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  1. I for one am asking myself how they want to solve the "human" problem: Deep inside many want to have their own kingdom - be a monarch. Building and placing as you wish. But if you are in a guild who wants to have one guild kingdom - where to spend your bought ressources: guild kingdom (for life?) or in your very own one (which will be a lot smaller / not as known as some of the big guild ones)
  2. Also some countries (UK, Germany I know for sure) Google had to workaround an already trademarked "gmail" brand, so for them there is an internal redirect/forward/synonym between xxx@gmail.com and xxx@googlemail.com
  3. Thanks for your hard work, man! That is a LOT of clicks and potions brewing
  4. Awesome pic! I might steal it to perhaps get a few new crows
  5. Just started out last weekend ... and was a bit ... erhmm .. hooked So a bit sad that I can't try out more Crowfall this weekend, but I will find some other game to take some spare time off my hands. Good luck ya'll with dem bugs!
  6. Hi folks! Been following Crowfall since I backed it on KS, but haven't been very active during the test phases (did siege only once I think). Started small as a KS contributor, went up to Gold at the end of 2015 and now I am *really* regretting not to have sprung the dough for Amber But at least I have quite a selection of Forts and stuff in my list. Now with Big World the farmer / crafter in me could come out a bit for playing. About me and gaming: Been playing MMOs for nearly two decades now, still yearning back to the EQ1 experience when everything was new and every bit had to be earned the hard way. Also made friends for life during those 5 years of playing it. Other MMOs include 7 years of EVE on and off, some AO, Vanguard, SWTOR, Rift, GW2, LOTRO and some more which couldn't hold my interest for too long. In the last two or three years I crowdfunded a few dozen games - also with differing results in what came out in the end. Personally I come from Germany, during the day I work in IT and spend my evenings in pixel lands See you all around!
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