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  1. This is probably a good idea.
  2. Hot zones are fine in idea, but not so good in practice. They last too long and are essentially static, the same zones. Also the fact that the schedule is listed means they can be planned for. Not good. They should be much more infrequent, shorter duration and a surprise to appeal to the smaller groups. It would be better if you could use an adjective and a hidden scheduler to set them to on. Use a toast message to announce their existence globally instead of just the zone. PvE in this game is an issue. In a game where players are the content, I hate to say it but you have to have interesting stuff in the world to keep people wanting to go into the world. Essentially, guilds have gone through the initial game content at this point and they are no longer interested. To get more people into the world providing more players to be content you have to give them new things. This is why people are logging in for sieges and then logging out, they don't find it interesting to do anything else and they don't have to. You need more random events where people are not warned. The current guild/alliance scoring system does not interest the smaller guilds due to its design. They have to be sweaty and take outposts in order to compete just to get on a top %, putting in much more time compared to larger guilds/alliances. For all those that stand in circles for hours bored, they earn the points but is it really worth it? Doing things in the world should impact it. I've long thought that capturable objectives should be able to change or activate a portal for travel. Taking 3 outposts tied to a gate for instance for a faction or guild would allow that faction or guild/alliance to travel from the temple through the portal or possibly align to another zone by taking 3 outposts in 1 zone and 3 outposts in another zone. I'm uncertain if the adjective design criteria could help accomplish that but it might be something creative to add to be able to link. That is just 1 idea for activity created content. Maybe you can create spawns of chests or mobs if certain actions are done in game.
  3. Looking through all the designs, I understand in principle what you are trying to accomplish. The setting of the world configurator appears to occur at the beginning of the campaign. This does limit when the adjectives can be set. If you set discipline effects to be active for everyone , how will a user see those in the UI? I don't see any specifics about how those will be displayed. Will it show as a buff? Will it show only in the character sheet? I like the concept of the guild/alliance limit per zone and campaign being based on how many people are logged in. This still does not eliminate the fact that numbers still matter in a fight and if one guild/alliance can't get something done, they will just informally ally up another group to assist. You had seen this for years with Hax and Winterblades where they wouldn't siege each other. Now they are formally allied, but they had not been formal for a long time. I see a lot reference to racial limits in the design documents. I do not believe you will find too many people that will think those are very fun. Loot/XP scaling/adding - I'm not seeing any time-based criteria on the setting of these values. Is that only done with a server reset? How will you be setting these values is unclear and you may be missing some data to enable it for single weekends, using your example. Additionally, could the scaling/adding be negative values to more quickly reduce what is given? Is this a global parameter or could it also be incorporated with a global/zone/parcel adjective to give you flexibility? @Tiggs
  4. When the server dies during a siege, your scoring system records it as a keep loss and reduces a guilds points by the value of the keep even if they still own it. This happened to Executioners last night and they have screenshots of it.
  5. Players that are no longer in guild are still able to see guild chat. I know this has been reported previously. When will it actually be fixed?
  6. I don't think they do either but they had better get it quick, their game depends on it. If they don't just make this a match-making system to resolve the fights they will continue running into the performance issues they have. They have to do this for the longevity of the game. Further reducing the caps guild/alliance size is just going to continue to disadvantage the casual gamers and more will understand that it is not worth it for them to log in since they cannot play it with their established friends. These developers cannot make changes that will remove players from the game. It has already started to disadvantage those with multiple accounts as they can no longer have them in guilds in lieu of more active accounts just to stay under an arbitrary number. As others have pointed out, the number of accounts in a guild has never been the number of active players on the battlefield, although certain spreadsheet warriors would have you believe that. So given all this, you have to change the ability to field the numbers in those fights and the only way to do it is through matchmaking.
  7. Changing resolution will allow you to see them again.
  8. Dregs Wintersbite Fort of Lord Tigre - once the fort was taken by Mithril Warhammers, no guards respawned.
  9. Lots of issues with dressers/bookshelves and such in the humanoid mob spawn houses. Some are upside down, stacked on each other or coming down from the ceiling. Some have just a leg of the dresser sticking up. Really strange locations for these.
  10. We just had the launch alpha. I'm sure it will be better during the launch beta.
  11. Seriously, we really do need a summary of the community issues and some sort of acknowledgement and plan to address them. Please do not make this one way communication end in an abyss.
  12. We've played this game with no AoE caps and it does not perform well for large group vs. group combat. I agree changing AoE numbers would help prevent certain types of fighting but in the end the game still cannot handle the numbers of players and effects. They have to fundamentally change what is fought over and how many people are allowed to fight to have any sort of impact. Unfortunately neither alliance, guild nor AoE caps will fix their issue. They will have to move closer to some sort of match making system such as what they proposed to get the performance they want.
  13. Live Server Top 5 Crowfall likes (things you feel we're doing great on). Tiggs does a very good job communicating but I feel she needs more support in this area from others in your organization to get effective and efficient communication back to us. You are making changes that mostly seem to align with the community feedback. I like small, medium and really want the very large group combat. I like city building and ownership (but I wish we had longer to live in our creations) I like that it is pvp centric but you did not ignore the harvesting/crafting. Live Server - Top 5 Crowfall dislikes (what you feel we could be doing better on or a pesky game mechanic that you don't enjoy) and how can we make it better? The slow loading into zones. Inconsistent gameplay with larger volumes of people on the field, effects that don't load, targeting/skills do not seem responsive at times. The short range that you see other people is driving me nuts. You almost don't have any time to respond once you see their effects that load before they do. This does not make for an immersive environment. It makes it feel empty. The economic tools are missing from the game entirely. Need a way to search/advertise wares. Need a way to keep EKs up when they have vendors with items for sale or at least a way for someone to buy from a vendor even though the EK is offline. Need a way to transfer items to another person, either have them available on a vendor for pickup where only they can get them or some mail system. Buy orders, sell orders with all the different options are needed. The dregs small volume of vendors makes the world seem very limited. Crafting still takes a very long time and you have to have piles of properly stacked items in your inventory to do it. It is just plain cumbersome when you have a lot of people to craft for. Improve the speed without decreasing the variation of outcomes. Territory control was supposed to be a key part of the game but more and more you are dealing with issues with numbers and trying to listen to small guilds and it is not working. It is honestly time to consider whether territory control in the campaign is something you should even offer. Allow guilds to build their EK and appoint an EK as the official city of that guild. Instead of having a keep or castle in the zone, simply have the guild live out of the EK and use the portal to go in/out of the zone. What you fight over in game would change to portal locations (either portal to temple or the alternate portal you may have procured), timed guild crafting buffs on the EK (for example a statue head that can be used to craft a status that gives +mining crit chance/crit amount but only lasts for 3 days from the time it is built) or timed guild harvesting buffs (similar to crafting). You can even use the forts to give out statue head fragments during the window. Maybe giving out 60 fragments during a 60 minute window and it takes 150 fragments to create a statue head. This could give small guilds a way to gather up fragments and take advantage of larger guilds being distracted elsewhere. Moving people onto EKs also lessens the load of players that are on each map and while it doesn't allow city raiding, it could provide more smaller scale things to fight over. Test Server 7.100 - Top 5 Crowfall likes Pending review of test to happen in the next couple of days. Test Server - Top 5 Crowfall dislikes (what you feel we could be doing better on or a pesky game mechanic that you don't enjoy) and how can we make it better? Pending review of test to happen in the next couple of days.
  14. When using Tunnel it indicates invalid location if the tunnel is not able to be performed. The issue is that it puts the ability on cooldown even though it is not able to be used. This should be changed to set the cooldown based on a successful tunnel and not initiating an unsuccessful tunnel.
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