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  1. What separates the campaign bands should be security. The two main factors concerning security is the Group/Faction function (which includes a potential Friendly Fire system) and the loot system (IE. How much loot is dropped or destroyed on death). Going from EK to Dregs: EK: In your own EK, you should have no enemies unless you want to and you won't ever lose your equipment. God's Reach: If you stay inside your faction's reach, you should be pretty safe and you'll be able to venture out in big groups of allies. You'll lose some equipment due to decay or death. Infected: Your safe areas are now smaller, you have fewer allies and more enemies and venturing out will result in more danger. You'll start losing more items due to decay or death. Shadows: Your only allies will be your guild members (where everyone who is part of the guild is its own faction) and the only safe places will be the ones you or your build builds. Your general safety will depend on your guild. Items destroyed or stolen will be a regular thing. Dregs: You are partly on your own. You will be able to group up into small groups, but everyone else will be an enemy and working together will be hard and you never know if your teammate is going to /leavegroup and backstab you. Big safe spaces will be rare and you'll nearly always have to be on your toes or risk losing everything. While you will have guilds playing in every campaign band, it's really the shadows where they will shine. Smaller, more intricate guilds will perform very well in the Dregs, though. So the difference is bigger guilds playing out in larger, longer campaigns where castles will be build and destroyed versus smaller, more intricate guilds, where fighting will consist of smaller skirmish battles.
  2. So the only way to make crafting engaging is to create a required overlay that is not remotely connected to crafting? Then it is not even about crafting anymore. Crafting should be engaging in itself. Whether its exploring the system, what can you even make, getting to know the system, what would be good to make and the intricacies of the system, when is something good. The meta of the crafting system, if you will. The crafting will be good and engaging when you have niche items that become good or bad depending on situations. Weapons that become better if you fight certain opponents and armor that will be resisting certain weapons. The good crafter will get information about a target and know what types of equipment would be good for the task. Players will use new types of armor and weapons all the time, as the most prevalent builds will start to be countered. In this system, Crafting (and therefore also harvesting) is deeply intertwined with both combat and intelligence of the campaign worlds. The system needs to be deep enough to allow such things and then you have an engaging crafting system.
  3. *Disclaimer: I never do stuff like this, but I thought, why the hell not.* I came upon a mother and her Guinean cub in the woods. She died protecting him from a pack of hellhounds that had descended upon them from the shadows. Under the snow, I buried her. “It is time to leave, little one”, I said, and tried scooping him up into my arms. Unable to get a grasp on his bones beneath furry skin, he coiled around my hand, up my arm and jumped down. It was impossible to get to sit still. “When mother wakes up, we are gonna visit our family”, he squeaked, as he avoided my grasp. “We can’t leave her alone. The forest gets scary at night”. Night was creeping closer and with it, the armies of the hunger would follow. I sighed, and planted the branch besides the burial ground. Faint orange light filled the area and made shadows dance around them. It seemed to sooth him down somewhat, as he watched with interest. I sat down before the branch and touched it, its coarseness reassuring. The others had turned brittle before they died. It would not be long, however. The light that used to light up entire halls with beautiful light was but a shadow of its former self. It barely illuminated my body anymore. “Your mother won’t wake up”. He crawled up and turned into a ball of fur against my shoulder. “Why not?”. “Because she’s dead”. “What does that mean?”. I sat there for some time thinking, the light of the branch pulsing with hypnotic beats. I had never thought about that. When my brethren die, we pay it little mind. A quiet acknowledgement and then back to work. The Great Work had to continue and the Hunger waits for no funeral. “Means she won’t wake up”. Until the earth surrendered to the cold and she would become risen. After we leave, perhaps I can come back and burn her corpse. We don’t want a fighter who could kill two hellhounds turning against us, after all. “She’s just resting in the ground. We do that, you know. Hoard for the winter and then rest in the ground until the winter disappears. You won’t believe how much food my family gathered. She tells me about it every night”. So hopeful. We sat there in silence until the last remains of light disappeared from above the tree tops. Night had finally come. Snow drifted and created a crater at the ends of the faint orange light. “You should get some rest”. “Where are you going? I don’t want to be alone”. Perhaps he knew after all. “As long as you stay inside the light, nobody is going to harm you”, I said, while trying to pierce the darkness. “I need to find the way forward”. Besides, the light will soon fade and we don’t want to be surrounded by hellhounds when it happens. “I am not leaving you alone”, I said. “You see; my mother also died. Never even got to know her before it happened”. I stared intensely into the light that seemed to pulse even stronger now. Frowning, “She also fought the hunger and it killed her too. Her blood spilled onto the ground and her sisters drunk it up”. I caressed the branch. “It created the trees of life. They were so beautiful. The trees wanted it all for themselves, but they missed a single drop of blood that seeped into the ground. Out came my brethren and I, born of her molten blood, to continue her work. The great work. We bring with us the branches of the trees of life to make sure her life essence is shared with the world and to protect against the encroaching hunger. Even in death, she watches over us all”. It took some time for me to realise his breath had slowed down. He had fallen asleep. I nodded to myself and placed him gently on the ground, lightly planted my hammer and covered his body in a coat of earth. It would keep him somewhat warm and secure if the light gives out. I gave one last look at the branch. So few of them were left and the rest were dying. So many had perished fuelling the great forges, crafting the weapons and armours to fight back the hunger. Perhaps it had all been a mistake. With my cape firmly clasped around my body, I ventured into the darkness of the forest. Hours of patrolling around the camp passed before the sounds of the hellhounds appeared. At least two of the damn beasts. And they were coming closer. Hiding behind a big oak tree, I waited, praying to Gaea. She never responded, but such was the ritual. Saying she had abandoned us was heresy among the Forgemasters. But what is the difference between not being there and never helping? I focused on my breath and cleared my thoughts of sour thoughts. I could see them now, sniffing their way towards the camp. Even if they didn’t dare enter the light, their presence was still alarming. They usually travel in pack and more could be nearby. With all my weight, I jumped and crashed my battle hammer down into the closest one crushing its bones. The second one shrieked and bit its icy fangs into my right arm. Unable to use my hammer, I continued to repeatedly smash my left fist into its face. His body shambled together, but it only pushed his fangs further inside my arm. Coldness finally pierced my skin. Several more shrieks pierced the darkness. I sighed. So much for praying. The first one took me by surprise. I was still composing myself as it crashed into me. Tumbling through the snow, I landed on my back with it on top. I tried smashing it with my hammer, only realising than that I had lost grab of it. Hitting wind, my guard was down and the hellhound struck quickly. It slashed its tail around my neck and tightened. All breath was lost and my vision blurred. With a last effort, I rolled on top of it and crushed it beneath my weight. Icy cold scales ripped open my back. At least I could breathe again. I stumbled up on two legs, my cape ripped to shreds and hammer held in weakened hand. Through blurry eyes, I saw the next one in time. It stormed right towards me. I took a step backwards, slamming my hammer down into the earth. A ripple of earth shook out from it and towards the hellhound. Before it could muster another shriek, pillars of rock appeared from the ground and pierced its body. With the last hellhound dead, I fell to the ground, heaving for breath. Orange light was still visible in the distance. It hadn’t died yet. I prayed one last prayer. That the light would last and the cub survive. Good luck, my brothers, may you finally finish the great work. I have failed. Layer after layer of snow covered my eyes until I could not see anymore. Who would have thought that something so beautiful could bring with it such darkness? … …
  4. To what extent does the deity need to be included? Does he/her need to physically be present, or is a mention enough?
  5. The Crows are spirits from the past, risen by the Gods or by circumstance. This life, where you probably followed one of the gods, won't be remembered. As you transcended to a Crow, you will continue to remember your life from vessel to vessel, though memories should start blending together. According to the Faq, at least, your memory will work like that. "Spiritual Knowledge is comprised of the memories that you accumulate over the course of many lives – which means that they are stored on your crow. " So by default, you don't owe any loyalty to any god and is free to choose. As the gods don't affect things directly (as far as I know), who you'd choose to follow could easily change and it won't have any consequences. Maybe you followed a certain god in one campaign, but was disappointed in him or her in any way, maybe you'll choose another one next time. Could be interesting if they affected the campaign worlds more in the pantheon campaigns, and players could get bonuses/penalties for various things according to the gods.
  6. I think it’s important to note that, while Crowfall’s skill leveling system is similar to Eve’s, the context is considerably different. In Eve, you need to level up your skills to gain access to a lot of more powerful stuff than what is possible to get access to in the beginning. More powerful ships, upgrades, skills, techniques and so on. There’s a considerable power and utility difference between a new and old player. This is different in three significant ways in Crowfall, according to the official Faq: 1. You don’t need to level up skills to a certain point to use stronger equipment. Starting the game as a fully new player, you will be able to equip all the highest armors and weapons that you can get your hands on. 2. You get more out of skills early on and all remaining gains are on a steep diminishing returns curve. 3. The power difference between a full skilled and full equipped player compared to a low level, badly equipped player will be much flatter than it is in games like Eve. This all means that as a new player, you will be perfectly fine participating in a world inhabited by older players and won’t just be flattened completely. I really like the leveling system. It makes you able to actually focus on playing the game how you want to play it, instead of having to grind before you are able to compete. In general, I think people misunderstand the system. The good players won’t be the high level players, but the players who commit more time, effort and planning to their game. It doesn’t matter that you have a crafter and gatherer alt, which levels up alongside your main. If you don’t spend time on it, learning the systems, actively crafting and exploring stuff, you are not really a good crafter or explorer. The player who scouts a lot, writes down details of the environment, keeps track of enemies nearby will be a much better scout, no matter his skill level, than some high leveled scout who never moves, because the guy owning him is too busy actually playing the game on his main character. A dedicated low level character will be so much more worth than any high level alt that’s barely used. For reference: http://crowfall.com/en/faq/combat/#8
  7. Okay, let's say that each guild has 10 people in it and in the first guild, each member has 3 accounts (with VIP). Let's say that it takes 2 dedicated crafters to support both gear for the 10 people, infrastructure and miscellaneous stuff. Then let's say it takes 2 dedicated explorers to efficiently both find important locations and continuously scout on enemy positions and opposing guilds whereabouts and plans and of course gather the resources needed to build gear for the 10 people. Suddenly, you need to make more gear, more infrastructure and gather more materials because you don't have 10 characters, but 30 characters. Characters that are otherwise not really needed, because 1-2 crafters/gatherers is enough to sustain the 10 original people. One guild have 10 dedicated fighters, with 2 additional VIP accounts that can handle crafting and exploring. So when it is time for crafting, they switch, when it is time for exploring, they switch. But they can't do all of the stuff at once, even with multiple accounts (assuming multiboxing is not possible). So they can have additional accounts that fulfill the role of the dedicated crafters and explorers, but it will fundamentally be the same efficiency wise (and probably less efficient) than just having dedicated crafters and explorers, because they end up having to do the same amount of work. As I said, the system will benefit the bigger guilds, but it's much more efficient to have more active players, than fewer players with more VIP accounts, as they can only play on one of them at once anyway. Having every member have different accounts will give more flexibility (just like the VIP system works with archetypes), but it will lose in efficiency.
  8. Rather, the game rewards you mechanically for being more people. Simply having more accounts will give you access to more skills, but you can only be online on x amount of characters at once and if 2/3 of a guild is alts, then that is 2/3 of a guild being inactive all the time. Not only do you get the same benefits simply from having a bigger guild, you end up having higher activity and therefore higher efficiency. Time spent on an alt crafting will be time not spent on your other alt exploring and time exploring will be time not spent fighting for objectives in the world. It's kinda like VIP's being able to train multiple archetypes at once. While you can change to a different archetype during the campaign and remain at the same competitive level as another archetype(who is not VIP), it means time not spent on the first archetype. Your options go up, but efficiency stays the same. Much better to just have a guild or group where all bases are covered. Being a self sustained guild, with a balanced group of people, covering all skill sets needed to sustain all members. This is where the system will shine.
  9. I think it will depend on so many other systems, that we hardly have enough information to really know how it will work out. As for people using alt accounts, that will pretty much always happen and people who use multiple accounts will always have a benefit over people who don't, no matter how the system works. But for example, we don't know how quickly gear will degrade. How often will gear have to either be repaired or crafted from scratch again? We don't know how long it will take to actually craft something. Do you have to spent 5 min on each gear? Is there a little mini game you have to complete? Just logging on to quickly craft something with an alt sounds nice, but all time you spent crafting on the alt means less time actually playing on your main. Will it be 10 min or 40 min? You also have to spent time finding ressources, if you don't have a dedicated crafter/gatherer, so that is again less time spent actually playing how you want. Only makes it more complicated when you take guilds into account. Sure, every guild member could have an alt account with crafting, but then suddenly it becomes much more expensive and much easier just to have a dedicated crafter in the guild. Personally, I think it could be nice to have all individual parts of an item needed to be crafted, so that you have to craft several pieces of a sword before you can combine it. The Blacksmithing missions in WoW Legion actually works like this, where you have to melt the metal, forge the metal, hammer the metal and sharpen the metal etc. This could give the active component some people want, while also allowing for a lot of customization in the process of crafting. Well, just because you can wear the same gear, doesn't mean you will have access to the same gear. Besides that, you can also have different vessels (that varies in power) and choose different advantages and disadvantages. Big difference in this game from other games is that you can actually both lose your gear *and* your vessel. So just because there is a build that says this gear is best and this vessel is best, it won't be easy to actually complete the build and you might just get killed and lose it all anyways. This actually creates builds that are less strong competitively, but are cheaper and more efficient to sustain. I'd imagine, if you are planning on doing a siege, it will be far less expensive to create a ton of cheap armor for supply.
  10. You are right, the Hunger Dome wouldn't really be the best place to test Friendly Fire (so it made some sense not to implement it at the beginning). Siege Perilous and the upcoming mini campaign (looking forward to it !), are better for stuff like that. Kind of a shame they didn't at least try it out with Siege Perilous (could be done during the tests where they hadn't added or changed anything to the game). The thing is just that they are testing out abilities, both with Hunger Dome and Siege Perilous and every design decision regarding abilities will affect how well Friendly Fire could be implemented. Personally, Friendly Fire won't make or break the game for me, but I can't help but feel that it's more healthy to design mechanics in tandem.
  11. It's not as much that Friendly Fire is hard to do or implement. It's possibly just a switch in the Unity engine as to whether or not attacks can hit and damage friendly targets. The problem is more that making it work properly with the current mechanics can be bothersome. Melee characters being close to each other with cone attacks, ranged allies being unable to hit enemies from behind allies (so you can't have a proper front and back-line), etc. Sure, the players will always find a way to make it work and you can argue that the harder it is, the more skillful players will be rewarded. But if the mechanics don't mesh well together, combat with friendly fire will just be annoying and turn people off from the game. Personally, it would have been better to have had FF enabled from the beginning, so that the mechanics could have been build up around it. Much easier to then later turn it off for the higher bands of campaign worlds.
  12. I think it's easy to get a bad taste in your mouth when hearing about stuff like this, simply because you have companies like EA and others who employ really bad business practices (from a consumer viewpoint). But just because there are bad apples between the big gaming companies, doesn't mean that all big gaming companies are bad. Instead of hoping that the good companies stay forever small, to keep their integrity in tact, it's much better to actively try making sure the big companies stay good. Don't give the companies money, simply because of hype, without knowing whether the game is good or not. Stop spending crazy amount of money on micro transactions in games where micro transactions don't belong. Employ stuff like the Steam Refund System. Don't give in to their bad business practices. Big companies are forced to react if the consumers act, just like how the new Batman game was pulled from the Steam Store, because so many people refunded the game (or at least, contributed to the fact).
  13. When talking about skill-based games, I generally prefer this mantra: Every skill should be aim-able, counter-able and/or dodge-able and you should always be able to do something. In my experience, hard CC (like stuns) or hard defense (like Holy Shield from WoW Paladins) stop the game for players for a certain amount of time. The game should never stop, for any reason, but should be dynamic and relentless. Personally, it's just more fun that way. Soft CC is, of course, fine and should be in the game.
  14. As I only donated recently and have primarily been lurking on these forums ever since, I don't really know of any specific incidents concerning the moderation of the forum. However, I have read through this entire thread and have been part of communities before (both as a member and as a moderator). Here are my two cents: Moderation of a forum is important, there are just things that shouldn't be posted and doesn't belong and when it concerns anything severe, it should be quite heavily moderated. This is a game forum, after all and not an adult porn store or anything like that. But then you have less severe stuff. It's still fine to moderate this, but it should be moderated in moderation. I am talking about stuff like going off-topic in a thread. Of course, if a guy or two hijacks a thread to talk about something else than what the OP intended, it should be stopped. However, a single reply or two that goes slightly off topic doesn't harm anyone and it's both a bit silly to spent time and resources on this, but also detrimental to the community. The community is made up of people and just like you sometimes make a silly random remark when talking to your friends in real life, you will probably at some point be inclined to remark on something funny or interesting in a thread or post, even though it's not specifically on-topic. This doesn't hurt the thread at all, but helps grow the community as a whole. It's especially important in games like MMO's, because, in my opinion, the community is more important than the game. You don't need a very good game to have fun in, if the community is filled with brilliant and fun people. If the community isn't there, you might as well just be playing a single-player game. So you want to build a good and proper community to have in your game. Moderating to remove toxicity from the forum is fine and good, but moderating so heavily that people are afraid to share innocent remarks with each other is taking it a step too far. If I have a friend I compete with in-game and I make some silly trash talk remark, does that merit a warning/removal/ban? Sure, you could do this in-game instead of on the forum, but the forum is part of the community and should therefor be an extension of the game. Because the community is part of the game and a very important part, at that. Imagine a big clan declaring war on another clan, by making this big thread/post about it, trash talking the whole other clan, riling them up. Then they fight in-game and at some point, the big clan loses and decides to give up. Now that incident and the thread is cemented into the community's history. It wasn't of malicious intent, but all about having some good fun in a good game they enjoy to play competitively. The forum and the thread becomes a part of the gaming experience, just as it should. In general, the seriousness of a forum sub section should define how heavily it gets moderated. Stuff like news sections should be pretty spotless, while stuff like General Discussion should be a bit more lenient. Then you have the lowest stuff like off-topic or guild related stuff, where it's more purely about the community. These places should be much more lenient compared to the spotless News Section or the slightly dirtier General Discussion. I also wanted to write some about the anonymod system you have, since I am not really a fan of that either, but I'll think about it some more and then write about it some other time.
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