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  1. Fishing and diving would be interesting (though diving is unlikely given that I believe they intend to make entering water hazardous period), but I don't really care if either is implemented. Now, naval combat on the other hand... I would love being able to plunder my foes on the open seas AC:4 style.
  2. Actually, since he never posts, it's impossible to like JamesGoblin.
  3. Put simply, uploading a picture from your computer won't work. You'll need to either get a Gravatar or import from a url.
  4. Whoa, now. If anyone's going to be murdering anyone, it's going to be me, at a very modest fee.
  5. Hello fellow Crows! After stints in multitudes of worlds in other MMOs, I find myself drawn to the Dying Worlds, as you can see by my pledge! Let's see how much fun I have on my quest for freedom and glory!
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