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  1. What separates the campaign bands should be security. The two main factors concerning security is the Group/Faction function (which includes a potential Friendly Fire system) and the loot system (IE. How much loot is dropped or destroyed on death). Going from EK to Dregs: EK: In your own EK, you should have no enemies unless you want to and you won't ever lose your equipment. God's Reach: If you stay inside your faction's reach, you should be pretty safe and you'll be able to venture out in big groups of allies. You'll lose some equipment due to decay or death. Infected: Your s
  2. I am able to train one basic Druid skill and two skills in each Druid promotion classes Arch Druid and Earthkeeper. Not sure if the promotion class skills actually apply, since you are just a regular Druid, but basically, I can train three Druid and one general skill. Only possible with VIP, of course.
  3. So the only way to make crafting engaging is to create a required overlay that is not remotely connected to crafting? Then it is not even about crafting anymore. Crafting should be engaging in itself. Whether its exploring the system, what can you even make, getting to know the system, what would be good to make and the intricacies of the system, when is something good. The meta of the crafting system, if you will. The crafting will be good and engaging when you have niche items that become good or bad depending on situations. Weapons that become better if you fight certain opponents and
  4. *Disclaimer: I never do stuff like this, but I thought, why the hell not.* I came upon a mother and her Guinean cub in the woods. She died protecting him from a pack of hellhounds that had descended upon them from the shadows. Under the snow, I buried her. “It is time to leave, little one”, I said, and tried scooping him up into my arms. Unable to get a grasp on his bones beneath furry skin, he coiled around my hand, up my arm and jumped down. It was impossible to get to sit still. “When mother wakes up, we are gonna visit our family”, he squeaked, as he avoided my grasp.
  5. To what extent does the deity need to be included? Does he/her need to physically be present, or is a mention enough?
  6. The Crows are spirits from the past, risen by the Gods or by circumstance. This life, where you probably followed one of the gods, won't be remembered. As you transcended to a Crow, you will continue to remember your life from vessel to vessel, though memories should start blending together. According to the Faq, at least, your memory will work like that. "Spiritual Knowledge is comprised of the memories that you accumulate over the course of many lives – which means that they are stored on your crow. " So by default, you don't owe any loyalty to any god and is free to choose. As the
  7. I think it’s important to note that, while Crowfall’s skill leveling system is similar to Eve’s, the context is considerably different. In Eve, you need to level up your skills to gain access to a lot of more powerful stuff than what is possible to get access to in the beginning. More powerful ships, upgrades, skills, techniques and so on. There’s a considerable power and utility difference between a new and old player. This is different in three significant ways in Crowfall, according to the official Faq: 1. You don’t need to level up skills to a certain point to use stronger equipment.
  8. Okay, let's say that each guild has 10 people in it and in the first guild, each member has 3 accounts (with VIP). Let's say that it takes 2 dedicated crafters to support both gear for the 10 people, infrastructure and miscellaneous stuff. Then let's say it takes 2 dedicated explorers to efficiently both find important locations and continuously scout on enemy positions and opposing guilds whereabouts and plans and of course gather the resources needed to build gear for the 10 people. Suddenly, you need to make more gear, more infrastructure and gather more materials because you don'
  9. Rather, the game rewards you mechanically for being more people. Simply having more accounts will give you access to more skills, but you can only be online on x amount of characters at once and if 2/3 of a guild is alts, then that is 2/3 of a guild being inactive all the time. Not only do you get the same benefits simply from having a bigger guild, you end up having higher activity and therefore higher efficiency. Time spent on an alt crafting will be time not spent on your other alt exploring and time exploring will be time not spent fighting for objectives in the world. It's kinda
  10. I think it will depend on so many other systems, that we hardly have enough information to really know how it will work out. As for people using alt accounts, that will pretty much always happen and people who use multiple accounts will always have a benefit over people who don't, no matter how the system works. But for example, we don't know how quickly gear will degrade. How often will gear have to either be repaired or crafted from scratch again? We don't know how long it will take to actually craft something. Do you have to spent 5 min on each gear? Is there a little mini game
  11. You are right, the Hunger Dome wouldn't really be the best place to test Friendly Fire (so it made some sense not to implement it at the beginning). Siege Perilous and the upcoming mini campaign (looking forward to it !), are better for stuff like that. Kind of a shame they didn't at least try it out with Siege Perilous (could be done during the tests where they hadn't added or changed anything to the game). The thing is just that they are testing out abilities, both with Hunger Dome and Siege Perilous and every design decision regarding abilities will affect how well Friendly Fire could be im
  12. It's not as much that Friendly Fire is hard to do or implement. It's possibly just a switch in the Unity engine as to whether or not attacks can hit and damage friendly targets. The problem is more that making it work properly with the current mechanics can be bothersome. Melee characters being close to each other with cone attacks, ranged allies being unable to hit enemies from behind allies (so you can't have a proper front and back-line), etc. Sure, the players will always find a way to make it work and you can argue that the harder it is, the more skillful players will be rewarde
  13. There seems to be confusion about what would happen if Friendly Fire (FF) were introduced to the game now or later in the development phase. In general, there seems to be two different schools of thoughts of Game Development in general. One side saying that the mechanics should complement a FF game and one side saying that the strategies and tactics of the players should complement it. In addition, they are both correct, to an extent. VikingNail is correct in saying that adding FF will force players to play more carefully and tactically (which is a good thing, in my opinion). However, t
  14. I think it's easy to get a bad taste in your mouth when hearing about stuff like this, simply because you have companies like EA and others who employ really bad business practices (from a consumer viewpoint). But just because there are bad apples between the big gaming companies, doesn't mean that all big gaming companies are bad. Instead of hoping that the good companies stay forever small, to keep their integrity in tact, it's much better to actively try making sure the big companies stay good. Don't give the companies money, simply because of hype, without knowing whether the game is good
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