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  1. I'm excited to see how vendors and city building is going to change the dynamics of the current testing environment
  2. I'm enjoying the confessor a lot.. but I still think the Frostweaver is goign ot be my MAIN of choice...
  3. I'd say our activity has increased and is continuing to increase with the new updates.. Lots of us are testing out different things about the crafting and the combat.... the excitement meter is definitely going up! How about you, mister?
  4. Wow!!! Did you guys see that new update??? CRAFTERS REJOICE!
  5. Are we getting Controller support on launch? I am currently playing ESO with an Xbox controller and I gotta tell ya.. it is the most fun I've had in a long time, playing an MMO. Made it a new game! Crowfall's gameplay make it perfect to play with a controller.. I REALLY HOPE we get controller support
  6. Im hoping this weekend we all have access already.. Fingers crossed... By the way, great time to be joining a guild.. anyone on the fence about when to join, I would say.. 5.3 is a good reason..
  7. Well guys.. so it seems that our launch date has just been, once again pushed back. For most of us that have been following CF closely, that is no surprise. While I understand and agree with their reasons (Ive always loved Blizzard's games for that same commitment to giving the players nothing less than a complete and well built game) it is important that we as a community now come together to re-evaluate our own challenge at this moment; maintaining the sense of community, through activities and interactions for long enough to still be a community, once the game is launched. Many ha
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