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  1. feedback on tonight's castle siege on NA. Guards were instantly respawning. Especially given they were Rank 10 guards, the instant respawn is a bit much. After reviewing some video, the lag was up and down. I was getting 22 fps on average but it was dropping way down to 4 FPS at times. There was some obvious delay in the effects even with FPS up. For instance I would be on a target, then the damage I would do to them would stop, about 3 seconds later they would be dead. I believe they were already dead but my machine wasn't processing the image of it, but it decided
  2. We had a bit of a fight at the keep, I stepped on a trap and I got a faerie fire waistband as a result that continues for many, many minutes so far after the siege.
  3. I don't know where you get your numbers from but 50 is not a large guild. We may have to have a roster of 60 or 80 just to field 20 in a night.
  4. People looking for PvP, want to be able to fight other, like-minded folks quickly. People looking to harvest high end materials often look to do that with less risk because that all depends on your objective. Players grinding levels will do it where it is most efficient, which is exactly what all these different activities want. The challenge is, you can't have it all. 13 in Gods Reach. 34 in Infected. 12 in Campaign right now, after announcement of the wipe. People are in trying new things, new builds or are new players learning the game which is also the fun part of the game. Many play
  5. You act as if people should be entitled to find people to fight all the time within a few minutes of logging in. The login population count, the events tab, the spawn locations, those should be enough of a statement about what to expect in game. Long runs are required in games like these or you end up with cities right next to each other with continuous respawns. You also would grief people off the server if they couldn't control how quickly you could re-engage them in fighting. Face it, running and finding fights outside of the fort/siege windows or notifications from the events
  6. As has been discussed in other threads, there was a siege on NA last night where the plague trees could not be attacked and required us to wait out the whole siege timer. It was the only keep vulnerable at that time. Keep of Feodor Katra in Aurefio map. The trees were not able to be targeted. They did not show up when you had your crosshairs on them. In fact if someone was standing on the other side of the tree, I could target them and not the tree. The object was pretty much invisible from a targeting standpoint. Given the day to day variation of the population in campaign, a lot of fun
  7. The defense needs a way to end the siege before the timer runs out. That is what the trees are for. You have to have some mechanic to prevent people from just standing around for an hour, which is a great reason for the handshake system that Blazzen is talking about but it still doesn't get rid of the need to end a siege earlier if the defenders overwhelm the offense.
  8. 3 or 4 times today, I have crashed to desktop while going in or out of gates to Styrkarr on NA.
  9. If you look 3/4 into this war story you will see a lot of characters that are retaliate bugged and show up white all the time. I hope that bug is still on the list to resolve. They retaliated and are now stuck.
  10. Combat log in the chat screen doesn't show much information. It is missing much of the prior fight.
  11. Blair mentioned that disciplines were going to be removed from the temple and only found in world. When is that going to happen? Right now the expanded list of discs are in Infected vendor but new players only see the few in Gods Reach vendors which leads to confusion. I'm just concerned this will cause more issues for new players. Without knowing how the class/disc combination plays with access to the disciplines, they can't possibly be competitive at level 30.
  12. One of the major issues is people don't know if something is good or bad until they get everything built with the disciplines equipped. With the future removal of white discs from the temples, this is going to be a bigger issue as new players will not know what is possible until they find it in game. Maybe the magic crowpedia fixes this but without having access to the information to help make decisions, new players will have a really deep gap to become viable against others in the game.
  13. Providing extra export slots as a reward are not really a good idea. Everyone manages their inventory to allow them to export all the items. If you provide extra slots, they are pretty much wasted. I would recommend providing tokens that can be used for future campaign rewards. We really need a roadmap showing where the game is going. We are still having a difficult time retaining new players.
  14. ok, will do. I tried but my shadowplay got the audio but only static looking lines for video. I had to re-install nvidia experience for the recordings to work again. It just was a problem with that day's recordings. The day earlier were fine.
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