLANDER   Every Member represents the NORTHLANDERS. Flaming, Exploiting, Bugusing and Cheating will be punished with the loss of membership. We expect a polite behavior of every member towards every Player, Guilds, Game Masters. Even with hostile Guilds, there should be no Flame Wars  

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    intiorized got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Investment stretch goals - Official discussion thread   
    may someone be so nice and link the picture of the villa in here - cant see it in any browser
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    intiorized got a reaction from Sepowchu in Snap test set for Thursday   
    help from Europe will be provided!
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