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  1. Still having issues when you die. Your crow often is unable to move in any direction except up and down. You have to either relog or hit g to get movement back again.
  2. Chat continues to have issues. It disconnects randomly while in game and then removes all the history that had been there.
  3. This also happened to me. I hit G to go back to my res location, which was one of our keeps, and then I was able to move.
  4. Putting more components and sub-components on recipes is just a time sink we do not need. The value of having sub-component assemblies is that it can create different results depending on the combinations used. You do not have that in food crafting. You have 1 result for bon tipper but now you have 2 sub combines of pasteurized milk and red wine that have no difference in the combination. Pasteurized milk is 5 Raw Milk, Large cooking pot and 2 dust. Red wine is 1 each Water, Apple, Sugarcane, Yeast. Yeast is also yet another sub-combine that yields no different result.
  5. nah, most just turn off and log back in once the dust settles.
  6. except on test, they wont come there
  7. sometimes the reward of improvement is knowing you no longer have to deal with the pitiful progress of the lower levels. That pain separates those that go through it and improve from those that do not.
  8. A good starting place would have been for them to have actually listed all the changes they are making and then test them. There was a lot more going on under the hood than was listed on the patch notes.
  9. I can't get people to do dregs on test. Seriously, the way people play test with unlimited resources is completely different than how they play on live.
  10. Please use the correct forum thread for these reports. Today's is 6.400 Transformation (LIVE) Bug Reports for 2/25/2021 - Beta Playtest Bug Reports - Crowfall Community
  11. <QUESTION> Regarding Bug Feedback: QA will reply back with a confused face on posts yet there are no more details about what they exactly are asking for. Could you have them put more detailed follow up in the posts to allow us to reply in an efficient manner? <QUESTION> Not a question, but a comment. Tiggs has been awesome giving us an efficient avenue to pursue things that are ambiguous but could be issues. Good listener, but her ability to commit to dates rivals JTodd. <QUESTION> Which quarter/year are you expecting launch even if it is a soft launch? We are havi
  12. I submitted a bug for crafted arrows being destroyed on death and the QA response came back as sad, meaning it is working as intended and that is not a good situation. If this is intended, you should get rid of crafted arrows and just allow everyone that can equip a bow to equip a quiver. For those unable to use a quiver, the loss of arrows prevents a player from participating in a fight until they get new arrows. If they resurrect at a statue, they cannot defend themselves until they go to bank and get more. Yes, this is true for all weapons that players could lose but this is t
  13. I think they are getting rid of that stacking barriers function for all of them.
  14. It isn't underappreciated, but when you can get stats in good amounts on dropped gear but you don't have the option to craft those same stats through the combinations, that is the problem. I just want everything on those mob drops available to experiment on through crafting. Also, the highest level of crafting can't even get points as high in some statistics compared to the mob dropped, even with max experimentation.
  15. The fact that dropped gear has statistics that are unable to be crafted is a problem.
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