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  1. To all those complaining about the rewards changing because they were improperly tuned and not working as intended, you are right but they were also right to shut it down before it became a bigger issue. Now, for my feedback: Why do you have Trebuchets, Ballistas, Firing Techniques Scrolls, heartwood firing arms, reinforcing brackets and Catapults as a campaign reward if it cannot be used in Dregs at all? They cannot be imported and are useless. They should not be a part of the rewards given as they cannot be brought into the next dregs. Quarrying Enchanting scrolls are limited to plethora of dust and spot weakness only. You are missing Quarriying Critical Chance and Quarrying Critical Amount. You continue to need some sort of campaign reward for individuals. Campaigns had too few holdings for any sort of diverse political system. Hopefully your 10 zones work better. Handshake sieges are needed immediately. Daily siege defense/offense is tiresome. The last day of dregs is a bit anticlimactic. Scores have already pretty much determined winners and losers.
  2. Feedback on the dregs environment in general: More zones needed on each Dregs. This will promote stretching large groups more thin and allow additional guilds/alliances to participate. We need at least 10 zones with holdings. 9 keep zones and 1 castle. We need at least 2 other zones with no holdings, just adventure areas and points of interest. This will foster pvp and farming without any preference for 1 guild versus another. Handshake sieges needed immediately. This nightly timer is wearing thin. Additionally, if you or your alliance siege a guild, your holdings should be vulnerable at the same time the siege is active. I truly hope that you are thinking about that. The zone caps are causing unfun issues at night. Maybe this can be mitigated by the handshake but it is creating issues as a 3rd party can't get involved in fights if 2 parties are already in there fighting it out. City building simulator - A trebuchet can reduce a building to 0 and it is not easy to level up buildings in the game. The way this campaign is working out, we may not be able to get a fully built city until week 3. The fact that an enemy could destroy that building during a siege window in a very short timeframe is a serious issue that has not been explored yet. This whole mechanic needs to be sped up 3x the speed it is now. We need to be able to build cities and live in them for a while before the end of the server, not have a situation where we just get them built and it ends.
  3. You should have mentioned that the damage is not superior either.
  4. Stone harvesting enchantments are not dropping in Dregs. I'm not sure if they are anywhere else.
  5. not seeing them in the sun temple. Where are they
  6. I went through the NPE today and spent a bunch of time going through the flow. Guillermo tells you that you can press I to see your vessel information and inventory (4 of 7). It is a little thing but when you are on that screen it shows that you can press I but you cannot actually press I while that quest dialogue screen is open. the wolf meat flies out as doobers on the first wolves. This works differently than the rest of the game and is not good. There is a spot between Hilda the Butcher and the Muskog Berserkers near some rocks that creates a pretty bad spot of lag. I thought it was a tray swap issue initially but it is definitely some significant issue with the loading of assets at that spot. I ran back and forth and was able to reproduce it in both directions. What is the purpose of Sh'aakan Bloodwife investigate the carcass? You run, find the carcass with a big ole' ? above it and then run back. Why? Why does it have you go back to release bloodwing? You get a coin then are told to run to another NPC. This seems like you are not learning anything and quests are not a core part of the game. The quest line then takes you all the way back to Gaia and then recall to the earth temple. Maybe that was the objective but it was a lot of running for not much education. The only thing you learn once you return to the temple is that you can sacrifice extra items and how to recall. Master of Merchants has a quest for you as you run by just telling you that you can buy stuff. I'm not certain this is needed but if you are going to do that, either get rid of the level requirements on gear or explain that to players. You should probably explain to rangers that they will not regain stamina in melee tray. It does not make sense intuitively that a ranger, that starts out in melee tray to begin the game is penalized for being in melee tray. In the thralls section of the questline, the thralls are not like they are later in the game. Thralls later drop major/minors and not the dust that is represented during this quest line. If the purpose of the NPE is to teach about the game, the mobs should be similar to late game. During the To the Outpost quest you are required to capture a double tower. In the real game, you have to capture it up top, not on the bottom. Going to update this, as I continue through again.
  7. Not only complex but the results are widely random, so it takes volume to truly make the best stuff. I love the deep crafting but can't stand the fact that skill is vastly outweighed by the wide variety of random results.
  8. You work your tail off grinding away at items you don't need because mob drops are better. Let's say weaponsmith for the sake of this discussion. You spend a ton of gold, blow more dust than a 1970s night club and personally take the harvester's time invested in acquiring materials. You are the best. You have a Legendary Disc/Belt, The best crafting gear and all the potions. You are ready to take a job for someone crafting. They give you all the materials necessary and you get to work to craft a legendary weapon for a customer. You make the sub-combines and they turn out pretty well. You do everything you need to do. You start your experimentation with the proper amount of risk, given your skill that is the best in the game. The first random numbers come up poorly so you do a full reroll and spend the chaos embers. The second set of random numbers come up worse. You click on the reroll of the lowest 3 but you are sure that is not going to have any impact. The weapon turns out worse than a good purple. In essence, you just wasted your time and burned the customer's materials. From your customer's standpoint, the product and all the effort to gather those legendary items was a waste. It took no small effort and in the end the wide range of random results is a problem in this game. It feels bad and it completely prevents any sort of transaction occurring like this. The life of a legendary crafter consists of 2 options. Either craft by volume using the resources of your entire guild to try to get a few good pieces once in a while or try to be a freelance crafter making pieces for people where the results will ultimately fail to be better than the lower color weapons 60% of the time and cause the crafter to quit. It feels bad. I used to be a legendary grandmaster spellcrafter on DAOC. For a while, I was the best in the business for my faction and on the server. I would get great materials from people, take the best equipment in the game that they meticulously had made for them and add on the enchantments. Leveling it sucked and it was an expensive grind but at the top it felt good. The crafting paid off. Crowfall crafting needs to pay off more. Reducing the randomness of the results would help enforce player skill would matter more than pure luck. Allowing the crafter to select where the 3 reroll points are used could help as well.
  9. Crafting enchants that increase cap but do not increase the stats by the same value are worthless until end game and most of the time those are not worth it either. Harvesting critical amount is not provided in the drops for enchanting. You used to get critical harvest chance and critical harvest amount on harvesting seals. Now you have put in only 1 stat on the armor enchantments and critical harvest amount is not available. I do not see how critical harvest amount is able to get to 5 without at least 1 point from armor, even with food.
  10. Top 5 likes and why (be brief please ) about 6.540 I like the large group fights. I like the depth of crafting allowing us to customize the gear to our builds. I like the possibility that you can be attacked at any point in the campaign I like the combinations of the characters/classes/disciplines that allow me to adjust the playstyle. I like to be able to control territory through the guild. Top 5 Dislikes and why (be brief please) about (what you feel we could be doing better on or a pesky game mechanic that you don't enjoy) and how can we make it better? Daily sieges on holdings is too much. They need to be handshake sieges where an opponent puts some skin in the game to initiate it and other parties can also add on, for a price. The winner should get some of the proceeds. The daily defense/offense is a bit much. Players cannot search for items being sold and there is no way for them to see what is available on an EK or anywhere else in game. This is an issue. The economics support systems in this game are terrible. You continue to reduce the size of the EK parcels. The layout many of us saw with the small castle, the large keep, the walls and everything cannot even fit on the parcels we received with our packages. Years ago it was indicated that you wanted those KS packages to be the best value but now they seem marginalized as you have gotten away from what EKs were supposed to be. There is no feeling of why we need a keep or holding. Maybe just due to short campaigns and small population. Shadowbane had 100 places to build. Darkfall had the same. This gave small guilds room to develop and avoid large guilds. You don't have that in this game currently and it is stifling. The maps are too easy to traverse and there are way too few of them. You should have at least 20 zones in a campaign yet we are not seeing that. 5 zones is just way too few. You can't develop small guilds or any sort of deep political environment without room for people to build and attack. The combat still does not feel responsive enough. dodge roll out of an aoe before it drops (on your point of view) and you still get hit by it and in some cases crowd controlled due to the timing. There is way too much aoe in this game as well. Did you complete the NPE if not why? Yes NPE - Let's hear your top 5 likes about NPE and why You did a better job going through many of the elements of the game NPE - Let's hear your top 5 dislikes about NPE and why It is a lot of running around in the NPE and it seems very long for what it is. There was nothing in the NPE that discusses the eternal kingdom, its purpose and why it should be important to a new player There was nothing to indicate how trading or the economy is supposed to happen in game. Nothing discusses exotic disciplines such as foreman and how they work. You have a motherlode quest where you get help from an NPC but it doesn't really tell you that for higher level nodes you need a foreman discipline to harvest efficiently or how to get it. It definitely does not explain that your advanced rune tool needs to have a soul gem equipped in order to even get one. Please allow us to hide the quests! What would you like to see added or removed from the NPE and why? You added gear level limits. You need to get rid of those. You can get weapons 2 or 3 levels before you can actually use them in the NPE. The levels on the weapons seems like an unnecessary limit. You need deeper crafting NPE quest lines that players can opt into. Something that talks about the deeper crafting of each specialty, the combinations that give different results and where they get some of the items they can't make themselves.
  11. I'm seeing the same issue with the ground as the other user. I was attacking mobs, then I moved my mouse down and the floor disappeared.
  12. Its a get your tail in there so it isn't pointless thing... ACE will be watching.
  13. 200 player caps in 1 zone is a non-starter for a siege based game. You need a lot higher caps than this for the game to be competitive. 200 people is going to cause folks just to log in and cap the zone for defense.
  14. It is funny the lack of fortitude that players will show in games when they are new. So you would rather just complain and uninstall rather that determine why something happened? In a game where there are a ton of counters to other's playstyle, it never ceases to amaze me that people don't look at that fight as a challenge that should be overcome. I guess some gamers want to play games and some gamers just want to be led down the hamster tube to the end.
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