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  1. You are not wrong. It takes many months at current live training to achieve great success in 1 harvesting line let alone several. You are also correct that it would take years to master much of what you want. As for healing philosophy, they have mentioned they didn't want firehose healing. Granted, that was long ago and much has changed since then. Healing currently may not be a firehose but that garden hose is pretty freaking big. Clerics are actually in a pretty solid spot currently depending on what disciplines and minors you take.
  2. We do this often already. We build our own arenas with the pieces they give us.
  3. Given that there is a major revamp coming and that chances are current skills won't be adjusted too much, I would highly recommend just putting everything on Live, let everyone play through the issues, warts and all until 6.2.
  4. Not sure what others think of this but you are going to have some disgruntled people in my opinion with the low volume of gold/gear producing camps on these Dregs maps. Especially since you took out what was interesting about farming the animals (hearts, lungs etc.) and put all that on the humanoids.
  5. Fort of Baas Al'Raa - Siege ends in 4:40 and the timer is ticking down according to the world map but when in the fort, it is protected. I didn't see the guards. I relogged and they were there. As I was running through the world, I got hit by a spider, unseen by my eyes. I then ran to a guard tower, no guards visible. Definitely a lot of objects not loading, unable to be seen until reboot.
  6. I am not exactly sure if you are aware or not but over the last 24 hours, I have had a number of messages stating that the forums are unavailable. Maybe you are making changes often, maybe not. On the mobile view on Google Chrome, there isn't an easy way to go back to the main forum. The options to go to previous is for the page but are greyed out. The navigation windows to go back to the main menu are not visible.
  7. I appreciate the scattered details of the discipline and talent changes that are coming although this will totally change the game. The amount of variation and the tool to allow people to see the possibilities will be interesting and I'm sure full of challenges. I sure hope this system is thought through fairly well because the way this game works, just a small misrepresented decimal point can mean a massive difference in results for a player. It would be great to be able to see those calculations a little better.
  8. The classes change drastically at 30. The game basically starts at 30, not ends. Your point on the skills is somewhat right on. In addition, you cannot craft anything yourself, you need another specialized character with others to feed you supplies. It will take many months to max something at the training rate they will make it, so yes, they will be "behind", but that doesn't mean they can't be competitive. The crafted armor/weapons is a fair concern. Right now, most everyone is running in stuff slightly better than can be dropped. That will get better and the gap will increase.
  9. running through Vanaheimr [19 to 24] all the Elk are Ghost Elk as if they are under the hunger effect but no hunger in the area.
  10. Now, if you could just get them to comment more...
  11. Skinning knives with harvest chance blood show the correct value on the explore window but they are actually reducing the chance to get blood. I broke 3 skinning knives with Harvest Chance: blood at 5.7%. I received quite a bit of bone but 0 blood. Once I switched to knives with Beneficial Harvest Chance: Animal, then I was able to get blood with 5.0% blood harvest chance.
  12. Optimization and performance are definitely the highest issue on the list still for those that have been here the longest. It still feels delayed when you are fighting and we need the large group pvp to be viable. New Player Experience The other issue I am finding, especially with new players is they have no clue how to actually be valuable. Without a better system to allow more robust trading (or a guild), they will continue to have a difficult time seeing how they can do more than farm mobs. New players can't gather anything of value for a while. They can't craft because they don'
  13. Have fun with New World. It was better once... now it is just a shell of what it was.
  14. With the change, skinning needs to be buffed compared to the other harvesting. Since you are fighting mobs, it takes more time to be able to start skinning. You should increase the volume dropped by 30%.
  15. Agree they shouldn't have color. I also would hope they wouldn't have gold or dust.
  16. You need to review the value of goods that fort boxes provide on Infected. Since they have much less risk in that you don't lose what is in your inventory, they should have much less reward compared to Dregs. Especially with the removal of basic crafting materials and the reduction of the unexpected doobers, this value is too much.
  17. You can group again now. Lots of other stuff broken though.
  18. AI Duelists are not maximizing their animation cancellation to get the best DPS they can. They could see an 800% increase in DPS with better skill cycling compared to players.
  19. Mob AI is jumping off in random directions when attacked, never at the player. Blenden loot boxes at the tents etc. are not spawning.
  20. One assassin is frozen, unable to be damaged, yet somehow is able to attack you at range adding severe bleeds etc. He can follow you a long ways away as well. The other two mobs in that spawn were verified down. I continued to attack those mobs, now there are 2 stuck, not taking damage. Both will attack you until you run out of range but they will appear frozen to the spot, not moving. I logged out and back in. When I came back in, I saw a druid spawn. The 2 assassins that I knew to be there were gone. I popped shadow sight, did not see
  21. Myrmidon underground still Gods Reach 7 West / Blenden [25 to 30] 1827, -1, 2872 This mob has been there for a few tests now. I know it has been reported before.
  22. The volumes of materials you risk by crafting in an open pvp world is all on the crafter. There is no risk to the player attacking. Even if the gear you are wearing were to totally break after that fight, the reward could be exceedingly high. Shadowbane didn't have that level of risk. The comparisons just aren't the same. That said, in Darkfall, catching someone smelting with their massive supply of ingots and making it out was some of the biggest rush of adrenaline I've had in a game. The risk of me losing my gear bag was always worth trying. I understand the points b
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