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  1. The fact that Unity came in last week to help troubleshoot the performance means they are trying hard to close that gap. It will most likely take several iterations to get things better, maybe quite a few changes. Plus 6.2 is a few more weeks away, so I would expect at least April 2021.
  2. An economy will develop. I know at least 1 person who will be a freelance necromancer and has made vessels for people in the past. You just aren't going to get people to make vessels when there is no motivation to put in the effort to set up a vendor.
  3. So again, did you not read what they said? It really isn't that hard to understand. Over 100 major disciplines. Even if the knowledge stack, you don't have room. Over 100 minor disciplines. And yes, I suspect most of these will be greens but even so, no bank room. Just those 2 categories of drops require over an account each to store the items in a campaign. So really, a lot is changing with the volume of materials that are going to be in the game. The size of the character inventory is probably fine. The size of the campaign vault is vastly undersized unless they are
  4. Miners Scrutiny does not add plentiful harvest. That is where your math is off. It gives 1 critical harvest amount.
  5. Just get rid of mobile banking and get rid of recall with items in your inventory. You can recall, but your stuff is left there. The risk is having to run your fort loot back to a bank and this builds spontaneous pvp by hunting those that would be transporting.
  6. So basically the cleric ultimate has been nerfed to poorly made dergs because now we have to be in melee range and our heals don't charge it for crap, except on the radical. Other classes are going to get an ultimate every minute or less but cleric will sit there not charge it up unless we come in pre-charged from mobs.
  7. The volume is changing in 6.2, by a large margin.
  8. That is exactly how it should work. You should be accumulating in campaign and at the end you are allowed to export based on the win conditions. So winners may get 60 exports, the runner ups may get 50. Without the ability to store the items in our banks, way too many items will just end up on the trash pile, sold or sacrificed before they even have to make the difficult decision to identify what they want to actually transfer out. As I stated, the discipline drops themselves will take more than 1 character's worth of bank just to hold if someone is focused on farming for them, yet nothin
  9. Doesn't seem fine to me since you can't freely transfer from a campaign to the EK. That does nothing for the in campaign bloated vault that will exist. The campaigns are where people will spend their time and 100 slots in the vault just won't cut it.
  10. Looking through all of these 6.2 design decisions, the multiplication of the Disciplines both Major and Minor, what exactly is your plan for our bag or bank space? The item bloat in this game continues to go higher and higher with colors and quantities beyond measure. Every one of these different areas takes a whole account just to house the gains. If I were to farm nothing but disciplines in a campaign, I would not be able to store anything else in my vault. This is a huge issue that needs to be resolved in a smart way. Are you going to implement bags or storage to h
  11. Agreed - you want difficult choices, let people select anywhere on the tree for their points up to promotion.
  12. Shield Bash is not on the right click by default, that is either Barrell Roll or Shield Block depending on which one you have in that slot. Shield Bash is a power you put on your hotbars which by default is 1 through 0 on the bar. Open up your spell book and take a look at what you have in the DEF slot on your hotbar, chances are it is still set to Barrell Roll by default. Just drag Shield Block to that right mouse slot if that is what you prefer.
  13. I really hope you have received some good data and you have some great ways to narrow down those issues quickly. I know today I dove into the pile of Dis and my health bar didn't catch up for closer to 12 seconds.
  14. When we were fighting on the corner of last night's siege, I was taking a ton of damage. I hit my miracle (proactively) and the shield/everything showed so far down on my bar because of the lag of the incoming damage. It looks like I'm 80% health but more like 25%. The shield knows where my health should be but my health bar does not. 3 seconds later in my video recording, the damage catches up.
  15. Feedback on tonight's PvP. I was running on basic settings with a pretty good rig and 32GB of RAM. I was getting 8 - 13 FPS during the biggest of the fights and things were pretty delayed. That performed better than I had expected given the number of people around there. I was unable to chop heads using my axe. The progress bar would start for a second then stop. This happened a number of times during the worst of the fighting lag both when we were near the outpost fighting W and when we were up north fighting Dis away from the keep.
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