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  1. The only way you will pick up an avatar automatically is if it was imported from Gravitar using the e-mail address you registered here on the Crowfall website with. Gravitar will import from Wordpress or EA. If you have a Wordpress (blog, website, etc), an EA account, or just an account on Gravitar then chances are that's where your "automatic" avatar came from.
  2. Thread relocated to appropriate forum.
  3. They have indeed started. This thread was necro'ed from days past. However, given the fruitful discussion of the last page and a half I see no reason to lock or dismiss any of the conversation because a user made a mistake.
  4. Thread moved to Introductions sub-forum.
  6. Locking this thread. The discussion of buying and selling accounts is no longer allowed on these forums according to the new Rules of Conduct. This topic is also well past the 90 day window for thread resurrection.
  7. See this answer below from Gordon; http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/7452-layaway-is-live-full-announcement-coming-tomorrow/?p=197752 Thanks, Medal
  8. http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/rss/forums/1-news-announcements/
  9. Aang, Unfortunately, uploading images does not work. You will need to link to a web image. I suggest you upload it to imgur.com, and then link to your image there. You may also use the Gravtar integration in conjunction with your account e-mail address. Regards, Medal
  10. Drakiis, Courant101 is correct. If you run into a payment processing issue please send an e-mail to support@artcraftent.com. They will look into the problem, and get back to you soonest. Thanks, Medal
  11. Locking this thread as per the Rules of Conduct. Thanks, Medal
  12. It is not something we can address. Thus my instructions above. Thanks, Medal
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