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  1. As the title suggests, there should be realistic and accurate combat animations (no ridiculous overswing with swords, no super flashy spinning attacks, realistic stances, etc,)
  2. Dual Wakizashi because Japanese weapons are awesome
  3. This post is possibly a bit late, but for the revenue generation would possibly be set up similarly to TERA (cosmetics and such) and maybe a subscription based thing that gives monthly rewards (no stat items but some fancy exclusives, sort of like an unusual hat in TF2)
  4. Why not a similar system to Guild wars 2 where you pay [insert price here] up front and unlock all of the game's content permanently?
  5. I should give a better example for the type of layout designing now that I think about it, more along the lines of 'The mighty quest for epic loot' type of designs (the building of multiple separate rooms connecting to an initial Starting room)
  6. You know how in most MMO's that guild homes cost a certain amount of gold and then you get what you get? Assuming anyone sees this post, there should be some sandbox like elements to the game that allows for superior guild hall customization (similar to the warframe system but not dumb) such as the option to place furniture or crafting areas where you desire or possibly a minecraft like construction mode in which you use gathered materials to build structures from the ground up (and also no set locations, that is a thing of the past)
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