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  1. Fishing and diving would be interesting (though diving is unlikely given that I believe they intend to make entering water hazardous period), but I don't really care if either is implemented. Now, naval combat on the other hand... I would love being able to plunder my foes on the open seas AC:4 style.
  2. For me, I'd agree with the OP that large-scale battles that can remain consistently stable is the most important element to make into the game. I'd also highly rank continent-sized maps to complement the large battles, and voxel destruction to improve the tactical level of combat. And because blowing things up is fun. VR isn't too important and would require a lot of reworking of the current combat style, as is having locational damage. Combat pets would be fun, but not really too big of a deal for me. Everything else on the OP's list I would rank somewhere in the middle: not deal-breakers if they aren't there, but that doesn't mean I don't want them to be in the game.
  3. http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/9050-to-crowfall-devs/?p=229828
  4. The way I see it, a "Horse Taxi Service" could make for some very interesting tactics. A force of half centaurs and half- well, anything that can ride a mount, basically, could be almost if not as mobile as a full centaur force. You could also have centaurs acting as rapid deployment, the fantasy equivalent to paratroopers. If you see a squad of centaurs, beware: even if they run away, they may have left something- or someone- behind. Also, am I the only one imagining a guinecian riding into battle standing on the back of a centaur, rapier pointed forwards as they both shout a battle cry? Adorable!
  5. I think that, in a way, they already have a way to summon loyal minions to fight in your name to secure victory, independent of your own personal skill. It's a system that focuses on coordination and strategy to balance the obvious numbers advantage it gives you. After all, what are guilds for?
  6. The $5 Supporter package only gives you access to the forums. The $38 Contributor pledge is the lowest pledge that gives you a copy of the game when it launches and comes with Beta 7 access.
  7. Having people you can quickly communicate and coordinate with is probably the most important factor to winning, but that does not mean that strategy does not have a place. I've won battles against teams that were better coordinated by planning confrontations. Where the enemy is, where I am, enemy numbers, how many other teams there are, which opponents have the strongest individual skill... I try to account for as many of these as possible in every fight. Perhaps it's more tactics than a fully-fleshed strategy at times, but I have won matches (or at the least placed as the second team) with people I don't have the means to communicate with other than the in-game chat by trying to use my environment and plan for other players before and during fights.
  8. Assuming you consumed the package, you should receive an invitation from ACE via email. You can also check to see if you've been verified to download the patcher for the game here: https://crowfall.com/en/client/
  9. I'm sure normal mouse people have some odd procedure for looking around quickly, but a trackball really is perfect for peeking around corners or rotating around in the middle of a brawl to land your stun. There are really few games where a trackball isn't fantastic.
  10. Or maybe Maeve sees anyone entering a body of water as a martial challenge against her, and she responds in kind. Brutally. Assuming you're working with a good group of people, it would come down to working with your group to make an effective team based around each member's specialties. If you have someone who has almost no combat skill but insanely specialized crafting, then you'd want to set up and maintain a perimeter that can be easily defended while the crafter builds armor, weapons, vessels and more. On the other hand, if you have someone with high skill but also decent fighting ability, you could try to be more mobile, gathering materials as you travel so you can upgrade and maintain everyone's equipment on the way to your next objective.
  11. Yeah, probably make distance a variable as well, though I originally intended for this to be simple and thus easier to implement. The part about Confessors and flames reminded me about something else, though: use of powers and potentially certain items (once we learn more about consumable items) would also add a negative modifier to stealth for more-or-less obvious reasons.
  12. Possibly, that could be a way to make stealthing out of combat less viable. I honestly hadn't thought about that. I actually mean more along the lines of your character literally being less visible, like games with stealth where your character appears see-through to show that you're invisible but allowing you to keep track of where you are. Actually, a better way to phrase it would be that a character in stealth would appear faded, the degree of fading being determined by your stealth skill and associated modifiers.
  13. Yeah yeah, I know they've probably already decided how stealth will work, but hear me out at least. I had an idea where, rather than just have a full invisibility toggle for stealth, you have a partial invisibility toggle. Your character becomes obfuscated a certain amount based on the vessel's current stealth skill, and then you may have a bonus applied for conditions such as light level, terrain blocking sight between the stealth character and another character, etc. In direct contrast, the tracking skill or whatever term is designated for anti-stealth would counteract this invisibility toggle. This would work by simply reducing the level of obfuscation through subtracting the (tracking skill level) from the (stealth skill level + terrain/light modifiers). Other possible add-ons would be sound reduction from your attacks and powers based on stealth with a similar counter by anti-stealth. Thoughts?
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