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  1. The answer is that there will be various game rule sets. ACE has laid out some before that lend themselves to smaller groups competing against each. In another campaign the rules may be such that large guilds can fair better. The someone wins the campaign... pick a new one and go at it again. This is the answer you're looking for.... or atleast the one that's available.
  2. Can we all agree to replace all mention of Molyneaux in this context with Chris Roberts?
  3. I agree with doing stuff to bring in more money..... HOWEVER.... I don't want this to turn in to the shenanigans that Star Citizen has been doing.
  4. I fully agree with this. However, I tend to look at it as more players in a PVP game is always better and if it makes it easier for them to crowd fund later then awesome. I just don't want them to start pulling any Star Citizen style crowd funding.
  5. I've seen comments from devs that have said food would be required for players. Specifically I think what they said was one downside to the centaur archetype is that it requires a lot more food than human archetypes. And in a game where crafting and advanced economy are supposed to be a thing..... I don't see a problem with an advanced farming system. However, they should only be in campaigns. And they should be destroyable by an opposing faction as a means to cut off food production.
  6. Also keep in mind the last couple fo stretch goals to my knowledge were much smaller than $150k. weren't they like 50 or 60k?
  7. I believe they said if there were any additional features added they would be candidates to be added post launch
  8. I think you should take a look at the Marvel Heroes forums and the way they moderate their forums. Any item that earns someone moderation points against their account is visible with an explanation from the mod. It actually helps trust between mods and a community. The MH mods have had to moderate their forums heavily before. But because everyone can see the history there the transparency really helps the community believe in the mods. As usual beyond the quoted thing the causes the moderator reaction there is no discussion of moderator actions. You should seriously look to replicate what they've done. They have a passionate, helpful, and welcoming forum community that IMO ANY game out there would be lucky to have.
  9. The person who ran MOST of the AMA stuff was let go.... the REDDIT community is protesting
  10. HAHA i was just going to say I want the fox based archetype so I can create a robin hood.
  11. Unique guild crests could be a huge feature for a competitive game like this. I think the core issue is you don't actually value their benefit on the community as much as you should. I urge you to reconsider your stance. Find a way to make time for the submission process and begin mentioning it as a significant feature. Take a look at EVE, as I'm sure you know, there are Corps and Alliances. Alliances are able to submit logos if they have 200+ people and are around for 6+ months. Look at the difference in the corp and alliance logos. Then look at the sense of pride unique alliance logos contribute to the competitive environment there. It's a huge win I think you're completely missing by thinking you have to directly fund the submission process by this guild package. I'd rather you tell us unique guild crests are dependent on you earmarking revenue post launch (if it's at the right level) and subsidizing the process from the revenue that's not directly linked to the process instead of pushing the cost to the backers. My point is as a feature unique guild crests would have a bigger benefit to the game if any group had a chance to get them without a $800 payment. Please reconsider.
  12. It's going to impossible for me to read through this entire thread.... but from what I've been able to gather here is the one thought on the top of my mind: 1) Community volunteer mods create a huge trust gap between devs and community. If an issue was caused by an employee the environment on forums is always exacerbated when a community uses volunteer mods. So even if volunteer mods weren't directly responsible their presence puts a community on the edge. All game communities I've been apart of this has been true.
  13. I'm against telegraphs that are big circles on the ground. It works in PVE raid and boss situations... but i hate it in PVP. 1) I believe everyone needs to be using the same UI functionality in a competitive game like this. 2) Telegraphs are obnoxious. (edit: ground telegraphs) 3) Giving people the option to use them could make them required from a competitive perspective. Which I don't want. Other types of indicators I'm open to... either character animations or sounds
  14. They were awesome in AA because they had limited flight times, were vulnerable to ranged attacks, and were somewhat dependent on terrain features.
  15. If you're looking for a business case in the sense of: by not having them they'll lose $x in revenue per year? That's not the only kind of ubsiness case that exists. EVE alliance crests have a significant positive impact on the game. People that have played and been part of a group that has one or been part of a group that designed one know what I'm talking about.
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