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  1. It's called "strategy"

    This thread made me chuckle. I like you RQ, seem like my type of people.
  2. Lore board

    A pvp game without lore can thrive with good combat A pvp game with a fleshed-out backstory, but with bad combat will fail. So what is more important?
  3. Flippin socks over here.

    I'll have to agree with Arawulf here. Its refreshing to finally see a game not putting the sword on our backs, and I think it looks pretty cool.
  4. Run in Group Formation

    I think its a good idea to support the people not as skilled as yourself. Not everyone is a HC PvP'er, and we have to help them get to an equal level to the rest. Letting guild leaders control large groups of players will help with the overall skillgap in the game.
  5. We Are Only Crows - Crowfall Fan Song

    Would you mind giving us the chord progression of the song? It is really great, and I would love to do a piano rendition in the future if possible. -Steven
  6. Run in Group Formation

    This is an awesome idea. Guild leaders should be able to control their guild and move people into position. It will create a new way to dictate fights not seen in other mmo's. Excellent suggestion Kriptik!
  7. Can't wait

    Welcome to the CF community The game is going to be awsome! If you have any questions about the game, forum or other stuff, feel free to PM me! -Steven
  8. Looks like Alpha 1 invites are going out soon!

    I wish you guys luck in the Dome, and be sure to stream it for the rest of us
  9. Enter CPJ

    Welcome to the boards! Feel free to PM me if you have any questions regarding CF
  10. I've Been Here Awhile.....

    Always nice with more active members on the forum! And CF needs a good wiki, I like TD's wiki a lot.
  11. Hello Everyone

    If you have been on an MMO search, you should just stop now, CF is going to be a hit! Welcome to the board, and dont be afraid to contribute!
  12. Late to the party

    Hey man, you are not late at all. Pre-Alpha is just starting, so you can watch a bunch of streams popping up soon. Welcome to the forum!
  13. Raizex, a Random Gamer Person, says Hi

    Welcome to the Crowfall community! This is probably the best introductionpost I have read so far, keep it up!
  14. It's howdy doody time

    Hi and welcome to CF! Dont be scared to contribute in the forum, people dont bite very hard.
  15. New Blood

    Welcome to the community! Send me a PM if you have any questions!
  16. I Am Zim

    Welcome to the CF community, happy to have you with us! Good luck with your guild!