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  1. Looking for a guild. I'll use the existing template for convenience: Region: North America (CST) Atmosphere: I want a guild with a strong emphasis on teamwork. Camaraderie matters, but so does success. Casual/Hardcore: I've always been hardcore, but I'm getting more casual as I get older (31 currently) Size: Medium to Large Play Style: I prefer tanky melee characters. Put me in the thick of the fight with a good team around me and I'm happy. I do not play healers. Will likely be doing Knight / Templar as those share trees in passive training. Will likely be focusing on gathering / crafting and will do PVP but not as my primary focus. I may not even develop any combat passive trees early on. Commitment: I play one game at a time, and commit fully to it. 15-40 hrs / week will vary with schedule. That being said... if something is going down at 3 AM and bodies are needed I will more often then not respond. Miscellaneous: I'm easy to get along with, and I'm competent at what I play. Experience: Diablo 2, SWG, FF11, SWTOR, WoW, Various other games in these genres... I have raid led for vanilla wow guilds as well as been GM / Main tank for many years across wow... I miss the SWG crafting days when I was one of the top crafters on server (pre CU / NGE) and am looking to relive those days in crowfall. So as previously mentioned I will be more Crafting / gathering focused, my only emphasis in PVP will be to help with said gathering / crafting and to be at least somewhat useful during skirmishes. Oh.. 2016 KS Sapphire backer... so I have been following this for some time and am VERY eager to play. Limited play testing however as I have just dabbled to get somewhat of a feel for it.
  2. Got a new phone... giving old phone away, but I tried to remove 2FA and it did not work? I never got the email to remove it
  3. I WILL NOT be attending said event... lol Karoke , ewwww. Best of luck to all involved haha.
  4. Thanks again for the help on the KS saph :)

  5. Ill have saphire by alpha launch >.> its just on layaway so my wife does not bug out by me paying so much for an unreleased game lol.
  6. Looks like we will have another Alpha 1 tester... Must.. upgrade.. this weekend!
  7. Glad to be a new member, cant wait to get in game with everybody in alpha.
  8. Tower guard.. good thought.!
  9. grats, dont go getting abusive now. lol
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