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  1. Attacking a character on my assassin, both parties standing still on an EK. Not all of the attacks register.
  2. It is slow because of challenges that they have encountered that limit the ability to hit their vision. They have been working on a new character controller, something that is now on test that will hopefully help with the issues they've encountered. This bottleneck of development has stacked up a lot of other items behind it to be tested on the test server, they have a long ways to go with all the broken stuff.
  3. 5.9 release with the character controller will change some things. Hopefully we not only get better speeds but also vastly improved volume of players that can be at a siege.
  4. They had a stream up earlier in the month and they talked about XP for harvesting and crafting along with doing a pass on sacrificing junk. I don't think that is until 6.0 or something though. Krakken beat me to it
  5. Multiple concurrent campaigns will ensure people will want vessels on several of them so they can play where the action is or farm where there isn't any. Add in that vessels will deteriorate as well and you are absolutely right, it is going to take a bunch of time to get all that going. That said, I like seeing players in the world, not sitting on the EKs dueling or crafting their stuff up without risk.
  6. I still think JamesGoblin is just one of the moderators that likes a post to note that it has been read.
  7. These guards are turrents. They have mentioned that they aren't happy with the way they perform and that they would move. There are a number of ways they can handle this though, one simple might be that each arrow is AoE damage. There are a lot of options they can use to make them more or less effective. That said, all armor has weak spots and the guard coverage will not be absolute. Even if the arrows were hitting Scarlet, all she would have to do is pop up immediately after the guard shoots/reloads, fire and pop down behind the building using the LOS as protection. That exists in every game and is a strategy. Maybe once there are roaming guards through an area it might improve but even then, the AI will need to path effectively and it currently does not. Do I think it is a bug? No, I don't think it is a bug. I think it is part of the weakness of the current AI that will evolve and improve through iteration (latest dev catchphrase). It most likely will significantly change with the new character controller. It definitely doesn't provide a desirable gaming outcome but it might not be worth fixing right now. In the end, I think it is good enough. I think the guards should come with an amount of respawns, some fixed number maybe based on rank especially when we have to rank them up.
  8. If you enact an afk timer, please make sure you don't do that on an EK. If we had 5 minutes in there before it dropped, that would be bad.
  9. Aracoix, Satyr and Urgu respawn immediately when killed. Anyone who fights these mobs currently has to pull out of the camp or get nailed by the replacement. Loot drops for Satyr, Aracoix and Urgu, as indicated before, are horrible for these given the effort. All seem to be around 35 gold, small amount of dust and some arrows. tower guards hurt, 100 meters. ouch. Aracoix boss on the north side of the Lindarus camp is not seen on any stealth detection yet appears out of nowhere. The purchasing of guards is interesting but it appears they have to be purchased each time they die. Is that correct? Hunger shards - I have not seen any additives drop. I've hit about 30 nodes. Maybe I'm unlucky. Only the sacrifice shards were given and the value of those are very limited.
  10. Beneficial harvest and skin The beneficial harvest is going to be very difficult for a lot of people. We've been crutching on it for these test cycles but with this change, it is going to make playing this more of a job, and if you fall behind you get greatly gimped because gear is so valuable. I would agree with you Ussiah in that beneficial harvest needs a change and should last longer. The biggest unaddressed issue is that it doesn't impact all harvesting the same. Skinners have a different mechanism for how they harvest, they first have to kill their prey before they are able to skin and most of the time, the 30 seconds of beneficial harvest is useless unless you are skinning in teams. The mechanics for this just don't work for that harvesting skill. You need minutes for this to be something for useful for skinners.
  11. If the attack powers were at range then there would be a lot more decisions that would need to be made for Cleric builds. I would love the difficult decision between healing and attack and that would make the class more versatile while giving up the healing. Ranged and harvest tray is all that is needed for Clerics, just allow them to use more offensive skills at range to make them viable.
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