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  1. I'm not a huge fan of how winter feels. I know that winter is supposed to create scarcity to encourage hoarding in the early months and pvp in the later months, but I don't think it's actually achieving that as it stand. Siege PVP usually seem to be a bit more exciting (if the score is close and the option of winning available), but the time in between the siege windows is pretty slow. For the most part, when winter rolls around harvesters quit harvesting and as a result, small group pvp seems to taper off. This leaves a few options of available activities: craft in keeps/EKs, plan skrims
  2. I'm not super fimiliar with shadowbane. Do these abilities that bypass walls take time to build, or is it *jihan casts group fly* and the response needs to be immediate?
  3. That's some Mulan level poorly made socks right there. That said, I agree.
  4. If you are good your clicking at least two teams for every auto attack lol
  5. Love all the mobility this has, and glad you guys are limiting that by mana instead of a lack of mobility skills
  6. Pretty sure you lose whatever isn't in your vault. But you at least get that and whatever rewards for winning (if you're castle was good enough to make you win I suppose). Again, most important things will be happening inside the campaigns. It's the things that are brought out that I'm worried about losing, or it being useless. As far as reputation goes, I assume the best crafters (or the most popular?) and best cities will be talked about as you mentioned and it's just something a player who has been around for awhile will be familiar with. I'm sure people will also use the forums to that
  7. Thanks for pointing this out, I had just assumed that supply would be abundant outside the campaign, especially after the game has been going a little while. Heres to hoping all the little details make it so supply isn't as high as I expecting and big cities take lots of time and materials.
  8. Suppose they will have to find brains elsewhere. Thanks for the link, you were on top of that business. EDIT: I'm not sure PVE can be meaningful (interruptive) in a PVP setting then. Which may be for the better. As someone mentioned, if someone cuts my supply line, I'll want someone to hate.
  9. Have you seen what EQN is doing with there monsters? The gist of it is they are given a list of priorities, and instead of having a fixed spawn point, they move to where those priorities are met. This might be another way they can attempt to make sure smaller groups are viable as opposed to just giant groups with giant keeps. For instance a zombie priority set might be: 1. Brains 2. Brains 3. Moar Brains. A giant keep will keep you safe but now you've attracted zombies because the amount of people behind your wall.
  10. It might be interesting if something like this wasn't a guild tool, but a ability that can be trained through certain support archetypes.
  11. That's a good point. I image that kind of game play that I'm looking for will be able to be had during a 6month duration. Do you think trade hubs will emerge during the campaigns? I could see that maybe (a big maybe hah) happening with the neutral faction that needs to create a balance of points between the other two sides.
  12. http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/2914-food-and-consumption/ That's all I could find quickly. I know thats the not the official word either. I just remember mention of food being involved and having stat reductions if you go too long with out it. Can anyone help me on this? Also please note I am not for these EK circle jerks that you mentioned above. The best economist/crafters are the ones who know how to kill the competition.
  13. Could farming not be worked into CWs since we will be reliant on food anyways? It would add a fun element to siege warfare (burn their food source and starve them out). Granted I do understand what you're saying about getting the core created before everything else, but maybe later?
  14. Thanks for the link. Makes me feel a bit better about the economy in EKs, although from what Cirolle is saying it sounds like it won't be anywhere close to 100% of whats in the inventory... which makes me feel a little worse? hah. I guess I'm still just having a hard time seeing the the EK panning out as a trade hub, given what we know. Right now I'm just imaging wealth/artifacts to be as about important as Influence Points/Runes in LoL (not very).
  15. Humanoid Cuttlefish, obviously. Octodad with armor or something like that.
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