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  1. Is there a section that has the lore of the game and story of crowfall? Like why the kingdoms of the three factions are warring? Why we are crow spirits that cannot die and are possessing vessels? Are normal npc characters crow spirits too that cannot die and take over new vessels, or is this like anime Log Horizon type stuff?
  2. Eve online has multiple Factions but dont really matter much either, but it helps immersion and give people a guide towards a goal. if the game is lacking immersion and something that people will really get into then the game will die. The game needs its own Lore so people can enjoy the story. Not just jump into random battles that they don't care for.
  3. I've been following Crowfall for some time now, I was a huge fan of ShadowBane and I love the hardcore aspects of Risk vs Reward. Eve online, UO, ShabowBane, Mortal Online, SWG. Ive always leaned more towards games with a penalty more than Xp/Equip degrade upon death. Full Loot drops, partial loot drops, destroyed ships... Something were dying sucks, but still fun enough to make you go out and PvP. Losing all your stuff isnt the greatest, but when you win, the reward is just that much better. I don't hate carebears, I just don't want the game to focus around them. If they don't want to risk their items to get better items, then getting Legendary tier items should be out of their grasp. When i first heard about Crowfall the game to me, sounded like a Multi Faction moba with a persistent universe always fighting for territory. You had your own kingdom where friends can come visit and you can set up shops, buildings and do what ever you want in your X by X land to an extent. When your Faction(or God) is battling for more control, you can enroll to various skirmishes varying from Carebear status to Full Loot deaths. Looking at the game now, I am still excited to play and experience what this game has to offer; I am hesitant though. Vessels, Different Gods, I am trying to figure out how all that will play out. What i see the game being is: You start the game as a Crow(soul ripped from hell/heaven) by various Gods that try to make you fight for them, then you choose your alliance to[more to the affect of how Factions are with Eve Online] . There would be Nine or more Gods all various back stories, affiliations with other Gods and each God would have two allies and two enemies[baha'i star]. Yet if you decide to choose a God you seem is awesome but your friend chooses a God that isn't affiliated with it, you could defect/apostate and join your friend, similar to being a freelance mercenary or sellsword. The game would play similar to Guild Wars 2 or ESO PvP map, you would have multiple points of interest that needs to be taken. Some would be resources, that would periodically send shipments to the home base, Which could be intercepted by an enemy faction and stolen if not protected(this would give smaller groups that couldnt siege a point of interest a feeling of helping their cause) Some would be Garrisons that would periodically spawn fighters and siege weapons to push forward towards their enemy(but not being truly able to siege a fortified structure without Crows help). Others could be keeps that could lock down and send defenders back towards their allies. A constant battle would be going; at a stand still until Crows get involved. Vessels... i feel should play similar to Eve Onlines ships, you can outfit them, store them and can take them to battle. But if in a Hardcore skirmish, dying would mean losing them, the Crow would be expelled from the Vessel and the victor would be able to loot the spoils, only a limited amount of the dead Crows items should be able to be taken and the rest become broken scrap. This would cause problems.. Thus, items should be relatively easy to acquire, only legendary items should take time to get. When you first start the game, the Crow acquires a green tier vessel of their choosing. All white tier vessels should be free and available at their EK or the skirmishes home base. Unless the Skirmish type states otherwise. When acquiring a new vessel, they should also come equipped with standard gear so players can readily get back into battle. Yet I have no idea where the direction of the game is going since it is evolving every day with new ideas and concepts.
  4. Will there be any benefit to roaming around murdering everyone with out doing objectives? Goons are a gently caress sort and love to reap in the tears of their slain carebears and poop sockers Are guilds able to Queue up for campaigns in whole or does each member have to find the correct campaign and join in hope of it not becoming full before then.
  5. so, whats happening with the shadowbane style disciplines/runes in character creation? like your background has stat changes, positive and negative. Or the near sighted rune decreases your spell range but increases intelligence type runes/disciples. Or are they going to be items to be slotted into your vessels?
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