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  1. looks like a few of us jumped on kickstarter band wagon super excited to see where this goes. team looks amazing and the core concepts have us all drooling like a fat kid in a candy store. glad to see some familiar faces remember us
  2. from what i have seen a lot of us ended up dominating in most of the games we went on to after, i dont think it will change much. also we hate/love each other so much from the old days i wouldnt be shocked to see the first big fights be between SB guilds
  3. if by put aside you mean begin forumbane all over again...most definitley i doubt we would have it any other way, i swear ill try my best to not make fun of caliman and Manshoon before the game launches
  4. good to see your rotting corpses getting up for this
  5. good to see the wicked clowns making a return
  6. glad to see the familiar faces Teer was the first person to kill me in SB
  7. GOOD god PROTO is BACK!!!! also glad to see the tenth is still kicking
  8. nogrim


    good to see you guys, will keep things stirred up quite nicely
  9. excited to see some true pvp mmo-ers taking another swing. can't wait to see some of the ole SB faces making a reappearance
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