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  1. I am just done with your idiocy; bye.
  2. Douchebag that thinks they have any idea what I am or am not confirmed.
  3. cool story bro. Thanks for the opinion.
  4. Live Server Top 5 Crowfall likes (things you feel we're doing great on). VIP Unlimited Respec is very nice The combat feels decent for most classes in small group / Solo Live Server - Top 5 Crowfall dislikes (what you feel we could be doing better on or a pesky game mechanic that you don't enjoy) and how can we make it better? This is a zerg game, but when in your infinite wisdom you decided not to allow raid groups you kicked individual rewards in the nuts. Last night in GvG, because I am a healer and my group didn't do much or any damage to anyone, I get no assists credited. It looks like and rewards me as if I did nothing. Fix this. No stat bundle in the middle forcing players to always take the outside rings for most builds. The perception range of 27m default is too pathetically short, barely the range of my leap. I am not asking for the 200m a ranger gets, but can we at least move it up to like 35 - 40m Please work on inventory management, please. It is barely manageable on God's reach; the rest are awful. Just give me tabs for each type of category like you did gear. Paladin Healing. It needs a revamp. Something.
  5. Ignore Erad, he exaggerates a lot. It is not "easy" to get to 1600 support power. I said 1300+ on purpose because I run anywhere between 1378 and 1453 depending on what I am running. You could get to 1600 with a Legendary disc that has 100 support power and a 100 + support power crafted weapon and the support power aura. It's a very specific setup though and would just barely get me to 1600 support power. Last night in Dregs the best heals I had were only about 2K from a crit on healing burst, but both the locational healing spells didn't even get to be used to full effect because the "team" moved out of them fast, even on a "point defense" because we were out zerged. Hax came with 50-60 to our 30-35. So the locational healing got left behind as the leader ordered us to retreat out and try and kite. So what if I could get another 150 support power, is that suddenly going to make my heals 4-5K? Is it suddenly going to make them move? No, it's not and it doesn't change the fact that the only place the templar is useful for anything is a tiny fraction of time in fort / keep defense. It doesn't change the fact that locational healing, low healing amounts, and not much else in the toolkit is no where near effective. It's pretty pathetic that all these people are railing against a change to the Paladin spec to make it more useful in situations outside of 15 minute count down defense a few times a week. There is a reason that almost every templar you see is a Vindi. There is a reason that last night in Dregs I was the ONLY Paladin out of 10 templars.
  6. Maybe, but I doubt it; I have noticed a similar issue. Now, it could also be the type of mob or the type of armor on a player I suppose. However, parry damage is inconsistent at best.
  7. After a couple weeks on Dregs and now FvF, you're entirely wrong. There are almost no use cases for standing and defending a spot. There is about 15 minutes 3 days a week when forts/keeps come up to do that. That's it, why? because it isn't worth capping anything in the first 45 minutes it's open. There is no incentive to hold anything for an hour. Other than that, this game is moving in the open between spots, which take very little time to cap, and lots of fighting in between with massive amounts of movement. The PALADIN specialization of this class feels absolutely worthless in the majority of game play. You're just like every other person who thinks spot based localization healing is meaningful. It's not. Let's play your game and assume it is - then we need to be able to move that spot without it being tied to a long cool down because the spot moved and is ever moving. Just last night I was one of two healers, and you aren't even talking about how broken it is that you HAVE TO HAVE two healers to even remotely compete, and the group is constantly yelling for heals and my answer is "You moved out of it and it's on cooldown" or "My one direct heal is on cooldown". I even use friar, but the amount of healing that does is pathetic. (This is from the fights just last night even and many others before that) So you have a storm of just awful mechanics - localized healing, long cooldowns, and barely noticeable healing amounts. So, you're absolutely right they need to tear Paladin and probably fury down to the ground and rebuild it to not be the blue outhouse it is. The state of healing in this game in general is just pathetically bad, with so many ranged that can chunk off more than you can hope to heal for in every single cooldown is not even funny. Plus almost every other class has a form of self-sustain. And before you are like derp derp gear or vessel - I am on crafted gear with 1300+ support power and a blue vessel. As a last mention here - why is it that ace development partners are the ones I see the most railing against the state of paladin? why are they the ones always pooping the idea that something is broken and not working well? Sad that is going to be associated with the DEVs and their lack of respect for a CONSTANT theme for this specialization having a poor experience. Unless the only word that counts is MrErad who plays a confessor now except when he sometimes opts to kill level 28 players and says the spec is fine because they zerg rolled some low level newbs.
  8. Yes, but it is scaling with support power for whatever reason because it is doing more than 500, but maybe it is scaling off INT then with healing bonus?
  9. Paragon will be very weak without any SPR. It barely heals me for 500 every 6 seconds on the paladin with 1200 support power.
  10. One thing is that you can shift some of your CON to INT and still have ~10K HP (probably? this build calc I think some of the major/minors are wrong or something). Elken Vindicator of Wind • Crowcaine Build Consider though that you are building something that is only going to work against melee attacks. Your RP is pretty useless against any kind of ranged attack. So you have to be able to keep the ranged in your circles and in melee range. With as few melee DPS builds as there are that are viable, this build might really be lackluster up against the large number of ranged DPS.
  11. first - Crowcaine isn't even close to updated. It's like hugely behind. The tree hasn't changed I don't think, but all the stats and major/minors are not exactly right. Build - IMPO I would drop the extra minor for Congregation to keep your target up time high on the Human version. On the Elken version, I don If you're VIP the good news is that you can just respec these when you want. Elken Vindicator of Wind • Crowcaine Build - maybe something like this?
  12. Here is another potential tweak -> Paladin spec = STR to scale healing and damage. We can now still heal our groups while not hitting a target for 100-150 damage, but more like 300.
  13. There are even better options in small group PVP, like clerics. Point defense is the only place where Templar - Paladin is really of any use and that is even debatable with how good clerics are in the same setting.
  14. 1. Not a vindi build, so not sure how vindi applies here. 2. Good your other classes can get away from ganks, again not the point of the thread. 3. If 5 people jump someone, they should die. I am not asking for god mode here. I am asking for being a little more than smear when any single class comes at me. Right now my option is to stand and die. I can't even make it all that annoying to kill me. Ranged? just plink at me while I cannot close more than once every 30 seconds or so and my ability to generate PIPs is near 0 which I need to close distance. Melee? out DPS my heals and/or move out of my circles to force me to move to stay engaged on you or try and get away. Once I am out of my circle a lot of my damage is gone and so is 1/2 my heals. I am not really even asking for major overhaul or anything. Just make Divine light an aura for the paladin and help us have a prayer of escaping while we heal. It's 1 heal over time and in order to use it I have to generate PIPs which requires I hit or be hit. At least I could move though and keep a bit of my heals. Right now you have a trifecta of bad - 1. Heals are largely stationary or long cooldowns, 2. Heals require you to get hit or be hitting to cast with 0 incentive to do the hitting because your damage is less than a PVE mob, 3. You're completely immobile once you have cast heals because you need to be hit to hit back with any effect or cast another heal (assuming it's off cooldown). Many of the other classes specs aren't basically just a walking target, even in group play. I went to Dergs the other day to see it there and how it does with a group. It's not great especially in the open (which is most of dergs for a small guild/group). It's not completely worthless, but it's not as tanky as cleric or as good of a healer. You can't truly play it as a DPS healer hybrid in solo or group because the damage is pathetic even spec'd full 200 Str and whatever is left in SPR. I get it, you play other classes and they're fine, so surely paladin is fine.
  15. Where did I say that? Even if I had, it can't solo 1v1 either and it cannot get away. I love people with these stupid ass statements because it shows all you care about is keeping the OP, OP. You have no true understanding of balance and you obviously don't care to engage in discourse about what is wrong with the class and how it might be improved with out breaking it and the game.
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