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  1. cant even imagine where these newbies would be without their youtubes and their twitches
  2. byrr

    The Mercs

    after the money you threw at the kickstarter, your damn right. Sorry valor, didnt see this in time. Game is still very early on so we dont check the forums very often.
  3. think diablo 3 proved otherwise. keep trying though.
  4. Why not go a step further and legalize RMT entirely in game with selling between players and taking a cut of the sale. Youd cut down on gold sellers even more and make a bigger profit? reason is people would suddenly consider this making the game p2w even though its doing the exact same thing.
  5. not even the best movie of the year, Whiplash ftw.
  6. RMT stands for real money trading, or paying for something in a game with dollars. Gold sellers are the ones selling video game currency for money.
  7. I was skeptical with how vague you were being up to this point, then you just lost me. Not taking real action against botters/RMTers was an annoyance to you but its whatever. Not being able to ban someone for saying %+@!$#?&*^? custard it, I quit.
  8. Then dont give us this half measure malarky. Let us sell to each other as players and take a cut of the transaction.
  9. i dont do kickstarters. They will always want my money and I dont want to have access to some game before its actually ready for players.
  10. that this was all a joke put on by a games studio who presented a game that could in no way be financially viable.
  11. honestly lets just legalize RMTing. You already do it with the VIP tokens, just set it up where the developers take a cut from the transaction. Having this 1 step removed crap is just insulting. Gear being bought gets destroyed anyway, resources are at risk as you transport them, etc, etc, etc. Just skip the VIP hogwash and get to the matter at hand.
  12. no good love. %+@!$#?&*^ is the same as %+@!$#?&*^? thats just some lazy poorly made socks right there.
  13. thats because your a custard %+@!$#?&*^.
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