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  1. I haven't been around testing much since about March simply because it seems like it is in the middle of a development grind where there is little to show month to month. I know some stuff is progressing, but I'll check back when there is something more substantial. I know we all hope that the game lives up to the expectations. I wish you all the best in your efforts but concerns others expressed about communication and lack of substantial updates are an issue. It seems this happens every summer when people are out on vacation or taking advantage of the good weather.
  2. I went for 2 days focusing on hunger crystals for the tools, hit over 300 R6 and higher before I got my 1st one. The RNGrind is real. Edit - Also, someone in our guild hit one after doing just a few, got the tool, so that kind of ticked me off. lol
  3. One of the major issues I had with Shadowbane is that I could run through the world and it was empty. Mine Fights, certain rune drops (that are timed) and sieges were all the brought people out. This game needs PvE if it is going to actually stay lively and there is no need to be out in the world if everything is handed easily to you. I want more reasons for people to be out in the world for more small scale fights, not less. As for the rest, I agree with the whole premise of what you are stating. Val's display today showed the root of the issue. She's probably happy with a vessel as an outcome but for us that orange component vessel turned out worse than a green. After farming all those mats and having a difficult time assembling everything in one place (given the bag space etc), the final combine failed. The stats on that end vessel were terrible and not worth the effort. Wasting time in a game is not a good thing and the results of that craft were a waste.
  4. the timers should be variable min/max and the server picks a random respawn time each time it drops.
  5. I don't want characters to be useless. Right now, on a new Purple or higher vessel, it feels really bad and extremely limited in the ability to gain XP until 15 or so, dependent on the class of course. For some you have to get going as a group during this time until you get the skills you need to be minimally viable especially when you are forced to face the higher mobs for XP. Yeah, this might not be a long-term issue but it is an aspect of the game that needs some thought. Vessel Questions Do you see any additional types of attributes that can be added to vessels coming? Will the vessel crafting system also be used to modify mount attributes or will it use something similar? How does the procedural map creation system take into account the diversity of levels and types of graves on a map? Are there knobs you adjust to create scarcity or absence of certain options for necromancy in a campaign?
  6. I agree with Drizzzt, if you don't have any other reason to be in game it will just be a glorified match map game with an empty world. Not sure that will keep anyone interested. They don't need to add much and they already have much of that stuff planned but if they don't make the world interesting to be in, we won't be in the game.
  7. My opinion may be unpopular but the only way for the game to survive is for there to be great PvE. People complain about running for a long while without seeing anyone, but that is because there isn't jack crap to do in the game. You need enough people out there, doing those other activities to get the interest up, otherwise you end up running through a dead world, just like Shadowbane. At the same time, the only way to make these other activities matter is for them to be worth something and if you are better at PvP as a result of your farming, then those activities matter. I think it is good that people are going to be in the world gathering. I think it is good they get ganked and I think it is fantastic that they feel they have to protect their nodes, their mob spawns and other areas from those killers. We need more of that and for that to mean something, harvesting and being out in the world has to matter to the PvPers.
  8. It is slow because of challenges that they have encountered that limit the ability to hit their vision. They have been working on a new character controller, something that is now on test that will hopefully help with the issues they've encountered. This bottleneck of development has stacked up a lot of other items behind it to be tested on the test server, they have a long ways to go with all the broken stuff.
  9. 5.9 release with the character controller will change some things. Hopefully we not only get better speeds but also vastly improved volume of players that can be at a siege.
  10. They had a stream up earlier in the month and they talked about XP for harvesting and crafting along with doing a pass on sacrificing junk. I don't think that is until 6.0 or something though. Krakken beat me to it
  11. Multiple concurrent campaigns will ensure people will want vessels on several of them so they can play where the action is or farm where there isn't any. Add in that vessels will deteriorate as well and you are absolutely right, it is going to take a bunch of time to get all that going. That said, I like seeing players in the world, not sitting on the EKs dueling or crafting their stuff up without risk.
  12. I still think JamesGoblin is just one of the moderators that likes a post to note that it has been read.
  13. If you enact an afk timer, please make sure you don't do that on an EK. If we had 5 minutes in there before it dropped, that would be bad.
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